Minutes of the LVRA monthly meeting Monday 12th March 2018

David Rhodes

Minutes of the LVRA Meeting: 20.00 hrs. on Monday, 12 March 2018 at the Top Club

Present:, Karen Hawden (Chair), Bob Nicholas (Footpaths Officer), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer); Richard Ball, John Dawson, Lewis Pearson, Frank Pilkington, CCllr David Foxcroft, David Corkin, Ann Corkin, Jim Riley, Kevin Woods, Susan Woods, J Collins, Paul Spur.

In attendance:Josh[non-residents].

1.        Opening Remarks – Apologies – Thanks

1.1 Apologies were received from David Hempsall (Secretary), David Rhodes (Liaison and Social Media Officer); Barbara Gerken, Eric Walton, Barbara Walton, Anne |White, Mike Greenwood, Ian Booth, Steve Glenholmes, Chris Whiting

2.        Minutes of previous Meeting, 8 February 2018

2.1 Richard proposed and Lewis seconded acceptance of the Minutes.

2.2 The Minutes were taken as a true record.

3.        Matters Arising

3.1 There were no matters arising other than those addressed under agenda items

4.        Reports

4.1      Chairman– Karen reported an email from Crawshawbooth residents expressing concern about the state of the culvert to the rear of St John’s church. David Foxcroft reported that Jake Berry had written to the Church diocese but had had no reply as yet. David has also contacted the suppliers of the rock cages place to protect the church foundations with the view that they were insufficient for the job. Lewis reported that I 1964 residents gathered together to address the same problem but digging out the bed themselves.

4.2      Secretary

4.2.1 David submitted a brief report to be read out in his absence:

First of all my apologies for missing this evening’s meeting: circumstances beyond my control, I’m afraid!

That being so, my report is extremely brief. My mailbox has been filled principally by the ongoing issue of traffic. I don’t think it came as any surprise to our regular attenders that the Rossendale Free Press – albeit belatedly,- got on its high horse after “discovering” that only 6 speed cameras are operative at any one time in the borough. Whether or not that figure is (or was) true, it is clear that our concerns are more widely shared throughout the borough, As I said at he previous meeting, we must continue to exert such pressure as we are able on this matter.

4.3      Treasurer/Chairman LVAA

4.3.1 Darryl reported no change in the LVRA finances, other than receipt of a £20.00 donation which was much appreciated.

4.3.2 Work to improve the car-park and to lay the base for a community building would await better weather.

4.4      Footpaths Officer– Bob’s report is shown in full as Annex 1.

4.5      Social Media & Liaison Officer– in David’s absence, no report was forthcoming.

4.6 LVEG– in Steve’s absence, no report was forthcoming.


6.1 Bob reported on developments in the CAST programme: his report is shown in full as Annex 2.

CAST have agreed to attend the April meeting and will make a presentation at the early start of 19.30. Normal LVRA agenda will ten commence at the normal time of 20.00

6. St John’s Update

Richard reported that Alyson had emailed and would be liaising with diocese planners who have

said that there has been a high interest in the site and a London Committee were to review the

proposals therein. One option was to use it for a Christian retreat. Richard had emailed Paul

Fairhurst who said the Jake \Berry was to make further enquiries. There has been no response

from Jake as yet.

7. Prime Minister’s Speech of 5 March 2018

7.1 The Prime Minister has made a speech which refers to housing development for the future. Reference was made to developers “sitting” on available land and how she will address developments on green/brown land together with plans for speeding up the planning processes.

A fuller out line can be seen in Annex3

8. Traffic issues

8.1 Road surface repairs

8.1.1 David Foxcroft reported that a speed monitor report in January 2018 concluded that there had been a 1.3% increase in traffic flow on the A682. The report also stated that during the period January 2012 – December 2017 that there had been 5 reported collisions. Monitoring indicated the 85% of traffic travelled at 40mph or less. This was met with astonishment by the members and David agreed to requests further details highlight the findings. LCC therefore saw no reson to amend the 40mph limit on the A682. David also maintained that he could see no purpose in having a 40mph limit in the vicinity of Crawshawbooth Primary School – an opinion shared by Ofsted in their report on a visit to the school.

9. Any Other Business

9.1 Joshua, following an invitation from the Chair. Gave a presentation about his concerns about committees and transparency of their findings. Some members expressed confusion and David Foxcroft agreed to discuss is concerns to identify a focus.

10. Next Meetings and Close

10.1 1930 hrs. on Monday, 9 April 2018 at the Top Club.

