Minutes of the LVRA monthly meeting (held via Skype) Monday 14th September 2020


Minutes of the  Skype Meeting held on Monday, 14th of September  2020 at 8.00pm

Present:  Karen Hawden (Chairperson), Richard Ball ( Secretary), Bob Nicholas (Footpaths officer), 

Apologies D. Rhodes, D. Nugent.

  1. Opening Remarks

Karen chaired the meeting and welcomed all those attending the meeting. It was recognised that the meeting was conducted in an unfamiliar format at therefore was somewhat shorter than formal meetings. It was decided to focus on the key points mentioned below: 

  • Officers Reports

2.1    Chairperson: Karen said it had been a quiet month with little or no activity to report.

       2.2    SecretaryRichard also said that it had been a relatively quiet month with most interactions being to LCC about the Community Woodland. 

       2.3    Treasurer/Chairman LVAA:

As above

       2.4    Footpaths Officer:

See Appendix 1

      2.5     Social Media & Liaison Officer:

As above

      3.        Matters Arising

      3.1     Community Woodland

There has been much concern that the Community Woodland has been sold outside of the Community on the 9th of September 2020. This has yet to be officially confirmed by our local counsellors. We are awaiting their official responses.

  3.2        The traffic problems with Burnley Road

              There have been no reported incidents on Burnley Road. We are still looking for a small group of volunteers to help survey the traffic, perhaps for 1 hour slots several times a week. This will help provide data which could help to make the road safer.

 Action: Bob to discuss the matter with a local resident. Agreed

              If you can spare a few hours on a short term basis to help the community please contact our chairman Karen at:


       3.3.   Community Support C19

We discussed if the matter again and we concluded that the Village Centre is the community Hub and they are doing a great job. The LVRA will concentrate on planning and community matters but will offer support if and when it is required. 

3.4    Local planning applications.

              The government changes to planning law are creating a lot of concern to local residents. To be more fully aware of the implications of these changes we have contacted RBC and we will share this information when available.

              In short it is making it much easier for land earmarked by RBC for potential development to be passed as such.

Some residents have also raised concerns about the 80 houses granted planning in principal in Loveclough. The developers have submitted more details about the appearance of these prospective dwellings. There is also concern at the access of this site and the over use of Commercial Street.

We have yet to receive a response to our appeal against these dwellings and our officers are checking these latest plans carefully.

Action: To comment on the new plans. Agreed

  • St John’s Church

Peter Dunn of the churches conservation trust has written to confirm that the 8 week repair of the Culvert is now underway. The developers are now trying to gain permission for standard commercial residential planning following some objections to the veteran supported housing. 

The volunteering may be next year now as they need some ecological advice on the land.

  • Folly Clough Bridge

There has been no update on Folly Clough Bridge this month.

  • Limey Leader & Calendar
  • Bob is well underway with his creation of the Goodwill Limey leader. Bob as editor has also made some slight improvements to the format of the issue.
  • Bob has discovered that it is possible that the Calendar can be made at the local printer. We are also now just in need of some good quality images of the locality. 
  • Action: Email images to Darryl. Agreed.
  • Any other business

Bob will renew our insurance at a cost of £156.80.

Richard reported that about ten motor-cross bikes had been damaging the moorland near Hambledon Hill.

 Action: Richard to send the images to Bob who will report to LCC. Agreed

  • Future meetings: dates and location

 It was AGREED the now usual pattern of utilising the 2nd Monday of each month at 8.00pm should continue, so that meetings on Skype will continue to follow the usual format of:  12th October and 9th of November 2020 (AGM), 14th December 2020, 11th  January 2021

      7.1  If you have any community concerns that need discussing at our next meeting please email our chairman Karen at kazzhawden@yahoo.co.uk

        8.  Close of the Meeting

  • Karen closed the Meeting at 21.30 hrs

See Below for Appendix 1.

Appendix 1

Footpath Report 14 September 2020

My report this month concerns the footpath known as Gin Clough which runs from Stoneholme Road near the entrance to the old Colebrand site to the access road to Fair Banks Farm above Goodshawfold passing on its way the edge of woodland. 

The present owners of the Colebrand site have blocked the original path which people used as a right of way. This was not the definitive path whose course had not been used for many years. In order to establish a new right of wayit has been decided with Lancashire County Council to place a Modification Order on the path to claim it as a definitive right of way.

If you have walked this path in the past or still do use this path could you in the first instance contact me on:

E: bobnic51@btinternet.com

T: 07780 813613

Bob Nicholas