Minutes of the LVRA monthly meeting (held via Zoom) Monday 10th May 2021


Minutes of the Meeting held on remotely on  Monday, 10th May 2021 at 8.00pm

Present:  , K. Hawden (Chair), D. Nugent (Treasurer), Bob Nicholas (Footpaths officer), D. Rhodes (Social Media officer), Cllr. Alyson Barnes, Cllr. David Foxcroft, CClr. Sean Serridge.

1.  Opening Remarks

Apologies – DF, AB, SS sent apologies for lateness due to conflicting meeting schedules

2.  Officers Reports

2.1  Chair

Karen has had a communication from residents about antisocial behaviour and litter on the Park. Alyson suggested that Ian Pickles could be involved to have a word with congregating teenagers. There is a growing amount of dog soil in the same area. Alyson said that only if offenders could be identified by residents, action could be taken. Karen has had expressions of concern about parking in the vicinity of Mansergh’s Corn.  Although it is outside our area, Alyson agreed to look into the matter.

2.2  Social Media Officer

David reported little new activity on either the facebook or website. There was no interest frm residents in using Zoom for meetings etc so it was decided to shelve the idea in view of the potential lifting of Lockdown in the near future.

2.3..Treasurer/Chairman LVAA:                 

Darryl reported no changes to funds. Also the allotments were operating as usual. The issue surrounding Incredible Edible’s involvement on the site would appear to have diminished.

2.4  Footpaths Officer:

 See Appendix 1 for Bob’s report 

3.  Matters Arising

Building in the area was discussed at length.  No further developments have been reported on the building around Swinshaw Hall. 

The development on Colebrand has moved forward with a planning application being submitted in retrospect for the Colebrand site. There were several omissions and the final, complete application was being sought from the owner. The Planning Officer will require this by a given deadline to allow the process to be concluded in a timely way.

Darryl enquired f any further information was forthcoming re the site on Goodshawfold Road. Alyson advised that she has it in hand to make the necessary enquiries from RBC.

It was reported that Karen had received some photos which can be used in the 2022 LVRA Calendar. Please send Karen any additional photos you would like to be added to our “calendar” stock.

 3.1  Burney Road Traffic

Alyson informed that a change of policing tactics in the area has resulted in more local officer presence due to increased funding. Insp. Dave Clarke wold be approached to see how the level of speeding could be reduced or eliminated. Sean indicated that he was focussing on speeding/pavements/traffic at LCC.

 3.2  Proposed Cycle Path

 There are no updates at this time.

 4.  Local planning applications.

As discussed under Item 3. 

Concern was again expressed about the level and type of development planned for the area and the level of affordable houses. Alyson indicated that of the 80 properties on the Commercial Street site, 24 were in this category. Broading Close has been accepted as a street name for the estate but other suggestions were still under review since those proposed by the developer lacked local links.

Alyson said that the current 15 year Building Plan would be finalised later this year but shortly after, work on the next Plan would commence. She also said that RBC was still pressing the Inspectors for a reduction of the 3180 house target due to the topography of the Valley.

Karen asked if there was ay further progress on the Gyratory plans to alleviate the forthcoming congestion problems on the A682 and others. Alyson said that Pinchpoint Money was needed and the Borough is awaiting a decision from the appropriate body.

5.  St John’s Church

The culvert repairs have now been completed.

  6.Folly   Clough Bridge

  No updates at this time, other than the self seeded trees have been removed.

  7.  Broading Footpath

Alyson reported that the falled tree and debris have now been removed for the footpath making it accessible again. 

8.  Limey Leader

Bob is currently preparing the Summer edition. Publication date is planned for June/July/. He announced that our regular advertisers had placed ads with a view to life resuming a semblance of normality soon. A further edition is planned for around November.

9.  Any other business

Again the need for a Secretary was discussed. It was agreed that an ad for a Minuting Secretary would be inserted in the next Limey Leader. It was felt that whereas people might be reluctant to take on the complete role of Secretary, some might feel that taking minutes was manageable.

10.  Future meetings: dates and location

It was AGREED the now usual pattern of utilising the 2nd Monday of each month at 8.00pm should continue, meetings will continue to follow the usual format of: the 14 June. These will be held remotely until further notice.  

Should you wish to join our meeting or if you have any community concerns that need discussing  please email our chairperson  Karen at kazzhawden@yahoo.co.uk

10.   Close of the Meeting

Meeting closed at 21.02hrs

Appendix 1 Footpaths Officer Report


Since the last meeting my background work on the footpaths mentioned in my last report has continued at pace. I do wish to get notices on site by the beginning of next month.

From an initial scan of the Land Registry the track known as Ash Pad running from GR SD 811271at the Eastern end of Commercial Street Loveclough to GR SD 812270 at Broading Terrace is on unadopted land. Although this is to be confirmed by a request to the Land Registry. 

The track running from Goodshaw Avenue North GR SD812266 to Goodshaw Lane GR SD814267 also appears to be unadopted. Again this is to be confirmed. To make matters more clear and to avoid too much confusing mention of ‘Goodshaw’ I intend for the purposes of the Modification Order to refer to this path as Badger Cote Path. This is an old name associated with the area.

On to the last MO which is to be a new path running from Stoneholme Road Goodshawfold to meet FP 104 Rossendale which is the path up Gin Clough (grid ref’s to be established). This path does run on adopted land (it is the one everyone is currently using) and I will get all the relevant information from the Land Registry so that I can serve a Notice of Intent on the land owners. 

And I bet you know what is coming now! If you have used (it does not matter how long ago) or are currently using any of the above mentioned paths and would like to fill in an Evidence of Use Form to help secure the paths as definitive rights of ways then please contact me by the details given below. 

And finally in my February report I mentioned the footpath (FP Rossendale 348) which runs along the South East bank of the River Limey in Loveclough. Although the MO was passed in 2018 it is still not open. But I have finally got to the bottom of the problem! I contacted Lancashire County Council using a fresh contact and was informed that the delay is because the land owner will simply not conform to the orders made on them by LCC to open the path. Part of the reply I got from LCC is thus “The owners of the land have been served notice to open the path up again for the final time. They have a month to do that, if nothing happens we will enforce the notice and open the path”. Unquote; LCC have said they will keep me in the loop on this and I intend to make sure they do! 

And that is me done!

Till next time.

Bob Nicholas

Footpaths Officer 

E: bobnic51@btinternet.com

T: 07780 813613