10.2 Thereafter the now usual pattern of utilising the 2ndMonday of each month will continue, so that meetings in 2018 are expected to be held as follows: 9 April, 14 May, 11 June, 9 July, 13 August, 10 September, 8 October, 12 November (including AGM) and 10 December.

10.3 The meeting closed at 20.44 hrs..

Annex 1 Footpaths Officer

My report this month starts where the last one finished with the progress of the Modification Orders for Footpaths No4 / 384 Loveclough Fold. I stated in February’s report that I had received from Lancashire County Council information about the posting of the above mentioned Orders on the 9thof February. I was informed shortly afterwards that LCC had posted notices in Loveclough Fold hamlet – one with regard to the Order I had placed on the path in the river to delete FP No4 and notice for a Modification Order for a path through the hamlet which was claimed some 12 years ago and failed. But no notice was placed as required by law on the new FP No 384.The notices themselves seem to have had a touch of the Doctor Who about them appearing and then disappearing some 72 hours later like a tardis!

With regard to the footpath claimed through the hamlet this is a long running convoluted story which has in some respects interplayed with the MOs I have submitted. For 12 years the residents have had the Order hanging over them although the original claimant died in 2013 and no other person has come forward to take up the claim. Deciding enough is enough the residents asked to see the original documentation regarding this MO and so on Tuesday 17 March I accompanied our Secretary to County Hall at Preston.

The presentation of the MO was to put it plainly a mess: the sloppiness we identified was quite worrying along with the presentation of the proposed line for the path which had no bearing on the topography of the area. Along with numerous mistakes regarding entries on the Evidence of Use on Foot forms with claimants saying they had used the path when it was clearly impossible for them to have done so (so please note for future reference you cannot use a footpath before you are born!). The residents are putting together a properly researched evidence base which LCC seems to have been unable to do and hopefully they will get this path expunged as the new FP No 384 has also made it redundant.

And a brief second point there were various comments made on Facebook about a stretch of pavement near Killelea’s which had become blocked by soil, leaves, stones and other debris. Instead of commenting I went down with a shovel and cleaned up in 3 hours 80% of the pavement. On my return two days later the rest had been cleaned. I was informed that Bob Killelea had inspected the pavement and got his men to finish the job and clean up as well. I completed the work by pruning back the overgrowth of branches to make the path 100% usable. Through the Minutes I would like to thank Bob Killelea for his public spirit and helping out with a job in the community which Killelea’s have done before. It would be nice if other businesses in the area were prepared to step in to the extent that Killelea’s have done with their generosity.

Annex 2

Community Assets Standing Tall .It has been agreed with CAST that June Worsley the chair of CAST and the Secretary Ian Taylor will attend the next meeting to answer questions and give an over view of the project. The April meeting will therefore start not as stated in the Agenda but at 7.30pm.

Annex 3

PrimeMinisterTheresaMaywill makeaspeechonhousingtosetoutchangestoplanningrules.
From:Prime Minister’s |Office, 10, Downing Street andThe Rt Hom Theresa May MP
TheresaMaywill today (5March2018)warndeveloperswhoaretooslowtobuildhousesthattheirpastrecordcouldcountagainstthemwhentheybidfornewplanningpermissions.
ThePrimeMinisterwill alsohighlightthe“perverseincentiveinthebonusstructureofsomehousebuilders whichdoesnotencouragethemtobuildhomesthatareaffordable.
InaspeechinLondon,thePMwill saythegovernmentisrewritingtherulesonplanning”tohelpdevelopersandlocalauthoritiesbuildmorepropertiesrestoringthedreamofhomeownership.
Thenewplanningruleswillmakethesystemfairerandmoreeffectivebystreamliningtheprocess,cutting redtapeandendingbarrierstobuilding.
SpeakingatanationalplanningconferenceinLondon,thePrimeMinisterisexpectedtosaythatwe“cannot bringaboutthekindofsocietyl wanttosee,unlesswetackleoneofthebiggestbarrierstosocial mobility wefacetoday:thenationalhousingcrisis.”
Shewillsayinmuchofthecountry,housingissounaffordablethatmillionsofpeoplewhowould reasonablyexpecttobuytheirownhomeareunabletodoso”andthe“failuretomatchdemandwith supplyreallybegantopushpricesupwards”,and“higherpricesbroughtwiththemhigherrents.
“TheresultisaviciouscirclefromwhichmostpeoplecanonlyescapewithhelpfromtheBankofMumandDad.Ifyourenotluckyenoughtohavesuchsupport,thedoortohomeownershipisall toooftenlockedandbarred.
Istillvividlyrememberthefirsthomel sharedwithmyhusband,Philip.Notonlyourpicturesonthewallsandourbooksontheshelves,butthesecuritythatcamefromknowingwecouldn’tbeaskedtomoveonatshortnotice.
Thatiswhatthiscountryshouldbeaboutnotjusthavingaroofoveryourheadbuthavingastakeinyour communityanditsfuture.
ThePrimeMinisterwill warnthat“thegapbetweenpermissionsgrantedandhomesbuiltisstill toolarge.”
Shewillsaythat,whenusedincorrectly,planningrulescancreatebarrierstobuilding,tyingupcouncilsin redtapeandallowingsomedeveloperstogamethesystem.Onceplanningpermissionisgranted,avariety offactorscanslowdowndeliveryandtheOliverLetwinReviewislookingatexplainingthegap.
thisgovernmentisrewritingtherulesonplanning.Withthemajoroverhaulbeingpublishedtoday,we’re givingcouncilsanddevelopersthebackingtheyneedtogetmorehomesbuiltmorequickly...Thereforms drivenforwardunderourlastPrimeMinisterledtoagreatandwelcomeincreaseinthenumberofplanning permissionsgranted.Butwedidnotseeacorrespondingriseinthe

