Minutes of the LVRA monthly meeting Monday 11th November 2019

David Rhodes

Minutes of the Association, meeting at: 20.00 hrs on Monday, 11th of November 2019 at the Top Club 

Present:  Karen Hawden ( Chairperson ), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer), David Rhodes (Social Media and Liaison Officer), Richard Ball ( Secretary ), Bob Nicholas ( Footpaths officer ), David Cairns, Ann Corkin, David Corkin, , Barbara Gerken, Ian Booth, Cllr Alyson Barnes, Steve Glenholmes,  Derrick Bartlett-Smith, J. Jones, , R. Jones, , Dave Pilling, K. Iverson, M. Hargreaves, Ian Cardy, Peter Holt, Ian Derbyshire, Frances Badrock, Marian Bent, L Pearson, John Dawson, J. Riley.

Apologies: R. Fulton, E. Fulton, M. Greenwood, Colin Broadbent.

1.             Opening Remarks

1.1          Karen chaired the meeting and welcomed all those attending the meeting.

1.2          The AGM was conducted firstly.

2.             Minutes of previous meeting and AGM.

2.1          Ian proposed and Barbara seconded acceptance of the Minutes.

2.2          All officers were re-elected, Alison proposed and Lewis seconded.

3.             Matters Arising

Alison said there has been a recent fire on the Colebrand site she will update when she   knows more. The Glory topographical survey had taken place Mark Bray is still consulting on the matter.

4.             Reports
4.1          Chairman

4.1.1       Karen’s reported that she had largely been dealing with the increase in development proposals. Karen also mentioned that there were still issues due to cars speeding on Burnley Road. Karen mentioned that there had been two recent accidents in the locality. One incident was on the zebra crossing in Crawshawbooth and two close to Crawshawbooth School. Alison agreed to continue to pursue the matter of road safety on Burnley road.

                 Barbara suggested extending the 30mph zone. Ian mentioned that the 20mph zone around the school was only advisory and could it not be made permanent. Derrick asked about moving the signage and if the yellow cameras are still functional. Alison said the cameras are now defunct.

                 Alison will ask for 8-10 signs to be distributed along Burnley road.

4.2           Secretary

4.2.1       Richard’s report is covered in the AGM minutes.

4.3           Treasurer/Chairman LVAA

                   Darryl reported funds as £4,021.49p. Darryl called for more social events and fundraisers in the next year. 

4.4           Footpaths Officer

4.4.1       Bob’s report can be found under Annex 1. Bob also reported meeting Darren Turner the director of Kenross Containers. Bob felt that Darren had gone above and beyond in his restoration of a footpath on their patch.

4.5          Social Media & Liaison Officer

4.5.1       David reported that the website was now hosting recent planning applications to keep the public better informed. There are now 791 followers on Facebook and 137 on twitter. 

5.             Limey Leader.

5.1           Bob is currently working on the 20th Limey Leader which will go out sometime after the   AGM. Bob has reported that he has secured some £200 pounds of sponsorship monies.

6.           St John’s Church

Richard reported that Colin would be meeting Peter Dunn on the 22nd of November to discuss the future of the Church. Alison was positive about progress and informed the meeting that there were several interested parties wanting to take over the site. 

7               Local planning applications.

              Richard reported that the LVRA had responded to the proposals for 4 houses at Goodshaw  and the two Bungalows on Commercial Street

7.1      The proposal for a restaurant at 801 Burnley road ( former motorbike shop ) raised numerous concerns for residents. The first concern was that only the dwellings in the immediate vicinity of the proposal have been notified. Alison said this was the new protocol. Residents were clearly concerned that the new protocol is just favouring the developer. Mrs Bent also highlighted that the lack of parking in a residential area was the main concern for residents. Alison said she would look into the matter.

8.           AOB

8.1           The Crawshawbooth clock.  Alison reported that she is still trying to make contact with the interested resident.

