Minutes of LVRA monthly meeting held @ The Top Club on Monday 11 April 2022


Minutes of the Meeting held at the Top Club 

Monday, 11 April 2022 at 8.00pm

Present: Karen Hawden (Chair), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer), David Rhodes (Social Media), Gill Dorey (Secretary), Cllr. Alyson Barnes, Frank Pilkington, Lewis Pearson, Ian Booth, Jim Riley, Stephen Glenholmes, John Dawson, Michael Howard, and Ann White.

Apologies: Bob Nicholas,  Sean Surridge, Ken Iveson and Marie Hargreaves.

Meeting Start 20:05

1. Opening Remarks

Previous minutes were accepted.  Proposed Lewis Pearson; Seconded Alison Barnes.

2. Officers Reports

2.1 Chair

House at the top of The Foothills – the original planning proposal suggested that the houses would be lower down but this has not happened as planned. AB to find out if this in line with the plan, contact James Dalgleash. DN – thinks it is in line, as has checked. KH suggested they might plant more trees.

Leaflets – DN advised we have one distributor that covers Goodshaw Ave, but they have moved. There are some left from the info day – they will go out. DN to pick up – review the maps and requests support from the group for a new distributor – JD could do but might need help with Goodshaw Lane.

Feedback from last drop – new secretary but no other volunteers – more input required to support event planning. AB – Suggested if fewer meetings might help with turnout. DN suggested alternate location between Top Club and Crawshawbooth, to see if it interests more residents. AB – move to every other month, move to Community Centre, and suggest one event for the year. AB – proposed. Seconded David and Ian. KH – also alternate with Crawshawbooth. Agreed.

Next meeting move to June at the Community Centre in Crawshawbooth. AB will check if we can have the room, every 4th month, with Hazel. GD ACTION: create a schedule.

Queens Jubilee – KH – possibility of doing something with the Community Centre? Agree that there isn’t enough time to plan something. DN – Ken and Marie were thinking about a possible car boot sale. IB suggested a Treasure Hunt – organised with clues, pie and chips at the end.

Speeding – KH advised there is an app but no confidence in its effectiveness. Lewis – has noticed an increase in speeding. John – noticed people overtaking on the wrong side of the road while turning into Commercial Street.

Street Lamps – around 3 have been knocked and not replaced. KH – top of Hamer Ave, in little park (where?), bushes have been cut and dumped. AB – to report to the fly tip team.

John- 3 mattresses outside 1164 Goodshaw Ave? And carpet dumped on the footpath. AB – the council have 4 Officers that specialise in fly tipping and will investigate if there are repeated dumps in the same area. So these need to be reported. AB – advised rules might be changing on use of council recycle centre (which may help with fly tipping in the area).

AB – the temporary traffic lights are now gone from Burnley Road. Cadent have tidied up as advised.However there is damage remaining to Goodshaw Ave North. There is also an issue with cleanliness of Burnley Road following construction traffic from the new housing development. A cleaner has been out but has not done a good enough job. IB – Cadent complete by end of March?? AB – advised that was for Burnley Road only. No date yet on completion date for the estate.

LP – bus stops could do with tidying up / cleaning. AB – advised they need replacing. One replace already outside the school. AB to refer back to the council. Ad Shelter ones are cleaned regularly.

KH – Meeting postponed regarding new development and bridge repairt at the bottom of Commercial Street. No new date set. Pending update.

AB – Kippax Mill – just about to determine the application. The developer has one opportunity to complete the info – end of Month. A decision will then be made.

2.2 Social Media Officer

There was nothing to report from the Social Medial Officer. Started to publicise Police meetings on Facebook.

2.3 Treasurer/Chairman LVAA            

Funds currently remain unchanged at £3196.95.

2.4 Footpaths Officer

No report from Footpaths Officer. March report enclosed.

3. Matters Arising

KH – possible event – table top sale – at the Community Centre. Is there a venue suitable for a car boot? KH – to ask Steve about Treasury Hunt.

LP – there are 3 remaining places of worship. Something we could add to the website.

DN – locked shed broken into and stole an ebike and lawn mower. Police involved. No other reported thefts.

AB – Rob Bailey (LCC Highways Officer), has been. He has visited roads in the area to assess their condition. Advised the following actions by letter: Burnley Road – looking at next year. Rawtenstall Spur – no plans. Bank Street – noted, footpaths rather than the road. DN – damage to vehicles needs to be reported and then claims can be made for them to action. To report or claim email Highways@lancashire.co.uk

LP – notes the loss of retail from Loveclough to Crawshawbooth.

AB – Civic Pride have agreed to take on the clock in the village. It will be coming down for inspection. There has been some interest in development of the toilet block – it is currently unclear if it will remain as toilets.

IB – requested news on the Church? No update.

MH – reported sudds into the Limey – AB someone has been out to assess but there is a need to check in and review. The issue has been reported to Environment Agency.

4. AOB


5. Future meetings: dates and location

13th June at the Community Centre.

Should you wish to join our meeting or if you have any community concerns that need discussing,

please email our chairperson  Karen at kazzhawden@yahoo.co.uk

Close of the Meeting

Meeting closed at 21:05

Actions for Secretary: to produce an agenda for June, and to produce a schedule of meetings.