Thenewruleswillseearound80oftheproposalssetoutintheHousingWhitePaperimplemented, includingusinglandmoreefficiently,fasttrackingplanningpermissionsintohomes,givinggreatercertainty to local authorities and putting local plans in place to give communities more control.
ThePrimeMinisterwill beclearthat“it’salsotimeforbuildersanddeveloperstostepupanddotheirbit.
In a market where lower supply equals higher prices that creates a perverse incentive, one that does not encourage them to build the homes we need.
ThePrimeMinisterwill highlightsomeareaswhereactioncouldbetaken,suchas:
allowingcouncilstotakeadeveloper’spreviousrateofbuild-outintoaccountwhendecidingwhetherto grantplanningpermission.L wanttoseeplanningpermissionsgoingtopeoplewhoareactuallygoingto buildhouses,notjustsitonlandand
watchitsvaluerise.Wherecouncilsareallocatingsufficientlandforthehomespeopleneed,ournewplanningrulebookwillstopdevelopersbuildingonlargesitesthataren’t allocatedintheplansomethingthat’snotfaironresidentswhoagreetoaplanonlytoseeitignored.

Shewill continueIexpectdeveloperstodotheirdutytoBritainandbuildthehomesourcountryneeds.
Alongwithdevelopers,councilsalsoneedtoensurelocalcommunitiesareattheheartoftheprocessandtheyknowwhatinfrastructuretheywill begettingandwhen.ThePMwill becleardevelopersandcouncils needtoworktogethertomeettheircommunities’needsinamorejoinedupway.
ThePrimeMinisterwill urgecouncilsto“doalltheycantofindsites,grantplanningpermissionsandbuild homesincludingthroughadoptinganewnationwidestandardthatshowshowmanyhomesauthorities needtoplanforintheirarea.
Shewill say“ournewruleswill alsoseetoitthattherightinfrastructureisinplacetosupportsuch developments”andtheplanningchangeswill alsoallowmoreaffordablehomesprioritisedforkeyworkers,includingnurses,teachers,andfirefighters,andthePMistodayenablinglocalauthoritiestoprioritisethese workers.
ButthePrimeMinisterwill alsobeclearthatthe“answertoourhousingcrisisdoesnotlieintearinguptheGreenBelt.
Shewillannouncethatthegovernmentismaintainingexistingstrongprotections,“sothatauthoritiescan onlyamendGreenBeltboundariesiftheycanprovetheyhavefullyexploredeveryotherreasonableoption forbuildingthehomestheircommunityneeds.”Therewill alsobestrongerprotectionsforancientwoodlandsandhistoriccoastlines.
Only10percentofEnglandhasbeenbuiltonandonly13percentiscoveredbyGreenBeltthepurposeofwhichistopreventurbansprawl.ThePMwill beclearthatdevelopersandlocalauthoritiesmustonly allocateGreenBeltsitesfordevelopmentforexceptionalreasons.Shoulddevelopmenthavetogoaheadit mustfirstmakeuseofbrownfieldsites,andwherelandisremoved,theymustcreatenewspaces.

Thismajoroverhaul totheNational PlanningPolicyFramework,thefirstinsixyears,will belaunchedtodaytoprovideacomprehensiveapproachforplanners,developersandcouncilssotheycanbuildthehomesthis countryneeds.
Theplanswillbeconsultedonoverthenext8weeks withafinalversionexpectedtobepublishedinthe summer.