Minutes of the LVRA monthly meeting Monday 13th January 2020

David Rhodes

Minutes of the Meeting held at the Top Club on Monday, 13th January 2020

Present:  Karen Hawden ( Chairperson ), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer), David Rhodes (Social Media and Liaison Officer), Richard Ball ( Secretary ), Bob Nicholas ( Footpaths officer ), Ann Corkin, David Corkin, C. Whiting,  Ian Booth, Cllr Alyson Barnes, Cllr David Foxcroft, Steve Glenholmes, Colin Broadbent, P. Rhodes, P.Holt , Derrick Bartlett-Smith, Dave Pilling, K. Iverson, M. Hargreaves, Eric Walton, L Pearson, D. Cairns.

Apologies: Marie Hargreaves, Barbara Gerken, J.A. Pilling.

1.             Opening Remarks

1.1          Karen chaired the meeting and welcomed all those attending the meeting.

2.             Minutes of previous meeting.

2.1          Ian proposed and Eric seconded acceptance of the minutes.

3.             Matters Arising

3.1          Community Woodland. There had been no further updates on the community woodland. Alison commented that there would be a call for evidence of community usage on the woods in Weir and two woodlands in Edenfield as they had not yet been registered as a community asset. Bob is still awaiting a reply from the woodland trust.

3.1.2       The traffic problems with Burnley Road were again discussed. The sighting of “community concern” signs is currently being undertaken. Alison called for the speed camera to be undated. Chris suggested a system he observed in Italy would be more effective. David F suggested that average speed cameras are more likely to be placed on the Weir to Bacup road at the moment as more need is seen on that road. 

4.             Reports
4.1          Chairman

4.1.1       Karen’s reported that it had been a quiet festive period with some amounts of interest in the woodland sale and some road safety issues.

4.2           Secretary

4.2.1       Richard reiterated that it had been a quiet festive period regarding community issues. There had been some conversations about the woodland but little else.

4.3           Treasurer/Chairman LVAA

                   Darryl reported that the funds are £3315. There had been £230 made from advertising in the Limey Leader. Bob has taken his £790 out of the main account to allow him to use for the footpath account.

4.4           Footpaths Officer

4.4.1       Bob’s report can be found under Annex 1. 

4.5          Social Media & Liaison Officer

4.5.1       David reported that there were 801 Likes on facebook. The website costing is currently up for review. The main traffic is now for the newly uploaded planning proposals.

5.            Local planning applications.

5.1          There have been limited proposals over the last month with the majority being with household extensions ( see LVRA website for full details ).

6.           St John’s Church

              Alison reported that the funding for the culvert had now been secured.

7.         Any other business

7.1       Chris said there had been a father and son using a quad bike in the area which was causing some   disturbance. Alison suggested referring to Ian Pickles.

7.2       Derrick reported that a large amount of HGVs had been using Commercial street and leaving a mess on the roads. David Foxcroft said the work was concerning the Fisheries and that they had planning permission to conduct some works. The enforcement officer has observed the site and is monitoring the situation.

             Bob asked how can lorries use the weak bridge and be granted permission to do so whilst Bin lorries and others from LCC are not permitted to do so. Alison remarked that the bridge is in private ownership and as such is not part of the highways. David felt that this is a confusing situation as there are rate payers on the other side of the bridge.

7.3       Ian reported that the pavement near to the houses adjacent to the Top Club was still in a dangerous state. Alison referred the matter to Cllr David Foxcroft.

7.4       Derrick asked Alison about the recent traveller site development. Alison confirmed that they have to find a transient site which will be in Bacup.

7.5        The Crawshawbooth clock was once again mentioned and Alison reported that there was no progress. Chris suggested that Ella Cole could be contacted and Alan Wilson might be able to help. 

7.5       David.F confirmed that the highway in and out of Rawtenstall is likely to be resurfaced in March.

7.6       Alison suggested that the roundabout in Rawtenstall could be ear marked for funding soon. There is a bidding process before any monies are granted.

7.6       Ian reported that there is a problem with the traffic light sequencing in the area. David. F confirmed that some of the lights need replacing. Derrick suggested some road markings might help on the roundabout.

7.7       Darryl asked if there was any update on the Glory spoil. Alison said she will investigate.

7.8       Steve confirmed that there had been another accident on Burnley road.

8.         Future meetings: dates and location

 It was AGREED the now usual pattern of utilising the 2nd Monday of each month should continue, so that meetings in 2020 would be on Monday the 10th February 2020 at the Top Club and subsequent meetings would be as follows:, 9th of March 2020, 13thof March 2020.

9.         Close of the Meeting

9.1       Karen closed the Meeting at 21.00 hrs.

Annex 1            

Footpath Report January

My report covers item 7.1.3 on tonight’s agenda: the footbridge on Footpath No 73 at Reedsholme. Acting on a report about the state of the bridge I made an inspection. As reported the foot bed of the bridge was found to have holes in it along with some of the joists rotting. This I made the subject of a Public Right Of Way report to Lancashire County Council outlining the deterioration of the footbridge bed (along with photographs) to which I received an  acknowledgement on the 28th November.

The footbridge has subsequently been repaired but not to the original standard. I enquired about the nature of the repair and was informed that, to quote “it is a temporary repair due to the volume of traffic making it inappropriate for a full closure until the proper repair work can be done” unquote. How long before the proper repair work is done is a matter for conjecture; it is just a matter of wait and see. But if it seems to be being left for an inappropriately long time I’m sure that some pressure can be brought to bear upon LCC to get the work properly completed. 

And finally, as reported previously, I have already started work on the next edition of the Limey Leader which will have a modest makeover (after all there is only so much you can do with black and white). And once again I would like to invite anyone in the community that wishes to contribute, be it a short article that might be of interest to local readers or ideas to improve future editions please do let me know. I will be looking at going to print in mid April so this should be adequate notice. But if you do want to contribute don’t leave it too long. 

Contact for the Limey Leader E: editor@lvra.co.uk   

Bob Nicholas