Minutes of the LVRA monthly meeting (held via Zoom) Monday 12th April 2021


Minutes of the Meeting held on remotely on  Monday, 12th April 2021 at 8.00pm

Present:  , D. Nugent (Treasurer), Bob Nicholas (Footpaths officer), D. Rhodes (Social Media officer)

  1. Opening Remarks

Apologies – Karen Hawden (Chairperson), Cllr Alyson Barnes

  • Officers Reports
  • Social Media Officer

David reported little new activity on either the facebook or website. One resident contacted the LVRA expressing concern about recent activities at the Colebrand site. This was forwarded Cllr Alyson Barnesand then onto the RBC Enforcement Officer concerned who is monitoring the site.

       2.2    Treasurer/Chairman LVAA:                 

Darryl reported no changes to funds. There has been some concern about Incredible Edible’s involvement on the site whereby an officer of IE offered the IE designated area to local residents as a private plot. Since this not included in the LVAA lease, it was rejected. Although the LVAA wishes to support IE and its principles, the existing arrangement appears to have reached a stalemate for the time being.

       2.3    Footpaths Officer:

     See Appendix 1 for Bob’s report 

  • Matters Arising

Building in the area was discussed at length.  No further developments have been reported on the building around Swinshaw Hall. It was decided to wait until any planning application are submitted for the site. 

The development on Goodshawfold Road has causes some concern. Parking on Goodshawfold Road by the contractors has caused significant congestion, particularly with on-pavement parking. The parking/driving of HGV on the pavement has caused significant damage to the northern footpath. 

There was some disappointment expressed in the type of houses being built. Although residents advised RBC that bungalows were preferable and more fitting, the houses being built do not blend in with the local architecture. A number of resident have expressed concern that the houses will “stand out like a sore thumb”.

There was also discussion regarding the use of ZOOM for meetings now and in the future when face to face meetings are again, a reality.  This would give residents an opportunity to attend meetings when they are unable to make a face to face meeting.  A poll via social media revealed disappointing results. With a very low response, we assume there is little keenness to use Zoom on a regular basis. Consequently a decision was made not to proceed with a Zoom subscription.

It was reported that Karen had received some photos which can be used in the 2022 LVRA Calendar. Please send Karen any additional photos you would like to be added to our “calendar” stock.

      3.1     Community Woodland

     The LVRA support the view of Alyson Barnes expressed in a recent edition of the Rossendale    

      Free Press LCC has sold off woodlands in the Borough for a relatively small amount, particularly    

     when community groups expressed a willingness to take over the management of their local 

     woodland. It was decided to consider asking LCC for complete details of the arrangements under 

     the Freedom of Information Act. This is to be deferred until the lockdown has been lifted.

     3.2      Proposed Cycle Path

   There are no updates at this time.

4.           Local planning applications.

                 As discussed under Item 3

  • St John’s Church

    The culvert repairs have now been completed.

  6.        Folly Clough Bridge

             No updates at this time, other than the self seeded trees have been removed.

  • Limey Leader

     Bob is currently preparing the Summer edition. Publication date is planned for June/July/

  • Any other business
  • Future meetings: dates and location

            It was AGREED the now usual pattern of utilising the 2nd Monday of each month at 8.00pm should continue, meetings will continue to follow the usual format of: the 10 May. These will be held remotely until further notice.  

             Should you wish to join our meeting or if you have any community concerns that need discussing  please email our chairperson  Karen at kazzhawden@yahoo.co.uk

        10. Close of the Meeting

Meeting closed at 20.52hrs

Appendix a


This month’s report starts with some positive news. On the 17th of February I received confirmation from Lancashire County Council that the Modification Order I had placed on the path at the side of St Marys Church at Goodshaw has been approved by the Council’s Regulatory Committee.

There is still some work to do by LCC and the path still needs an official number but these are small details yet to be worked out. When the Covid-19 situation eases I will strim out the path and do any other remedial work needed (volunteers to help out welcome). 

Also this month I had one of the fastest turn rounds of a Public Right Of Way report that I have ever sent to LCC!  A pedestrian field gate on Gibb Hill Lane (FP24) had died from overuse. Within a fortnight of submitting the report I found the gate fixed with a substantial job being done. I did not get confirmation that LCC had completed this work but they did inspect it. It would seem that with a previous gate being fixed on this path (see last month’s report) it is the path of the moment!  

With more people than ever roaming our hills during lockdown it has taken its toll on some of the older stiles in the area. I have reported these to LCC but due to their remote locations it may be some time before they are fixed – unless the land owner does it first.  

Bob Nicholas

Footpaths Officer 

E: bobnic51@btinternet.com