Minutes of LVRA monthly meeting held @ The Top Club on Monday 14th February 2022


Monday, 14th February 2022 at 8.00pm

Present: Karen Hawden (Chair), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer),

Cllr. Alyson Barnes, Frank Pilkington, Ian Booth, Ann White, Michael Howard, Barbara Gerken, Lewis Pearson, Ken Ainsworth

Apologies: Bob Nicholas, David Rhodes, Stephen Glenholmes, Jim Riley

1. Opening Remarks

Previous minutes were accepted. –  Proposed Alyson Barnes, Seconded Lewis Pearson

2. Officers Reports

2.1 Chair

Karen reported the problems associated with the Cadent works on the A682 and the subsequent use of Goodshaw Lane as a bypass for the works. Speeding along the narrow Goodshaw Lane is endangering pedestrians since it is regularly used by walkers and taking children to school. Since the lane is a public road neither RBC nor LCC can take any action. However residents are encouraged to report incidents of careless/dangerous driving to the Police via 101.

Members asked for an indication of a completion date for the works. AB pointed out that this is part of a programme of replacing gas mains throughout the Valley. It was suggested that current work will end at the top of Goodshawfold Road and will resume on Goodshaw Avenue North at some future date.

2.2 Social Media Officer

There was nothing to report from the Social Medial Officer.

2.3 Treasurer/Chairman LVAA            

Funds currently remain unchanged. Since we have no regular income we need to focus on ways to generate funds.

2.4 Footpaths Officer

Footpaths Officer’s report is attached under Appendix A

3. Matters Arising

3.1 Funding for the LVRA

We need to develop ideas on fundraising for the Association.

The LVRA calendar was discussed under Item 3.3.

3.2 Traffic on Goodshawfold Road

There is still considerable traffic using this road particularly in the evening after dark and early morning. In particular this originates from some of the tenants in the Colebrand site and AB plans to speak with them regarding traffic and noise levels.

3.3 Dog waste on Goodshaw Lane

There are plans to move a dog waste bin from near Driving Gate where it is little used to the “hot spot” on Goodshaw Lane. In all two bins will be located on the lane at the commencement of the 2022 financial year.

3.4 Colebrand SIte

AB informed the meeting that the wall bordering (western) Limey Water has deteriorated due to the movement of heavy traffic along the southern section of the lane.

It appears that the new concrete wall has been placed on top of part of the existing one which is unable to bear the weight. There is also some deterioration on the eastern (Kenross) side of the river. AB has asked for a structural report to assess the extent of the problem.

The main issues remain as working and vehicular movements in unsociable hours; the appearance and safety of the riverside wall; landscaping and the use of the undeveloped land to the north of the site among others.

Details and response form can be found at:


4. Recent Planning Applications and Appeals or Matter of Interest

4.1 Swinshaw Hall

No plans, as yet, have been submitted to RBC for development of the site.

4.2 Goodshaw Lane

The Planning Application for development on Goodshaw Lane has been withdrawn since RBC Enforcement have been involved regarding the felling on trees.

5. Any Other business

5.1 Commercial Street

Following on from concerns about the volume of heavy traffic using Commercial Street, RBC has approached the Fisheries regarding the amount of soil/subsoil being moved onto the site. Additionally there is some concern about the storage of waste materials on a local farm.

5.2 Molly Ring

In view of the money becoming available to improve play etc facilities at Molly Ring, AB proposed that we invite a member of the committee to speak at the March meeting.

5.3 A682 Condition

The contractors on the Broad Ing site, have made some effort to keep the A682 clear of mud etc. However the state is far from satisfactory and AB will again approach them to secure an improvement.

5.4 Limey Water

Several more trees from storm damage have been deposited in the river making a flood risk if other materials are caught up in them. AB will again try to trace the new owners of the woodland adjoining the river to ask them to take the appropriate action.

5.5 2022 Activities.

It was agreed that we wait until the flyer has been distributed and responses noted before we decide on what events we can undertake in 2022.

5.6 Fund Raising

BG suggested that we investigate “Easy Fundraising” as a means of income. DN will investigate the status and constitution of the LVRA and evaluate the possibility. This is in addition to the proposed activity programme.

5.7 AOB

Lewis reported that the Telecom “green box” alongside the old NW Bank in Crawshawbooth has become dangerous and needs to be removed/repaired. AB will contact Open Reach to ask them to fix it. Also the south bus stop at the top of Commercial Street, Loveclough has become riddled with fallen leaves and resents a slip hazard. AB to ask RBC to investigate.

FP asked when the fencing around Loveclough tennis court is to be repaired. AB said this was imminent.

Concern was expressed about the parking of vehicles (trucks/vans), long term, south of Crawshawbooth. It was pointed out that they were taxed/insured but should their contents present as safety hazard then resident should report it to the Police or direct to PC Ian Pickles.

Pot holes are still unrepaired throughout the Ward, and growing by the day. AB is to take a member of LCC highways along the stretch of the A682 and will compare this with the same road within the Burnley boundary which is significantly better.

6. Future meetings: dates and location

It was agreed the now usual pattern of utilising the 2nd Monday of each month at 8.00pm should continue, meetings will follow the usual format of: 14 March etc. These meeting will be held at the TOP Club subject to confirmation from the Club.

Should you wish to join our meeting or if you have any community concerns that need discussing,

please email our chairperson  Karen at kazzhawden@yahoo.co.uk

Close of the Meeting

Meeting closed at 20.34hrs

Appendix A Footpath Report February 2022

With regard to footpaths I am now starting work on the Modification Orders which went slightly off the radar last year (personal stuff got in the way). So hopefully the first stages of this process will begin to take shape in the following months and depending on the response I may be able to submit them by the end of the year (fingers crossed). 

With regard to outdoor matters the newly planted trees at Goodshaw are in some disarray after the recent storms. I reported the matter to our local councillors and they say they will get the tree planters to restore the site. I also suggested that as my wife and I are members of the Woodland Trust we are happy to keep an eye on the site.

With the committee’s decision to put out a flyer to raise awareness of the LVRA’s existence and purpose I have recently had my editor’s cap on putting together the said flyer, and finding a printer to do the job. It took time simply because I wanted to give a good overall view of the LVRA and hopefully create some interest.

Bob Nicholas

Footpaths Officer

T: 07780 813 613

E: bobnic51@btinternet.com