Minutes of the LVRA monthly meeting (held via Zoom) Monday 8th February 2021


Minutes of the Meeting held remotely on  Monday, 8th of February 2021 at 8.00pm

Present:  Karen Hawden (Chairperson), D. Nugent ( Treasurer ), Richard Ball ( Secretary), Bob Nicholas (Footpaths officer), D. Rhodes ( Social Media officer ), 

  1. Opening Remarks

Karen chaired the meeting and welcomed all those attending the meeting. 

  • Officers Reports

2.1    Chairperson: Karen said there had been some traffic issues ( See Below ).

       2.2    Secretary Richard reported a quiet month with little activity.

       2.3    Treasurer/Chairman LVAA:

As above

       2.4    Footpaths Officer:

Bob reported that there has been quite a few footpath issues ( See Appendix 1 ).

      2.5     Social Media & Liaison Officer:

Dave reported a quiet month and he continues to post community matters and development proposals on the Facebook page. Dave attended the Rossendale Community Partnership meeting and discussed community matters such as policing, planning enforcement and proposed cycle ways.

  • Matters Arising

      3.1     The traffic problems with Burnley Road

              Karen reported that there had been an accident on Burnley road and that the traffic bollard had been hit opposite Commercial Street. This was suspected as being a result of overtaking which is often the case here. There is an ongoing issue with speeding drivers along this stretch. 

              Darryl suggested that we could look at putting in traffic lights or similar measures to control the speed and flow of traffic better. Richard suggested that with the proposed development close by there could be some funds available to enhance the safety of the road.

              Action: Richard to draft a letter to the relevant persons regarding the safety of the road. Agreed.

              We still intend to survey the road and to use the data to inform LCC and other relevant persons.

              Action: Dave R to cost the price of hiring speed safety equipment. Agreed

              When restrictions are lifted we are still looking for relevant persons to carry out the traffic survey.

If you can spare a few hours on a short term basis to help the community please contact our chairman Karen at:


       3.3.   Community Support C19

We discussed the matter again and we concluded that the Village Centre is the community Hub and they are doing a great job. The LVRA will concentrate on planning and community matters but will offer support if and when it is required. 

      3.4      Proposed Cycle Path

There has been no update on the proposed cycle route.

       3.5    Blocked path

It was reported that a traditional path has been blocked by a resident on Badger Cote. It was suggested that although it may not be registered as a footpath if it has been used for over 20years ( which it has ) we could challenge any move by individuals to restrict or claim the land. If you have any memory or knowledge of using the Snicket on Badger Cote please contact the chair with your information. Many Thanks

Action: Bob to investigate the matter. Agreed.

      3.6     Community Woodland

It has been reported that trees have fallen from the recently sold woodland into the Limey River. Residents have been enquiring as to how the woodland will be maintained and who they should contact with matters such as this. It is noted that some of the new owners live 100s of miles away from the site.

4.     Local planning applications.

              The applications have been relatively quiet this past month. To view recent planning applications in our area please check the social media accounts ( Facebook and Twitter ). The applications are posted weekly.

  •    Folly Clough Bridge

Bob reported that the removal of trees from the bridge have stabilised it over the winter. This remains a temporary measure and we are waiting for the Folly Clough Bridge group to respond to a call for ownership research.

  • Any other business

Darryl reported that we still need to raise funds and called for a new position to be created called a

 Fundraising officer.

This would require someone with good energy and ideas to organise community events with the purpose of raising money for the LVRA and other good local causes. It would be a voluntary position and any help however small would be greatly received. There has never been a better time to give back and as with any voluntary position you are rewarded many times over with the positive effects you create.

If you feel that you could help the LVRA and the community in some way we would love to hear from you. Please email our Chairperson Karen kazzhawden@yahoo.co.uk

As part of our fundraising plans we are considering making a Calendar for 2022. We are looking for great local photographs and it would be even better if we could have a photograph taken in each of the 12 months and representative of that month. In Rossendale rain may take up a majority of the calendar! We are holding a competition for budding photographers and the best entrants will be chosen and have their work and name printed in the Calendar. There will also be prizes for the top three photographs.

The entry fee and full details will appear depending on the amount of interest. If you think this is a good idea and would like to be involved please contact the chair on the email above expressing your interest. Many Thanks

  • Future meetings: dates and location

             It was AGREED the now usual pattern of utilising the 2nd Monday of each month at 8.00pm should continue, meetings will continue to follow the usual format of: the, the 8th of March 2021 and the 12th of April 2021, 10thof May. These will be held remotely until further notice.  

             Should you wish to join our meeting or if you have any community concerns that need discussing  please email our chairperson  Karen at kazzhawden@yahoo.co.uk

      8.    Close of the Meeting

Karen closed the Meeting at 21.16 hrs