Minutes of the LVRA monthly meeting 14th August 2017

David Rhodes

Minutes of the LVRA Meeting: 20.00 hrs. on Monday 14 August 2017 at the Top Club

Present: Karen Hawden (Chair) [for part of the meeting], David Hempsall (Secretary), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer), Bob Nicholas (Footpaths Officer), David Rhodes (Liaison and Social Media Officer); Barbara Ashworth, Julian Ashworth, Marian Bent, Ian Booth, David Cairns, Anthony Craig, Ann Corkin, David Corkin, John Dawson, Michael Dop, Cllr Dorothy Farrington, Steve Forsythe, Cllr David Foxcroft, Roger Fulton, Steve Glenholmes, Peter Holt, , Sheila Newton, Lewis Pearson, Frank Pilkington David Pilling, Jean Pilling, Neil Prestwich, Patricia Rhodes, Jim Riley, Sandra Simpson, Eric Walton, , Ann White.

Apologies: Cllr Alyson Barnes, Marie Hargreaves, Michael Howard, Ken Iveson and Barbara Walton.

1.        Opening Remarks – Apologies – Thanks

1.1 Bob welcomed all those attending: Karen would be late and so he would chair the meeting.

1.2 Apologies were taken.

2.        Minutes of Last Meeting, 10 July 2017

2.1 Lewis proposed and David F seconded acceptance of the Minutes.

2.2 The Minutes were taken as a true record, nem. con..

3.        Matters Arising

34.5 3 dwellings west of the Bowling Green Commercial Street [Planning Application No.2016/0636] > 2 dwellings [Planning Application No. 2017/0389]: a new application having been submitted, the meeting AGREED to remit making any response to officers; ACTION by officers.

4.        Reports:

4.1      Chair

4.1.1 In her report, read by Bob, Karen expressed concern over the use by HGVs of the Commercial Street/Loveclough Fold bridge; in the past, this had included fully laden oil tankers servicing the printwork’s boilers; these vehicles had frequently caused obstructions to those whose farms and properties lay beyond the bridge, further to the south and west, and a repetition if the development was to go ahead was unacceptable.

4.1.2 Karen asked how the proposed housing itemised under 34.5 (supra) would be accessed by constructors’ vehicles.

4.1.3 She was also concerned about the retaining walls bordering the site, retention of which was essential for residents’ vehicles and agricultural machinery.

4.1.4 Karen noted provision in the planning application for alternative access to be provided for those living on the west side of the Limey Water; she doubted its feasibility.

4.1.5 David C commented on the proposed alternative: he too regarded this as fanciful and wholly unrealistic.

4.2      Secretary

4.2.1 David H reported on four items.

4.2.2 He had found distasteful an enquiry made by Charlotte Green of the Rossendale Free Press about background to the recent tragic events on Burnley Road.

4.2.3 He had actioned all the points raised at the July meeting and hoped that the association’s support for Steve Forsythe’s planning application had been helpful; Steve expressed his appreciation.

4.2.4 On the Limey Leader, a 16-page issue was with Dave Hughes for printing; Bob’s help in raising additional advertising was appreciated.

4.2.5 Finally, he drew attention to the RBC roadshow, shown as Item 7 (infra), urging all residents to attend the show; the regular monthly meeting would be brought forward to 19.00 hrs. and would follow on directly from the roadshow.

4.3      Treasurer/Chairman LVAA

4.3.1 Darryl advised that funds stood at £3,337.29 with £165.00 in cash, £40.00 in revenue from the previous issue of the Limey Leader with an expected surplus of ±£20-30.00 for the soon-to-be-published issue.

4.3.2 On the allotments, quotations were awaited for alterations to the car-park to make manoeuvring more straightforward and for installing the base of the planned community building.

4.4 Footpaths Officer

4.4.1 Bob’s report is shown in full as Annex 1.

4.5      Social Media & Liaison Officer

4.5.1 David R said there had been no recent meeting of the Neighbourhood Forum.

4.5.2 Facebook likes had remained steady at 641.

4.6 LVEG

4.6.1 Steve G said that work on the park had overrun by about three weeks.

4.6.2 Outlining the current state of play, he said that net- and basketball posts ad been installed and fencing was in place.

4.6.3 The contractors were engaged in installing new tarmac and marking it up.

4.6.4 Steve expected the project to be completed by the coming weekend, 19/20 August.

4.6.5 He invited anyone who wished to to join the team clearing up on the site which would operate from 10.00-12.00 hrs. on Sunday, 20 August.

5. Colebrand: update

5.1 David H had received no communication further to those to hand at the July meeting; his observation was that matters remained where they had been at the time of RBC’s securing its injunction.

