Minutes of LVRA monthly meeting held @ The Top Club on Monday 11 March 2022


Minutes of the Meeting held at the Top Club 

Monday, 11 March 2022 at 8.00pm

Present: Karen Hawden (Chair), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer), David Rhodes (Social Media), Gill Dorey, Cllr. Alyson Barnes, Frank Pilkington , Barbara Gerken, Lewis Pearson, Ken Iveson, Marie Hargreaves, David Graham, Peter Taylor, Nancy Kelly, David Foxcroft.

Apologies: Bob Nicholas, Ian Booth, Jim Riley, Sean Surridge, David Pilling, Jean Pilling.

1. Opening Remarks

Previous minutes were accepted. –  Proposed Lewis Pearson; Seconded Marie Hargreaves

2. Officers Reports

2.1 Chair

Bob reported that the Loveclough sign had been defaced but subsequently cleaned by an anonymous resident.  KH said that someone had graffitied a road sign.  Bob has succeeded in a modification order for Loveclough Park.  It was ill defined but Bob will clarify it. Hazel Harding has invited the LVRA to attend an information day on the 26 March between 11 and 4 at the Village Centre. KH, DR,HK and RN have agreed to attend the stand.  BG asked how the event as promoted.  DR agreed to add it to the Facebook page.


Residents can report incidents of speeding in the ‘Know About Lancashire’ website anonymously.

2.2 Social Media Officer

There was nothing to report from the Social Medial Officer.

2.3 Treasurer/Chairman LVAA            

Funds currently remain unchanged at £3196.95. DN reminded that we have no regular income need to focus on ways to generate funds.

2.4 Footpaths Officer

No report from Footpaths Officer

3. Matters Arising

3.1 Commercial Street

AB problems with  Commercial Street have got less with fewer tractor movement due to enforcement speaking with operators.  Operators have agreed to supply top soil and plant trees.  DR asked if a notice had been served AB said it was an agreement.

3.2 Loveclough Fold Bridge

KH attended a meeting about the bridge in Loveclough Fold, residents who reside over the the bridge have agreed, with the exception of one or two,  to help fund repairs and to upgrade the Bridge together with houses on the print works site.  Discussion ensued as to who uses it and who should pay for the upkeep of the bridge.  If repairs are made then AB stated that refuse collections to the farms can resume.

3.3 Foothills

Lots of cleaning on the morning of the meeting but vehicles were not being cleaned before leaving the site.  Cadent should be finished by the end of March.  AB will ask them to clean up debris left from the works.

3.4 Goodshaw Lane and Gib Hill. 

Enforcement to be involved to ensure the part developed site is cleaned up.

4. AOB

  • Comms box on Corporation Street has been repaired.
    • Lines are waiting to be repainted for the speed camera after Cadent have completed      

their work. 

  • Goodshaw Lane still has traffic and speeding problems as a result of short cuts to avoid the traffic lights on the A682.  This should disappear by the end of March.
    • AB said Chris Valentine wants to resurrect the community speeding scheme but

volunteers are required to operate the cameras.

5. Future meetings: dates and location

It was agreed the now usual pattern of utilising the 2nd Monday of each month at 8.00pm should continue, meetings will follow the usual format of: 14 April etc. These meeting will be held at the TOP Club subject to confirmation from the Club.

Should you wish to join our meeting or if you have any community concerns that need discussing,

please email our chairperson  Karen at kazzhawden@yahoo.co.uk

Close of the Meeting

Meeting closed at 20.45hrs

Footpath Report March 2022

To start, some much awaited good news. The infamous footpath (FP No 4) alongside the River Limey in Loveclough Fold is now open with a brand new way number: 384. From first making enquiries and completing two Modification Orders to the legal tussle Lancashire County Council had with the land owners the whole process has taken 6 years!   

Access to the path is through Riverside Mews – just follow the new sign post on Commercial Street. This gives access to three FPs. FP No 9 which runs between the fisheries and towards Dunnockshaw wood, FP No 10 which leads directly to Dunnockshaw Farm and on to Prospect Terrace, and it can also be followed to Burnley Road at Loveclough (the old FP No 4). It is a welcome and much missed link path in the valley footpath network. 

I have been liaising with LCC about another matter.  During the recent storms the gate at the bottom of Bridleway 18 at its junction with Goodshaw Lane decided life wasn’t worth living and collapsed. LCC have been quick off the mark on this one. I sent in a Public Rights Of Way report (PROW) on the 24th February and it is being inspected by LCC sometime in the coming week 13-19th March. I did point out some groundwork improvements to make the foot bed of the path better but whether they will get done or not we shall have to wait and see.  

And finally after a spluttering start last year this month I will place formal notices on the three paths which need converting into Public Rights of Way. I have previously outlined the paths but to jog memories they are:

  • The Ash Pad Loveclough
  • Track way on Badger Cote estate
  • Link path near the old Colebrand site Goodshaw Fold

I will give greater details of the paths in question in next month’s report.

Till then happy walking.

Bob Nicholas

Footpaths Officer

T: 07780 813 613

E: bobnic51@btinternet.com