8.2          Folly Clough Eco-House. Richard reported that the planning had been granted due to a mitigation plan which was to close some of the Badger Setts. Richard called for a watching brief of the development. Alison reiterated that Natural England are involved.

8.3           Speeding on Burnley road. Also See Chairperson’s report. John mentioned a traffic measuring device was seen in the area. Alison said she will enquire about this.

8.4          Lewis mentioned that there was a vegetation problem over the Jester bus stop and the vegetation needs cutting back a foot.

8.5           Lewis also mentioned that the path from four towers to Accrington ( below higher Hambledon ) is badly damaged with potholes. Lewis wondered if local community volunteers could fix it. Bob replied that it will not be prioritised by the overstretched LCC budget.

8.6           Derrick enquired what had happened to the sign at Broadley Mill. Ken thinks it has been moved by the developers for safe keeping.

8.7            Iain reported that there is still a problem with bins blocking the pavement after collection.

            Colin reported to Richard that the footbridge at Reedsholme was repaired quickly but it needs more work doing to complete the job. There is also potential of the other end of the footbridge rotting away and it would seem to need more attention.


Next Meetings and Close

9.1       It was AGREED the now usual pattern of utilising the 2nd Monday of each month should continue, so that meetings in 2019/20 would be on Monday, 9th of December 2019 at the Top Club and subsequent meetings would be as follows: 13th January 2020, 10th of February 2020.

Annex 1

October Footpath Report

My report this month is rather short on footpath issues, the fact being that

my   activities   have   been  somewhat   severely   curtailed  due   to   having   a

cataract operation shortly after the last meeting. And following doctors’

orders not to engage in heavy or strenuous activity along with driving for

a matter of 4 weeks has put more than one spoke in my plans. Also the

‘left over hurricane season’ seems to be well and truly with us which does

not make outdoor work very appealing.   

However,   working   with  limited   computer   time  (doctor’s   orders!)   and

taking the opportunity that the recent bad weather has presented I have

managed to start editing the next edition of the Limey Leader. The actual

publication   date   is   not   set  but   will   be   after   the   AGM.  At   the   present

moment I am looking at an 8 to 10 page edition covering a number of

issues current to our valley. I will in good time ask our local councillors for

their contributions along with our Chair. 

And /nally, Folly Clough Bridge is back on the radar. Last month saw the

/rst   combined   Folly   Clough  Group   and   LVRA   meeting.  Twenty-one

separate points were raised and it is no doubt that saving the bridge is

going to be a challenge. A second meeting is scheduled for Wednesday of

this week the 16


 October with the view to start putting some 5esh on the

bones of a plan. It will possibly take some time to see any real progress

but I will inform meetings of any relevant developments.  

Bob Nicholas 

November Footpath Report

I would like to start my report by offering an apology to Kenross Containers with regard to my September report on the situation with Footpath No 111 to the rear of their premises. Firstly, I did not intend to infer that Kenross was in any way acting in the same manner as the owners of the Colebrand site. 

The fact is that Kenross acted totally properly in their actions, and all work was cleared through the proper official channels. If there was a problem it was because the work being done was not the content of any official notices on site from either Rossendale or Lancashire Councils. Unfortunately this situation led to me receiving a number of complaints about the situation. 

I would like to restate what I put in my report from LCC that The work is being carried out under permitted development and the path will be stoned up where it has been disturbed”. I did have a meeting with Darren Turner the Managing Director of Kenross who was upset by the negative way anything the firm does is received, and he did reiterate that once the work is completed the section of the path that was disturbed will be made good. This is in fact more than Kenross need to do and is a very generous action on their part.

On other matters I have been busy putting together the 20th edition of the Limey Leader which will be 12 pages, and have found out quite rapidly the amount of work that goes on in producing each edition. But so far all is going to plan and I hope to have the LL with the printer at the end of the month. I have secured £200.00 pounds in advertising revenue which should return on payment of the printing cost a profit of £56.00.