Minutes of the LVRA monthly meeting (held via Skype) Monday 13th July 2020


Minutes of the  Skype Meeting held on Monday, 13th July 2020 at 8.00pm

Present:  Karen Hawden ( Chairperson ), David Rhodes (Social Media and Liaison Officer), Richard Ball ( Secretary ), Bob Nicholas ( Footpaths officer ), Darryl Nugent ( Treasurer )

  1. Opening Remarks

Karen chaired the meeting and welcomed all those attending the meeting. It was recognised that the meeting was conducted in an unfamiliar format at therefore was somewhat shorter that formal meetings. It was decided to focus on the key points mentioned below: 

  • Officers Reports

2.1    Chairperson: Karen said it had been a quiet month with little or no activity.

       2.2    SecretaryRichard also said that it had been a relatively quiet month. The society formerly objected to a development off Commercial Street, largely because it was outside the urban boundary.

Richard had made some enquiries about two other minor development proposals in the area because the abstract proposals required more explanation.  All planning matters seemed to be in hand at the moment.

       2.3    Treasurer/Chairman LVAA:

Darryl reported that funds stood at £3800 currently and he called for fundraising ideas.

Darryl reported that there had been no change regarding the allotment.

       2.4    Footpaths Officer:

Bob reported that he had been informed of a footpath near Broad Ing that had been badly damaged and dug up. Bob is monitoring the situation. 

Bob has also had several reports of blocked footpaths which shall be investigated and reported to LCC where necessary.

      2.5     Social Media & Liaison Officer:

Dave .R. said he is still working on the new website which should be up and running soon. 

Action: Darryl to see Jen regarding a possible co-hosting of the allotment group. Agreed

      3.        Matters Arising

There had been some problems with a gate blocking an alley way on Burnley Road. This raised some issues regarding right of access. 

              Action: David.R to contact relevant persons in an attempt to resolve the matter. Agreed.

      3.1     Community Woodland

There has still been no news during the “lockdown period” of the proposed community woodland any updates will be recorded as and when they arrive. 

      3.2     The traffic problems with Burnley Road

              On a positive note the speed trap van has been seen near Boundary garage over the last few weeks.

However there had been reports of another crash involving three vehicles near to the Funeral directors. 

It was again suggested by Darryl that some form of traffic survey of the road might be the next step. A possible way forward could be that residents report speeders and accidents to the LVRA who will compile the data and forward it to Lancashire police.

Action: Dave. R. will be using social media outlets to promote this initiative. Agreed

Richard suggested that whilst Burnley road east is earmarked for the average speed cameras by LCC he feels that our Burnley Road has a far greater volume of traffic using it. The issue with Burnley Road East to Bacup is mainly with large tipper wagons using the road. 

Our Burnley road would appear to have a much higher volume of vehicles using it. 

Richard feels that we also have a good claim for the speed cameras.

              Therefore we are looking for several volunteers to lead this survey initiative which could ultimately save many lives. If you are interested please contact our chairman Karen at:


       3.3.   Community Support C19

We discussed if the matter again and we concluded that the Village Centre is the community Hub and they are doing a great job. The LVRA will concentrate on planning and community matters but will offer support if it is required.

3.4    Local planning applications.

              There has been little new activity recorded in our area over the last month.

  • St John’s Church

Work on the culvert is imminent with tenders being submitted by the 3rd of July.

Peter Dunn of the Church conservation Trust had been in contact and had mentioned there would be a need for volunteers to help clear the plants and tidy the grounds around the church. Although no dates have been given we are still awaiting volunteers for this worthy cause. 

Action: Bob will ask members of Lveg if they would offer support. Agreed

  1. Folly Clough Bridge

Bob contacted John Hardman who reported that all trees which could be removed have been removed. John has spoken with Cllr Alyson Barnes regarding a possible alternative access to the housing.

Action: Darryl will check our constitution and status regarding any future funding bid. Agreed

  1. Any other business

Karen asked why the street signs on Commercial Street are 30mph instead of 20mph.

      Action: Bob will contact David. F. to resolve the matter. Agreed.

6.1 Bob proposed putting together a smaller Limey leader for December. Darryl suggested we should get advertising to cover the costs.

      Action: Bob to plan and edit the edition and to contact the printer: Agreed

6.2 Richard suggested that we should put together a calendar in a bid to raise some funds and to promote the association.

       Action: Karen to review photographs and send them to officers for selection: Agreed

  1. Future meetings: dates and location

 It was AGREED the now usual pattern of utilising the 2nd Monday of each month at 8.00pm should continue, so that meetings on Skype will continue to follow the usual format of:  

10th August 2020, 14TH September 2020, 12th October and 9th of November  2020 (AGM), 14th December 2020

      7.1  If you have any community concerns that need discussing at our next Skype meeting please email our chairman Karen at kazzhawden@yahoo.co.uk

        8.  Close of the Meeting

       8.1 Karen closed the Meeting at 21.15 hrs.