Minutes of LVRA monthly meeting held @ The Top Club on Monday 13th September 2021


Minutes of the Meeting held at the Top Club  

Monday, 13th September 2021 at 8.00pm

Present: Karen Hawden (Chair), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer), 

Cllr. Alyson Barnes, Dave Pilling, Stephen Glenholmes,

Frank Pilkington, Ian Booth, Ann White, Mike Howard,

Ken Ainsworth.

1. Opening Remarks

Apologies –,Bob Nicholas (Footpaths officer), David Rhodes (Social & Media Officer), Cllr. D. Foxcroft, Cllr. Sean Serridge. Jim Riley, Ken Iveson, Marie Hargreaves.

Previous minutes were accepted.

2. Officers Reports

2.1 Chair

There was  a report from a resident on Hamer Avenue about a speeding car which spun round at high speed before knocking a concrete bollard over. KA added that such drivers are unaware/ignorant pf the presence of children in the vicinity. AB added that speeding and reckless driving was becoming more prevalent in the neighbourhood. FB pointed out that the board would need making safe and AB agreed to ask RBC to effect repairs/replacement. AB suggested that LVRA should invite members of the new Police force to attend future meetings to discuss ways of bringing such practices under control.

IB reported that he had been forced to mount the pavement when driving in Crawshawbooth by a large green John Deere tractor pulling a large black trailer. The latter was travelling at an excessive speed for the road conditions and for such a vehicle. AB/KA suggested that a word with local farmer would identify the perpetrator. It was also suggested that the tractor concerned might  not be involved with agricultural work.

Builders have reopened the wall leading to the Broad Ing development, the first time being before full planning conditions were met. Concern was expressed that the developers might choose to disregard other conditions as the site develops. Residents are urged to report any clear disregards both to RBC and Councillors. Give that the entrance to the new estate will generate traffic movements from around 200 vehicles, it was recommended that the 30mph restriction be extended from Middlegate northward to beyond the aforesaid junction. AB is to put this to the council.

Antisocial behaviour in Loveclough Park n now be dealt with by the additional {Police Officers when time allows.

2.2 Social Media Officer

There was nothing to report from the Social Medial Officer.

2.3 Treasurer/Chairman LVAA            

Fund currently stand at £2993.75. Since we have no regular income we need to focus on ways to generate funds. 

The end of the growing season is in sight on the allotments and other than that there was nothing to report.

2.4 Footpaths Officer

There was nothing to report from the Footpaths Officer. 

3. Matters Arising

3.1 Funding for the LVRA

We need to develop ideas on fundraising for the Association.

The LVRA calendar was discussed and although a 2022 edition was not viable, thought was given to preparing for a 2023 edition. Residents are asked to dig into their photo files and send any thought useful to the Chair. High level shots are a new possibility and AB volunteered to approach a local Drome user for help. 

3.2 Traffic Safety on the A682

New traffic issues were reported  2.1 above. There were no developments in traffic control on the A682. It is down to residents to report any accidents they witness to the Police however minor. This can be done on-line when date, time and location are the only items required. No need for registration numbers etc. THIS WILL ENSURE THAT ALL ACIDENTS ARE RECORDED BY THE POLICE. It is down to residents to provide this data if we are to reduce accidents.

3.3 LVRA Calendar

The possibility of a 2023 calendar was discussed at length under3.1 above

3.4 Traffic on Goodshawfold Road

There are still instances speeding and reckless driving along Goodshawfold Road. Cars, not recognised as local, are travelling in excess of the speed limit at various times of the day. One local driver has been identified and AB will ask a CPO to have a chat. 

Since some pedestrians have to use the roadway due to pavement parking and the road is popular with horse riders, the likelihood of an accident is high. 

3.5 Dog waste on Goodshaw Lane

AB will request teo more waste bins to allow dog walkers to dispose of the waste responsibly. KA suggested cutting back the verge overhangs might make passage for walkers and dog owners alike easier.

3.6 Colebrand SIte

AB informed the meeting that a plan for the site had been submitted to RBC and had been validated and published on the website for comments. 

Residents have 3 weeks to make any observations/comments/objections to all or parts of the proposal, bearing in mind parts of the application are in retrospect. 

The major issues would appear to be the traffic volume, hours of operation and the potential siting of many containers as in the original plans.

Details and response form can be found at: 


Some reports have been received about the volume and speed of some traffic accessing the site together with the site being used at unsociable times on occasion. AB suggested that the residents’ group liaise with the site to discuss these concerns.

4. Recent Planning Applications and Appeals or Matter of Interest

4.1 Swinshaw Hall

Little has changed since thelast meeting. No further developments have been reported on the building around Swinshaw Hall. The Inspector has asked RBC to clarify which parts of the site are to be developed and which are to be left untouched. It was decided to wait until any planning application are submitted  for the site. 

RBC are looking at the various conditions which may be imposed on any application. The current focus is on the styles of buildings befitting the surrounding area and flood risk.

4.2 Rossendale Plan

Modifications to the proposed plan have now been published and can be viewed on RBC website.

4.3 Goodshawfold Road Deelopment

The development is nearing completion and although considered inappropriate by the vst majority of local residents, it is here to stay. We would implore RBC planners to apply more vigilance when considering other developments in similar settings.

5. Any Other business

5.1 St John’s

There have been no developments in the work on the church. KA pointed out that there are interested parties but they are put off by the many restrictions imposed as to. AB will approach the Church to find the person in charge and seek any information.

AB reported that 106 funding from the Broad Ing site will be put towards improvements to Molly Ring including upgrading the playground.

IB asked for the percentage of affordable houses on the Broad Ing development. AB agreed to find details and report back. 

IB asked for clarity on the forthcoming traffic problems in Rawtenstall following the extent of developments along the A682. AB added that an application for pinchmoney funding had been submitted and guidance should be available by December 2021. LCC weredelayed with the design works due to various factors but AB agreed to badger them.

6. Future meetings: dates and location

It was agreed the now usual pattern of utilising the 2nd Monday of each month at 8.00pm should continue, meetings will follow the usual format of: 11th October etc. These meeting will be held at the TOP Club subject to confirmation from the Club.

It was noted that the AGM will be held prior to the 8th November meeting. Any nominations for Chair, Secretary (currently vacant), Treasurer, Footpaths Officer and Social Media Officer should be forwarded to the Chair at Karen at kazzhawden@yahoo.co.uk

Should you wish to join our meeting or if you have any community concerns that need discussing 

please email our chairperson  Karen at kazzhawden@yahoo.co.uk

Close of the Meeting

Meeting closed at 21.15hrs