Minutes of the LVRA monthly meeting Monday 9th April 2018

David Rhodes

Minutes of the LVRA Meeting: 19.30 hrs. on Monday, 9 April 2018 at the Top Club

The formal meeting was preceded by an address by CAST. A broad outline is found in Annex 1

Present:, Karen Hawden (Chair), Bob Nicholas (Footpaths Officer), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer); Richard Ball, Paul Spurr, Tony Craig, Chris whiting, Steve Glenhomes, Ian Booth, Eric Walton, Cllr Alyson Barnes, Kevin Woods, Susan Woods, Barbara Gerken, J.A.Pilling, D.Pilling, M.Hargreaves, K.Iveson.

1.        Opening Remarks – Apologies – Thanks

1.1 Apologies were received from David Hempsall (Secretary), David Rhodes (Liaison and Social Media Officer); David Corkin, Ann Corkin, Barbara Walton, Anne White, Mike Greenwood, C.Cllr David Foxcroft

2.        Minutes of previous Meeting, 12 March 2018

2.1 Richard Ball proposed and Darryl Nugent seconded acceptance of the Minutes.

2.2 The Minutes were taken as a true record.

3.        Matters Arising

3.1 Item 8.1.1. March Meeting

Alyson reported on the latest on speed cameras. Mobile speed check guns were available. (1) They were available for use by community groups such as LVRA. (2) Training would be necessary and would be provided but the Police. (3) Users may be asked to operate in parts of the Valley in addition to our locality. (4) Those wishing to receive training should express an interest with the LVRA or Cllr Barnes.

Alyson has also approached Lancs Constabulary regarding the Gatso camera on the A682. The Police have agreed to reinstate the camber for a specific period. A request was made for more frequent monitoring of traffic along the road.

Alyson announced that the caravan has now been removed to the Goodshaw estate. The Police have no powers to demand the removal of caravans but can only make a request to the owners.

4.        Reports

4.1      Chairman– Karen said that all items she had for discussion had been covered in Item 3

4.2      Secretary

4.2.1 In David’s absence, there was no Secretary’s report.

4.3      Treasurer/Chairman LVAA

4.3.1 Darryl reported no change in the LVRA finances, other than a cheque for £100 from CCllr. Foxcroft’s fund to cover the hire of a skip for thE Goodshawfold cleanup. Barbara Gerken added that the skip had been delivered.

4.3.2 Work to improve the car-park and to lay the base for a community building at the allotment site is due to begin subject to better weather.

4.4      Footpaths Officer– Bob’s report is shown in full as Annex 2

4.5      Social Media & Liaison Officer– in David’s absence, no report was forthcoming.

4.6 LVEG– Steve announce that the contractors hope to start marking out the sports area in the park, subject to the weather. Also the puddling problems on the play area appear to have been resolved by the drilling of holes in the surface to allow drainage. Work on the trees has not been completed due to inclement weather. Since the nesting season has commenced this will probably take place in the autumn.

5. Any Other Business

5.1 Alyson announced that there is to be a clean-up around Crawshawbooth on Saturday and Sunday next (12/13/April).

5.2 Dog soil – The ongoing discussion on this matter continued. Although many dog owners cleaned up after their pets, a substantial number failed to do so. Alyson repeated that the Council will prosecute offenders provided members of the public supply information and/or evidence to support it.

6. Next Meetings and Close

6.1 20.00hrs. Monday, 14 May 2018 at the Top Club.

Thereafter the now usual pattern of utilising the 2ndMonday of each month at 20.00hrs will continue, so that meetings in 2018 are expected to be held as follows: 11 June, 9 July, 13 August, 10 September, 8 October, 12 November (including AGM) and 10 December.

6.2 The meeting closed at 20.33 hrs.

Annex 1 CAST

A brief presentation from Ian Taylor and Stephen Anderson from CAST preceded the formal meeting.

Ian explained the function of CAST – how it focuses in people and their heritage as seen in Community Assets. They currently have two projects the Dementia Café in Bacup and Heritage Listing. They gave an outline of the Heritage Project – there is no formal list at present. The Civic Trust and Valley Heritage are developing an “at risk” register of assets. CAST is seeking nominations for this Heritage List (building, structures etc). CAST is particularly interest in smaller features. They then went on to describe the means of communicating with the Community; Community meetings throughout the valley (see LVRA facebook), A history talk at the Friend’s Meeting House Crawshawbooth, and training in managing Community Assets. Nominations received will be scored by a panel and the whole process will take around 16 months to complete. Finally a piece of art will be commissioned to visualise the heritage of the valley.

Annex 2
Footpath Report April
Due to bad weather, being ill, going climbing, writing what seems to have been an endless speech on the Limey Valley history for the CAST Project, organising the CAST event in Crawshawbooth plus dealing with other items that come my way – footpath work has gone right off the radar this last month.
I originally stated that I wanted to finalise and post off the modification order on St Mary’s path this month but I decided to put it on hold till I could give it the attention it deserves. I have been informed that the modification orders I placed on Footpath No 4 in Loveclough Fold were of particularly high standard and I wish this to continue with the one for St Mary’s path.
This is particularly important after seeing the poor state of a previous modification order in respect of a supposed footpath in Loveclough Fold at County Hall in Preston which I viewed with our Secretary last month which left a great deal to be desired.
I am still awaiting word of the Public Rights Of Way scheme which the LVRA has been part of for the last few years. My contact has informed me that Lancashire County Council is keen to see PROW continue and we hope to get the funding for it.