Minutes of the LVRA monthly meeting Monday 9th December 2019

David Rhodes

Minutes of the Meeting held at the Top Club on Monday, 9th December 2019

Present:  Karen Hawden ( Chairperson ), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer), David Rhodes (Social Media and Liaison Officer), Richard Ball ( Secretary ), Bob Nicholas ( Footpaths officer ), Ann Corkin, David Corkin, , Barbara Gerken, Ian Booth, Cllr Alyson Barnes, Steve Glenholmes, R. Fulton, Colin Broadbent, Derrick Bartlett-Smith, Dave Pilling, J.A. Pilling, K. Iverson, M. Hargreaves, Eric Walton, L Pearson, D. Cairns

Apologies: G. Pilling, C. Whiting

1.             Opening Remarks

1.1          Karen chaired the meeting and welcomed all those attending the meeting.

2.             Minutes of previous meeting.

2.1          Derrick proposed and Marie seconded acceptance of the Minutes.

3.             Matters Arising

Alison thanked the community and RBC officers for their efforts regarding the potential sale of the L.C.C owned woodland. The community efforts stopped the sale and there is now a further meeting on the 10th of December at 7.00pm at the community centre. This will determine how the woodland can be preserved a community asset. 

3.1          The road safety signs along Burnley road were mentioned. Alison said she had put the matter to Dave Clarke to chase up.

4.             Reports
4.1          Chairman

4.1.1       Karen’s reported that she had largely been dealing with the proposed sale of the woodland. Karen also thanked the efforts of Hazel and other members of the community.

4.2           Secretary

4.2.1       Richard reported that most efforts and news this month was regarding the proposed sale of the woodland and attending the meeting at the village centre.

4.3           Treasurer/Chairman LVAA

                   Darryl reported that the funds remained the same £4,021.49p. The allotments were quiet and particularly muddy at the moment.

4.4           Footpaths Officer

4.4.1       Bob’s report can be found under Annex 1. 

4.5          Social Media & Liaison Officer

4.5.1       David reported that the website was now hosting recent planning applications to keep the public better informed. There are now 791 followers on Facebook and 137 on twitter. David reported that the woodland posts had reached 3500 people which were a record high for a LVRA post.

5.             Limey Leader.

5.1           Bob is currently working on the 20th Limey Leader which is currently at the printers. ( See report ). For news or stories please contact editor@lvra.co.uk. Distributors are needed for Turton Hollow area and two more, please contact if interested.

6.           St John’s Church

              See Annex 2. Colin’s report regarding the recent, “Find a use” meeting.

7               Local planning applications.

7.1          The recent 801 Burnley road application has been withdrawn.

7.2          The Folly Clough house had been agreed and no further developments were reported.

8.         Any other business

8.1       Lewis stated that at Winsor Villas the path is becoming narrower and overgrown.

8.2       Colin asked if the Reedsholme footbridge had been fixed. Bob reported that he had inspected the bridge and is pursuing the matter with LCC.

8.3       Ian reported that the pavement near to the houses adjacent to the Top Club was in a dangerous state. Alison said she will contact LCC highways.

8.4       Bob mentioned that Swinshaw lane is very slippy and needs gritting. Water is running directly off the field creating a ongoing problem. Alison concurred with the point but said that LCC policy is not to grit secondary roads.

8.5       Ian reiterated the need for gritting on Goodshaw Ave North and David also highlighted Goodshaw lane. It was suggested that extra grit boxes could provide a solution. Alison said it appeared difficult to get LCC to provide more grit boxes.

8.6       The Crawshawbooth clock was mentioned again but Alison had no further developments to report.

9.         Future meetings: dates and location

 It was AGREED the now usual pattern of utilising the 2nd Monday of each month should continue, so that meetings in 2020 would be on Monday the 13th January 2020 at the Top Club and subsequent meetings would be as follows:, 10th of February 2020,9thof March 2020.

8.         Close of the Meeting

8.1       Karen closed the Annual General Meeting at 21.16 hrs.

Annex 1            

Footpath Report December

During the month since the last meeting I had a run-around from Bacup to Blackburn chasing up what at first seemed the illusive owners of the land below Harvey Longworth Court so I could issue them with a statement of intent regarding St Mary’s path. The situation at first acquaintance seems quite ludicrous; my Modification Order follows in most part an unadopted track to within 2.75 mt of the public footpath on Goodshaw Avenue. It may seem tempting to ignore this small section of land and push the MO through, but the letter of the law must be followed and the owners of the land, even it is only a small area, must be notified of the intended MO.

A search with our Social Media Officer of the Land Registry drew a blank. It did not belong to Harvey Longworth Court or the Council. However a historic search by the legal department at Rossendale Council found that the land had been transferred to Greenvale Homes which is now Together Housing whose headquarters for Lancashire are at Blackburn. And there the mystery ended with confirmation that they did indeed own the land. I would in this matter like to thank Sam Davey, Trainee Property Officer and Clare Birtwistle Legal Services Manager (Monitoring Officer) for their quick and courteous responses to my enquiries along with pointing me in the right direction. With the information returned I can now inform Lancashire County Council of the situation, serve notice on Together Housing and the MO will be able to get back on track (fingers crossed). 

Bob Nicholas.

Limey Leader

My first edition of the Limey Leader was definitely a very steep learning curve but also extremely useful. As our Secretary has commented David Hempsall is a tough act to follow and I would like to thank David through the minutes of this meeting for a guiding hand and co-piloting me through some of the more technical bits on my first publication.

I was hoping that my first issue would be straight forward. And then like with newspapers I found myself trying to stay abreast of the unfolding news events in the valley with new housing on Goodshawfold Road and the situation with LCC over our woodland, and my publication date kept sliding further along the calendar. This has resulted in some of the information in the LL being a little out of date before reaching residents. However this is a situation that I have now learned how to remedy and will not occur with future publications.  

And so on Tuesday 2nd December with a certain amount of trepidation along with some excitement and pride I pressed the send button on my computer and sent off the 20th edition of the LL and my 1st to the printers. Any mistakes in this edition will most certainly be remedied in the next edition which I have already started work on the templates for.

I would like to finish by reminding members that the LL belongs to all local residents and should anyone want an article, poem, picture or just general info printed then please contact me and as long as it is non-offensive and non-political I will endeavour to include in the next publication. And of course adverts are always welcome at the LL’s unbelievably generous rates! And just a final note in future all communication regarding the LL please send to the new LL email address at editor@lvra.co.uk.

Annex 2

            St John’s Church, Crawshawbooth

(Find a use meeting on 22nd November 2019)

This is a 3 year project to summer 2022.

The church is a 2 star listed building.

A condition survey invitation was tendered by 4 companies. It was awarded to Buttress Ltd of Manchester. It is currently programmed for February/March 2020.

Repairs are likely to result in an expenditure of 2 million pounds.

The diocese have accepted liability for restoration of the culvert * and have set aside £150k for this work. A Civil Engineering company have been appointed.

An offer has been received by the commissioners for the purchase of the property. However it is provisional only and requires thorough reviewing , due diligence etc.

Valley Heritage have previously proposed to enter into a lease arrangement , however this is subject to completion of certain restoration work *. The advantage of this would be to enable grant funding applications to be made , otherwise not allowed under current conditions of ownership. This motion remains a possibility.

Vandalism and break-ins are a regular occurrence.

Viewing can be arranged via Peter Dunn. This is restricted to 2 persons per session.

The Bell is still in situ, this may be relocated by the Church Commissioners although it could be retained, on display, at St John’s. 

Colin Broadbent.