Minutes of the LVRA monthly meeting Monday 12th February 2018

David Rhodes

Minutes of the LVRA Meeting: 20.00 hrs. on Monday, 12 February 2018 at the Top Club

Present: Karen Hawden (Chair), David Hempsall (Secretary), Bob Nicholas (Footpaths Officer), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer); Richard Ball, Cllr Alyson Barnes, Ian Booth, Mark Booth, David Cairns, Ian Cardy, Ann Corkin, David Corkin, Cllr David Foxcroft, Barbara Gerken Peter Holt, Michael Howard, Lewis Pearson, , Eric Walton, Ann White and Chris Whiting, Kevin Woods and Sue Woods.

In attendance: Stanley Ainsworth [non-resident].

1.        Opening Remarks – Apologies – Thanks

1.1 Karen welcomed all those attending.

1.2 Apologies were received from David Rhodes (Liaison and Social Media Officer); Barbara Ashworth, Julian Ashworth, John Dawson and Barbara Walton.

2.        Minutes of previous Meeting, 08 January 2018

2.1 Lewis proposed and Eric seconded acceptance of the Minutes.

2.2 The Minutes were taken as a true record.

3.        Matters Arising

There were none as such issues as there were appeared as separate items on the Agenda.

4.        Reports

4.1      Chairman

4.1.1 Karen reported the past month as having been very quiet.

4.1.2 She had received comment on traffic issues, including a collision on 11 February near Hamer Avenue: Ian C confirmed the two vehicles concerned were a Ford and a VW; the driver who had caused the collision had apparently driven off.

4.2      Secretary

4.2.1 David H had four points to register.

4.2.2 All action points from the previous meeting had indeed been actioned.

4.2.3 As all but one invoice for the Limey Leader had been paid, the issue had shown a surplus.

4.2.4 Alyson had kindly supplied a position paper, sourced from Rossendale Borough Council, showing the results from Phase 1 of the Local Plan Highways Capacity Study; Alyson said the paper was partial and that she would provide a link to fuller information on current RBC thinking on the Local Plan. [Note: ACTIONED by Alyson.]

4.2.5 David H relayed greetings from Bob Rishton, now resident in Bedfordshire, and whom LVRA had been to help with a planning issue.

4.3      Treasurer/Chairman LVAA

4.3.1 Darryl reported monies banked amounted to £4,304.33, including a £100.00 grant for Goodshawfold Pride facilitated by David F to provide a skip which volunteers could utilise in their tidy-up operations.

4.3.2 At the allotments, there was little activity; the recent inclement weather had caused no observable damage; work on extending the car parking area and installing the community facility base would await an improvement in the conditions.

4.4      Footpaths Officer – Bob’s report is shown in full as Annex 1.

4.5      Social Media & Liaison Officer – David R’s report is shown in full as Annex 2.

4.6 LVEG

4.6.1 Ian B said that there was nothing further to report.

5. 1220 Burnley Road

5.1 David H said that, as directed, he had sent the association’s (supportive) comments.

5.2 The meeting noted Alyson’s comment from the previous meeting: that some developers were inclined to jump the gun by embarking on work before the appropriate approvals had been given.


6.1 Bob reported on developments: his report is shown in full as Annex 3.

6.2 Discussion ensued in which Kevin and Sue, owners of Swinshaw Hall, said that it was discourteous for the Hall to be listed, not least as legislation precluded residential property from being included on the list; they were concerned that in the event of wishing to sell the Hall, progress would be inhibited by any such listing.

6.3 Alyson said that the purpose of the CAST exercise had not been made sufficiently clear; proposals were more informal than they might appear at first glance and that those owning “assets” provisionally listed should not be too exercised, not least because the list would be much reduced in due course.

6.4 It was AGREED that, in view of the apparent misapprehensions, CAST be invited attend the next LVRA meeting to make a presentation and to take questions on the programme; ACTION by Bob who would liaise appropriately with CAST personnel.

7. Brown bin collections

7.1 The Secretary had received emails expressing concern about the operation of the revised, paid-for scheme.

7.2 Some correspondents had been concerned about third parties topping up half-filled brown bins, possibly leading to operatives refusing to empty the bins because lids would not close.

7.3 Alyson said that whilst RBC officers were keen to keen to enforce the rules on bin lid closure, operatives had been instructed to adopt a common sense approach.

7.4 It was AGREED that correspondents might be over-reacting to a situation which, as yet, hadn’t eventuated and that it would be prudent to wait and see how the revised arrangements panned out in practice.

8. Traffic issues: evidence of speeding and measures to control

8.1 David F said that data was being collected and discussion with LCC officers was ongoing.

8.2 In discussion, the meeting noted that cameras are not operational all the time; David F agreed, adding that operation was rotational.

8.3 Ian B observed that that being the case, insisting that “our” camera(s) operated would deprive another – no doubt deserving – area of its operational camera.

8.4 On speed camera training and the obligation of those so trained to operate – at least in part – “out of area”, Alyson was unable to report anything further.

