Minutes of LVRA monthly meeting held @ The Top Club on Monday 17th January 2022


Monday, 17th January 2022 at 8.00pm

Present: Karen Hawden (Chair), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer),

Davis Rhodes (Social Media Officer), Cllr. Alyson Barnes, Dave Pilling, Jean Pilling, Stephen Glenholmes, John Dawson,

Frank Pilkington, Ian Booth, Ann White, Michael Howard,

Ken Iveson, Marie Hargreaves, Patricia Rhodes, Jim Riley

1. Opening Remarks

Apologies –,Bob Nicholas (Footpaths officer)

Previous minutes were accepted.

2. Officers Reports

2.1 Chair

No report was submitted but several issues were discussed under matter arising (Item 3)

2.2 Social Media Officer

There was nothing to report from the Social Medial Officer. It was decided that regular updates on the website and facebook should be amended to announcing any significant events under AOB.

2.3 Treasurer/Chairman LVAA            

Funds currently remain unchanged. Since we have no regular income we need to focus on ways to generate funds. It was decided that regular updates on the allotment should be refined to announcing any significant events under AOB.

2.4 Footpaths Officer

There was nothing to report from the Footpaths Officer.

3. Matters Arising

3.1 Funding for the LVRA

We need to develop ideas on fundraising for the Association.

The LVRA calendar was discussed under Item 3.3.

3.2 LVRA Calendar

We have an agreement with Bev Taylor to use some of her excellent photos of local wildlife for our LVRA calendar for 2023. We will discuss further and ensure that we get a good head start towards the back end of 2022. Bob will seek estimates for printing.

3.3 Traffic on Goodshawfold Road

There is still considerable traffic using this road particularly in the evening after dark and early morning. In particular this originates from some of the tenants in the Colebrand site and large tractor/trailers have been out after dark – clearly not engaged on agricultural work.

3.4 Dog waste on Goodshaw Lane

There are plans to move a dog waste bin from near Driving Gate where it is little used to the “hot spot” on Goodshaw Lane.

3.5 Colebrand SIte

AB informed the meeting that a plan for the site had been submitted to RBC and had been validated and published on the website for comments. RBC Committee will meet in February to decide.

Main issues are working and vehicular movements in unsociable hours; the appearance and safety of the riverside wall; landscaping and the use of the undeveloped land to the north of the site among others.

Details and response form can be found at:


4. Recent Planning Applications and Appeals or Matter of Interest

4.1 Swinshaw Hall

Little has changed since the last meeting. Planners have asked for a detailed design brief which addresses several concerns.

4.2 106 Funding

In response to a request for information AB confirmed that 106 funding will be expected from the Broad Ing and Swinshaw developments. Plans are to use the funding for the development of a cycle route from Goodshawfold to Stoneholme as part of the planned Rawtenstall to Burnley cycleway. Additionally, funding will be put towards the refurbishment of the playground a Molly Ring. Additional funding will secure further school places, hopefully at Crawshawbooth Primary.

5. Any Other business

5.1 Commercial Street

Following on from concerns about the volume of heavy traffic using Commercial Street, RBC has approached the Fisheries regarding the amount of soil/subsoil being moved onto the site. No permission has been sought or given and RBC Enforcement Officer has pointed out to the owner and person supplying the material the need to follow the appropriate regulations.

5.2 Affordable Housing

IB asked for the percentage of affordable houses on the Broad Ing development. AB added that 24/84 were of this category.

5.3 A682 Condition

Concern was expressed about the amount of mud on the A682 near the Broad Ing. JD pointed out that having wheel washing facilities was part of the planning approval. AB is to ask the contractors to ensure that road cleaning is done regularly and thoroughly.

5.4 Limey Water

Several trees from storm damage have been deposited in the river making a flood risk if other materials are caught up in them. AB will try to trace the new owners of the woodland adjoining the river.

Additionally some rubbish has been dumped in the river. No one has claimed responsibility.

5.5 2022 Activities.

There is an agreed need to raise the profile of the LVRA. Suggestions to organise several functions during the year was proposed.

Ideas included

  • 2023 Calendar
  • Bonfire
  • Christmas Fayre
  • Summer Event
  • Car Boot
  • Car Treasure Hunt

It was agreed that this would be of great benefit to the local community but to make any of them viable and successful input/help from residents would be essential.

5.6 Meetings

Monthly meetings were considered valuable but to allow residents from Crawshawbooth and area, we should investigate the possibility of having meetings at alternative venues such as the Community Centre.

6. Future meetings: dates and location

It was agreed the now usual pattern of utilising the 2nd Monday of each month at 8.00pm should continue, meetings will follow the usual format of: 14 February etc. These meeting will be held at the TOP Club subject to confirmation from the Club.

Should you wish to join our meeting or if you have any community concerns that need discussing ,

please email our chairperson  Karen at kazzhawden@yahoo.co.uk

Close of the Meeting

Meeting closed at 21.30hrs