5.2 David F concurred, adding that the temporary closure of the footpath had been extended.

6. Folly Clough, update

6.1 Bob reported that the next meeting to discuss the situation was scheduled for September.

6.2 The key issue remained identifying the person(s) with responsibility for the bridge.

6.3 In a wide-ranging discussion, Bob said that funding would be sought to re-develop the whole Folly Clough area – i.e. the former industrial buildings and the bridge – with a view to clearing the area, re-opening pats and making the site more attractive to use.

6.4 The likely order of cost was ±£150,000.

7. RBC Roadshow: 1600-1900 hrs. on Monday, 11 September 2017 at the Top Club

7.1 Officers urged those attending – and all residents – to attend the roadshow and the LVRA monthly meeting which would follow, starting at 19.00 hrs…

8. Businesses in Crawshawbooth

8.1 David H reported concern amongst proprietors in the centre of the village that moving the Post Office north to its current premises had had a negative effect on their businesses: there was a wide-ranging discussion.

8.2 Roger pointed out the attendant problem of drivers parking astride double yellow lines.

8.3 Ian thought that the habit of some business owners parking in front of their own premises, thereby depriving potential customers of parking was unhelpful.

8.4 David R had brought up with the police officer attending the previous Neighbourhood Forum the issue of enforcement of parking regulations; he confirmed that the matter was now one for local authorities; Marian reported seeing enforcement by a police motorcyclist.

8.5 Sheila wondered whether proposals for the centre of Crawshawbooth to become a conservation area might have an impact.

8.6 Lewis commented on the ongoing need for public WCs.

8.7 Sandra said that the re-siting of the Post Office had, inevitably, drawn folk to the northern end of the village.

8.8 Discussion closed with a request that any bright ideas be transmitted to the Secretary.

9 Any Other Business

9.1 Toxic burning: Sheila reported that RBC had been contacted three times about activity at New Barn: it appeared that land having been levelled, tipping had taken place and material was being burned; this had had a harmful effect on Barbara Gerken’s husband who had had respiratory problems; in discussion, it was AGREED that toxic burning has become something of an issue locally; it was AGREED that the Secretary should contact RBC appropriately; ACTION by the Secretary.

9.2 Defibrillator: Darryl confirmed that the rusting box housing the defibrillator at the Indian Harvest would be replaced by First Responders; a contribution was being sought; any new box would not bear instructions in Welsh.

9.3 School holidays: Darryl reported an increased incidence of youngsters larking about and causing some marginal concerns: it was AGREED that residents should be vigilant, using their discretion to challenge over-exuberance.

9.4 Post Office extension: Marian reported that the proprietor of the Post Office had acquired the neighbouring property and, having re-fitted it, was proposing to open a kebab shop; David F confirmed seeing materials being moved from the Post Office to the new premises; the meeting had no information of the appropriate planning permissions having been sought; it was AGREED that the situation be monitored.

10. Next Meetings and Close

10.1 19.00 hrs. on Monday, 11 September 2017 at the Top Club: NOTE THE CHANGE OF TIME TO 1900 HRS., AN HOUR EARLIER THAN USUAL.

10.2 Thereafter meetings – following the now usual pattern of utilising the 2nd Monday of each month – will be as follows: 9 October, 13 November, 11 December.

Annex 1 Footpaths Officer

During the past month I have investigated a problem which has arisen next to Bridleway No18 at Meadow Head (GR SD 825 271). The issue is with Footpath No19 and is somewhat of a domino problem. The field gate on the path is securely attached to the gate post by a padlock and chain (which we all know this is wrong) – the post itself is trying its very best to obtain a horizontal position leaning some 20 degrees from the vertical and this in turn is distorting the rail stile affixed to the said post and actually making the stile dangerous to use. Rectifying the problem with the post and stile is not a big job but the situation with the lock and chain is more serious and I have made a PROW report to Lancashire County Council regarding the problem which I hope they will attend to sooner rather than later. I am not sure if the locking of this field gate is connected to the problems on FP No24 Gibb Hill Lane which also has a locked gate (see December’s report) but the two paths are directly connected, the locked gate on FP No19 is just 350 metres away almost in a direct line to the North from the one on FP No24.
From September onwards I intend to instigate some footpath working weekends to try and address some of the more serious problems with paths in the area. I know members do have commitments and for those working time at weekends is limited – but if anyone has an hour or two to spare any help will be greatly appreciated. I have stated in the past that most of the local paths are not in too bad a condition. But there are a number of paths which, due to a combination of problems, could benefit from some groundwork to bring them up to a reasonable standard. Most of the paths I have selected are near to roads so access is reasonable. Some of the paths will require LCC input. And this matter I intend to start addressing shortly. The first footpath working weekend is scheduled for September and details will be provided at the September meeting.

Bob Nicholas