Minutes of the LVRA monthly meeting Monday 9th March 2020

David Rhodes

Minutes of the Meeting held at the Top Club on Monday, 9th March 2020

Present:  Karen Hawden ( Chairperson ), David Rhodes (Social Media and Liaison Officer), Richard Ball ( Secretary ), Bob Nicholas ( Footpaths officer ), A. Corkin, D. Corkin, Chris Hamer, Roger Fulton,  I. Booth, , Cllr D. Foxcroft, Cllr A. Barnes, A. Harrison, S. Glenholmes, F. Pilkington,   M. Booth, Derrick Bartlett-Smith, Dave Pilling, Jean Pilling, K. Iverson, M. Hargreaves, E. Walton, L. Pearson.

Apologies: C. Broadbent, B. Gerken

1.             Opening Remarks

1.1          Karen chaired the meeting and welcomed all those attending the meeting.

2.             Minutes of previous meeting.

2.1          Ian proposed and Lewis seconded acceptance of the minutes.

3.             Matters Arising

3.1          Community Woodland. Bob had been meeting with Ian Taylor and others ( See report below. ) There was some concern over the timescales the community have been given to set up a group to manage the woodland. Cllr Alison also concurred that the LCC timescale was too short. Cllr David said he would meet regarding the timescales and suggested fee this week). 

3.1.2       The traffic problems with Burnley Road were again discussed.  Cllr A. Barnes has contacted Dave Clark regarding the signage. She has also contacted Gary Makin regarding the possibility of the camera being updated.

4.             Reports
4.1          Chairman

4.1.1       Karen firstly reported that she had been notified about activity on the Colebrand site. Cllr Alison Barnes confirmed that enforcement officers are monitoring the situation. It was suggested that the developer will be placing someone on site permanently soon. 

                 Karen also notified the meeting about a new initiative called Lancashire talk a police initiative to report on local issues. www.lancashirepolice.co.uk

4.2           Secretary

4.2.1       Richard reported that he has now a new email address secretary@lvra.co.uk. Richard also had comments to make later in the minutes about St John’s and the Crawshawbooth Clock.

4.3           Treasurer/Chairman LVAA

                   Darryl reported that the funds are £3315. The footpath fund is £792.96. The allotment community building is set to commence n April.

4.4           Footpaths Officer

4.4.1       Bob’s report can be found under Annex 1. 

4.5          Social Media & Liaison Officer

4.5.1       David reported that there will be a review of the website shortly and we have 807 likes on facebook.

5.            Local planning applications.

5.1          There has been a request for three more houses behind the Loveclough social club. A local resident raised the issue that tractors and other heavy vehicles are causing a disturbance on the road. Cllr Alison concurred that the infrastructure is under stress from these increased development and that she will feedback to the planning department. 

6.           St John’s Church

Richard reported that the drop in meeting on the 24th of February raised some issues with the proposal to create 19 rented apartments for ex-servicemen and women with some forms of health issues.  There was also some concern that the potential developers to remove the tower and to take out the bell and then to rebuild the tower. Richard proposed to ask Peter Dunn to address the next meeting to inform the residents of the plans and listen to concerns. 

Cllr David Foxcroft is also attended the meeting and is meeting and is working with the relevant groups to help the project along.

Cllr Alison that it is a good idea and we should try to make sure the plans are robust. Ian spoke in favour of helping ex-service persons saying they are unlikely to pose a threat to the community. 

7.         Folly Clough Bridge

Bob reported that the Folly Clough bridge group were set to apply for a £10,000 Heritage lottery fund. Daryll has submitted the application to remove trees from the bridge. There may be funding options from flood damaged infrastructure. 

8.         Any other business

8.1       Derrick suggested that the website may be useful in the Corona virus crisis.

            Ian reported that a pot hole in Constable Lee was causing damage to vehicles.

            Cllr Alison suggested that all of Burnley Rd would benefit from resurfacing. Alison also mentioned there was a problem in Crawshawbooth with cars parking on the pavement.

            Ian reported that the bin men are leaving the litter bins all over the pavement.

            Richard asked if the works to the barn in the woods opposite the new Burnley road development were being monitored, as he noticed a new roadway had been inserted. Cllr Alison said that they had been monitoring the situation.

            Cllr David said that LCC had raised major funding to benefit the infrastructure of the area. 

            Richard had contacted Mr Wilson regarding the Crawshawbooth clock.

8.         Future meetings: dates and location

 It was AGREED the now usual pattern of utilising the 2nd Monday of each month should continue, so that meetings in 2020 at the Top Club would be on Monday the 20thof April 2020 ( due to Easter ) and subsequent meetings would be as follows:, 11th of May 2020, 8TH of June 2020.

9.         Close of the Meeting

9.1       Karen closed the Meeting at 21.00 hrs.

Annex 1            

Footpath Report

Due to various storms we have had plus the copious amount of rain in between I have not been too keen in walking my patch. However I did have a project to engage in that did not involve Modification Orders, PROW reports or engaging with Lancashire County Council about footpath matters. Early in January I was invited to participate in the first Rossendale Walking Summit which took place on the 27th February at Whitworth.

The summit is to be over a number of sessions looking at how to improve walking in Rossendale, attract more walkers to the area and get people who do not walk to do so! My group (we are divided up into tables of nine) was given the task of looking at why people have a negative view of walking. There was a good robust discussion and one fact emerged not only from our table but from nearly everyone who attended: that was the amount of dog fouling that seems to be prevalent on footpaths across the valley. 

Of course there are lots of other factors why people don’t go walking from “it hurts” to I cannot afford the “posh gear”. A great deal seems to be just negativity or a perceived notion of what walking involves. How you turn this around is still an open question!

Hot on the heels of the above summit a second session has been organised for this week 12th March at Haslingden. The summits seem to be covering  great deal of ground and I do hope that it is not just an exercise in hot air and that something positive will emerge at the end of all the discussions.  I will let you know.

Folly Clough Bridge 

John Hardman who is the chair of the Folly Clough Bridge Group has sent in an application to the heritage lottery fund for £10,000 pounds for various works on the bridge. However, this unfortunately has proved unsuccessful so it is back to the drawing board once more. 

It seems that it does not rain but it pours as now comes along the Covid-19 virus. Although meetings will possibly not be able to take place for some time it is hoped some work will be able to take place on the bridge to remove the trees, and help to stabilise the structure will take place.Bob Nicholas