Minutes of ‘Rawtenstall Community Partnership’ meeting 03/02/21


Wednesday 3rd February 2021 – 6.30pm via Zoom

Present:  Cllr. Christine Gill (Chair), Claire Stock(National Census), Charlotte Hocking (Civic Pride), Jill Bevan (EDCP/White Horse Project), Christine Moffatt (Poppy Appeal/business owner), Tim Nuttall (Water Band/Tricketts Park), Bradley Smith (CFR/Resident), Kathy Fishwick (Civic Trust), David Hollows (Rossendale Methodist Circuit), Dawn Taylor (Community First Responders), David Rhodes (Limey Valley Residents Association), Cllrs. Alyson Barnes, Julie Adshead, Patrick Marriott,  C. Cllr. Anne Cheetham, Inspector Dave Clark ( Lancashire Police), Stephanie Thornton, Alison Wilkins (RBC)

  1. Welcome and Introductions –

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and clarified procedures for Zoom meetings.  There were no apologies given at the meeting – Cuan Hoare has since sent his apologies.

  • Police Update  

Since the last update in October 2020, there have been some shop burglaries and suspects apprehended and sentenced.  There is a suspect for the burglary at Rawtenstall market.  Rossendale is 1 of 3 areas going back to a Neighbourhood Policing Model, budget confirmed.  Full update at the next meeting. There will also be 4 x rural officers, based at Waterfoot dealing with rural crimes e.g. off road biking. This will be made a priority this year and equipment e.g. 4 x 4 bikes borrowed from GMP.  Insp Clark advised if people see crimes off road to get registration numbers if it is safe to do so and registration numbers of vans carrying the bikes.

Insp Clarke reiterated his advice to join Lancashire Talking as a way of reporting real time crimes.  DR asked if the force is considering the use of Community Banning Orders for prolific offenders banning them from town centres.  This was confirmed.

KF asked if complaints had been received about youths hanging around near the Unitarian church or Macdonalds.  Regular patrols are keeping an eye on this.  C. Cllr.Anne Cheetham reported tractors and trailers being driven irresponsibly and, again, this is the sort of issue to be dealt with by the Rural Officers.

Rossendale is not a hotspot for Covid breaches.  1700 tickets have been issued across East Lancashire.

The Chair thanked Inspector Clarke for his update.

  • Claire Stock – ONS – CENSUS 2021

Census day is 21st March this year.  It is the first digital census.  

Census data is used to shape policy, locally and nationally e.g. planning, schools, roads, G.P.s.  Census data informs government funding and is often used to support funding bids by local charitable organisations.  It is a legal requirement to take part.

There will be a lot of publicity including television, social media, newspapers etc. 

Every household will received a postcard saying the census is coming and a letter with a unique access code.  For people who may struggle to complete the form digitally a paper form can be requested. Claire will speak to any local groups or organizations to spread the word.  

There is a lot of language support and an easy read booklet using illustrations.  

Any further questions, Claire can be contacted clairestock59@field.census.gov.uk

  • Grant recipients

A number of past grant recipients had been invited to talk to the meeting about the outcome of the grant they have received.

Simone Cudworth was unable to attend but thanked the partnership for the grant towards the new playground on the Staghills estate.  The playground is now complete and very well used by children.  All grants, big or small, were very gratefully received.  The Rossendale rangers have purchased the lap top to increase digital access for some of their more vulnerable members. 

  •  Partner updates
  • Community First Responders – they are helping with the vaccination programme at the Hub.  Observing patients and marshaling. Some are doing the vaccinations and others are providing welfare trucks to ambulance crews waiting for long periods at hospitals.   It is all going really well.  Other volunteers are from VIC, Rotary and some firefighters.  If people are offered the vaccine at Blackburn Cathedral and they dont want to travel, wait and they will be invited locally by their G.P. Dawn estimates 4000 ish people have been vaccinated.  
  • Civic Pride – activities have been curtailed during lockdown.  They have a Community Partnership grant for re-wilding which will take place in Spring in the gardens CP currently maintain.  They have a greenhouse behind the market and plans to work on the Town Square  and from the ELR to the retail centre.
  • Civic Trust – Valley of Stone is a 15 year project  – a cycle route from Whitworth to Cloughold with a route through Rawtenstall.  A consultation has just finished proprosing a shared space, a widened footpath past the health hub on Bacup road.  This started on 11th December and finished on 15th January – a poor choice of timing for any consultation.  Most people who were aware thought this a bad idea.  The Trust have written to LCC Highways citing government guidance and raising their objections and are awaiting a response. Patrick Marriott said he thought there was planning permission for an industrial unit on part of the proprosed route – Fallbarn Road.  He thought a shared space was a last resort and there was no evidence of trying to find alternative routes.

C.C Anne Cheetham expressed concerns for the Cricket Club access, the Hub and that some of the proposed route is a bus route.  

Alyson Barnes said RBC is focusing on cycling in a large project led by Economic Development.  This issue from Civic Trust should go on the next agenda.  They are also looking to link Loveclough to Rawtenstall with some funding due next Summer.

  • Water Village Band – lockdown has meant no practices.  However they have been crowd funding and received a government grant to add to the Lancashire Environment funding they have received to renovate the band room.  They want to open this room up to local groups as a meeting space.  
  • Alison Wilkins – Alison explained that she is leaving RBC after 11 years and wanted to say good bye to all those she has worked with over the years.  She is taking up a new post with LCC. Alison was thanked by all for her hard work and commitment  – a trusted pair of hands who will be missed.  The meeting gave Alison a round of applause.  
  •  Grant decisions

Only one grant application has been received which is for all 4 partnerships and requires further information before a decision can be reached. Tim asked about whether the application form is still available in paper form as the form online is difficult to complete as you cant see all the questions at once.  ST to feed back to IT team at RBC

  • Any other Business

Kathy said that July 2021 marks 100 years since St. Johns Church at Crawshawbooth put on a pageant for the whole village. She has produced a booklet detailing the history of the area and covering the historical pageant, incuding a replica programme.  This can be purchased for £7.50 from rossendalecivictrust.com.  All profits go to the Trust.  

  • Date of next meeting

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 21st June 2021, venue to be confirmed subject to Covid restrictions.