8.5 It was AGREED that the issue be pursued by continuing to report incidence on the association’s patch.

8.6 Chris drew attention to motocross bikes operating in the area of Goodshaw Lane, Back Lane and Donkey Lane: riders were speeding and not wearing crash helmets: it was AGREED that information should be gathered as and when and, via the Secretary, relayed to the constabulary; ACTION by all > Secretary.

9. Any Other Business

9.1 Folly Clough Bridge

9.1.1 In response to Bob’s request for an update, Alyson said that whilst there had been some leads on ownership, nothing definitive had yet been established.

9.1.2 David F agreed, adding that he was chasing to see what, if the evidence warranted, LCC might be able to do to help.

9.2 St John’s

9.2.1 In answer to Richard, David F said nothing further had been heard from the diocese.

9.2.2 Richard was disappointed that communication with our Member of Parliament by tweet and email had elicited no response; David H said this was an ongoing issue and he offered to supply Richard with the email of the appropriate parliamentary aide with whom he had had some success; ACTIONED by the Secretary.

9.3 All Saints/St Mary’s

9.3. Lewis advised the meeting that the church was now 190 years old and the third church to be built on the site.

9.3.2 The first building was planned by Henry VIII, erected in 1542 and unusual in that monarchs very rarely built parish churches.

9.4 Colebrand

9.4.1 Barbara G asked if there was anything further to report on the Colebrand site.

9.4.2 Alyson said that a planning consultant was now involved in negotiations; such Health & Safety issues as had arisen were being health with by the Health and Safety Executive.

10. Next Meetings and Close

10.1 20.00 hrs. on Monday, 12 March 2018 at the Top Club.

10.2 Thereafter the now usual pattern of utilising the 2nd Monday of each month will continue, so that meetings in 2018 are expected to be held as follows: 9 April, 14 May, 11 June, 9 July, 13 August, 10 September, 8 October, 12 November (including AGM) and 10 December.

10.3 The meeting closed at 20.54 hrs..

Annex 1 Footpaths Officer

Since the last meeting and due to the valley experiencing some seasonal weather nearly all field work has been put on hold. However I did meet with Geoff Levenson who is Lancashire County Council’s footpath officer for East Lancashire, and we inspected Footpath No 94 which runs behind Loveclough Park Estate (Loveclough Fold). Last year the path had become seriously overgrown: this was the result of it being mysteriously deleted from LCC’s annual footpath maintenance list.

Geoff said that he had reinstated the path on the list and it would be cut back every June and September. We agreed that if the LVRA could do some of the repair work to the footpath bed this would be of significant help. We also discussed the general state of the situation with the footpaths in the area, and Geoff agreed that some of the long standing issues do need attention.

On Friday 9th February I received confirmation from LCC about the two modification orders I had placed on footpath No 4 Loveclough Fold which were made up on the 17th January. Copies of the orders will now be sent to all interested parties and there is a six week period for objections to be lodged ending on the 23rd of March. The new footpath along the river bank will be designated as footpath Rawtenstall No 384.

Bob Nicholas

Annex 2 Social Media and Liaison Officer

Social Media:

Facebook: 680 Facebook followers; January was a quiet month for posts and responses.

Posts of note; 

– Reports of theft of tone around York St & Forest Bank area – 1054 views, 9 shares and general engagement/comments 

– Subsequent update post about the above subject with details provided by Inspector Dave Clarke of Rossendale Police – 552 views so far (only published on Saturday 10th) 2 shares and general engagement/comments

– Post promoting ‘Rossendale Community Fund’ grants – 1271 views, 9 shares and general engagement/comments 

Twitter: 126 Followers; nothing extra to the usual rebroadcast of Facebook posts through Twitter 

Website: no new pages this month; important numbers page has been updated now with a list of useful telephone numbers such as Police neighbourhood team, local authority inc LCC Trading Standards, local hospitals, utility providers, Citizens Advice etc.


I attended the Rawtenstall Neighbourhood Forum (soon to be renamed to something more appropriate along the lines of ‘Rawtenstall Community Forum’) which was held at Rossendale Ski Slope Wednesday 7th February. 

The focus for the meeting was the Waterfoot area, but normal matters were discussed in addition. 

I will be broadcasting a few bits and bobs over the next week or two (including a sneaky way to get an offer for the Ski Slope!)  or alternatively creating a report page on the website and putting all the info there. 

David Rhodes

Annex 3 CAST (Community Assets Standing Tall)

There is little to report this month other than June Worsley, the Chairlady and Trustee of CAST, asked me to make arrangements on behalf of CAST to hold a talk on the history and heritage of this area on the 21st April at the Friends Meeting House in Crawshawbooth. These arrangements have yet to be finalised but I hope there will be a positive outcome.

On a final but important note for this month’s report CAST is not just about the preservation of buildings but can be used to nominate anything that is important to the community. I have mentioned to Steve about nominating Loveclough Park whose history goes back to when it was opened in 1924 – and despite the Germans best effort to destroy the park by a direct hit by a bomb on the Bowling Green in the last war (obviously a target of national importance!) it has continued to be a well-used and valued community asset and which due to the recent and ongoing improvements will no doubt continue to be a valued and well used amenity. This is a point for the residents of area to consider about CAST that it is important to look around the area and pick out anything (within reason) that may be suitable for inclusion on the asset register.

Bob Nicholas