Minutes of the LVRA monthly meeting Monday 12th June 2017

David Rhodes

LVRA Meeting: 20.00 hrs. on Monday 12 June 2017 at the Top Club

Present: David Hempsall (Secretary), Bob Nicholas (Footpaths Officer), David Rhodes (Social Media & Liaison Officer); Cllr Alyson Barnes [for part of the meeting], Marian Bent, Ann Corkin, David Corkin, John Dawson, Michael Dop, Cllr Dorothy Farrington, Roger Fulton, Barbara Gerken, , Ken Iveson, Pat McEvoy, Peter McEvoy, Lewis Pearson, Margaret Rae, Stephen Rae, Barbara St John, Alan Walker, Jane Walker, Eric Walton, Bett Watson, Clare Winder, Allan Worrall and Clare Worrall.

Apologies: Karen Hawden (Chair), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer); Diane Ewart-Jones, Cllr David Foxcroft, Amanda Melvin, Sandra Simpson and Barbara Walton.

1.        Opening Remarks – Apologies – Thanks

1.1 Bob welcomed those attending.

1.2 In Karen’s absence, Bob took the Chair.

1.3 Apologies were taken.

2.        Minutes of Last Meeting, 08 May 2017

2.1 Eric proposed and Barbara G seconded acceptance of the Minutes.

2.2 The Minutes were taken as a true record, nem.con.

3.        Matters Arising

37.10.1 The Glory, update: the meeting noted that following the Planning Inspector’s rejection of the applicant’s appeal, some work to restore the original contours was in evidence to the north-west corner of the site; further investigation would be required to establish whether or not the work was fully compliant.

33.5 3 dwellings west of the Bowling Green Commercial Street [Planning Application No. 2016/0636]: there was nothing further to report.

3.10.1 Proposal for HGV business, update: there was nothing further to report; a response from the Traffic Commissioner, however, stated that the association’s objection was deemed inappropriate; representative organisations were not permitted to lodge objections, only those residents directly affected.

7.4 Commercial Street bridge: the Secretary reported receipt of a report from Michael Pooley Associates indicating that the bridge was capable of sustaining loads of 27 metric tonnes; Michael D pointed out that this report was at odds with one previously provided by the same outfit.

7.5 Colbrand building foothpaths: Roger reported work being done and material moved to obstruct Footpath 102; two photographs taken on 12 June 2017 were tabled (one is shown as Annex 1) and the photographer reported the threatening attitude of one of those working on the site when confronted by a camera; one of the operatives had suggested the installation of fencing to protect footpath users walking on Footpath 104; Bob AGREED to investigate; ACTION by Bob; Margaret said that Enforcement Officers on site had said that FP 102 was not a proper footpath; in discussion, it was AGREED that LCC’s Mario website could provide a definitive ruling on the status of the path; ACTION by Bob.

4.        Reports
4.1      Chair

4.1.1 In Karen’s absence, there was no report.

4.2 Secretary

4.2.1 David H said that the month past had been very quiet.

4.2.2 He had been contacted by Ann Storah – one of RBC’s principal planners and already well known to association members – with a view to her attending a meeting in the future to spell out RBC’s thinking on strategic planning. [NOTE: RBC’s documentation which is relevant is appended to these Minutes in three parts: SHLAA 2017 and 2 annexes, being Appendix A and Appendix E].

4.2.3 Thoughtless parking – half on and half off pavements whilst straddling double yellow lines – was now a problem which was not confined only to the village; his route home after casting his vote had been obstructed by a vehicle parked on the pavement which had necessitated his deviating onto the main road.

4.2.4 David said that precedent suggested that the association should keep its collective antennae tuned to developments as those creating problems often did so ahead of the summer and Christmas holidays in the hope that no one would notice.

4.3      Treasurer/Chairman LVAA

4.3.1 In Darryl’s absence, there was no formal report.

4.3.2 In an email, Darryl reported the LVRA account balance stands at £3337.29 with £165.00 cash in hand; only income from advertisements in the Limey Leader is outstanding.
4.3.3 On the allotments, plans are in hand for some work on the car park and a quotation is also awaited on the base for the Community Building.

4.3.4 The meeting sent Darryl and his wife Margaret its best wishes.

4.4      Footpaths Officer

4.4.1 Bob’s report is shown in full as Annex 1.

4.5      Social Media & Liaison Officer

4.5.1 David R reported 645 Facebook likes and 116 on Twitter; work on the website was ongoing.

4.5.2 Matters which had attracted particular interest included the robbery on Bank Street (over 3,000), Bob’s researches into Tom Haworth (969) and the Minutes of the previous meeting.

4.5.3 David R commended the chance to learn about Ramadan at ‘The Big Iftaar’ hosted by Positive Start (an event which marked the breaking of the fast – with some delicious food), and the Pre-School Open Day (on 10 June).

4.5.4 He relayed concern about an accident at the junction of Goodshawfold Road and the A682 Burnley Road: this was considered at length under Any Other Business (Item 5.2, infra).

4.6 LVEG

4.6.1 In Steve’s absence, there was no formal report.

4.6.2 In an email, Steve advised: Work is to commence on the 26th June and is scheduled to take 4 weeks, this may include working Saturdays. The contractors will need to close the entrance from Burnley road for this period of time as they cannot maintain safe public access because this is the only way on to site for their vehicles.  Local residents will be informed prior to the start. The park areas not affected will still be accessible via the Hambledon road entry. The council’s tree team have already started work on the site in preparation for the contractors moving in on 26th. The contractor will need to set up a compound on site or on the football field opposite.

4.6.3 Some of those attending confirmed that work had begun on Loveclough Park, some trees having been taken down.

5. Any other business

5.1 Spring Terrace to Loveclough footpath

5.1.1 Barbara G said that when last she had essayed it, the path was overgrown.

5.1.2 Bob said that this was FP 94 and that to the best of his knowledge, some remedial work had been carried out by LCC to make the path passable

5.1.3 In discussion, two important issues were raised: (1) the volume of footpaths in the borough, and (2) the shortage of resources available to LCC which has responsibility for the upkeep of paths; in Bob’s judgment, LCC was having to prioritise its resources by working on those paths on which there was the greatest footfall.

5.2 Accident at the junction of Goodshawfold Road and the A682 Burnley Road

5.2.1 Margaret reported an accident to a resident exiting Goodshawfold Road and struck by a vehicle travelling north at 08.20 hrs.; the issues were (1) the ongoing issue of sightlines when exiting Goodshawfold Road, and (2) the speed of vehicles on the A682 Burnley Road; there was a wide-ranging discussion.

5.2.2 Work to investigate had been promised before: cf. Minutes of LVRA Meeting of 13 March 2017 – 6.3 In response, Alyson said that LCC would indeed undertake a study to update data gathered in 2014 which had identified no significant issues; yellow lines removed by recent re-surfacing would be restored and some additional lining installed.

5.2.3 Jane W said that having reported matters to LCC in January, she had received a response from Brenda Garside in April 2017 to say that matters were being reviewed for a second time; Jane said that Ms Garside could be reached on PEM 1609369.

5.2.4 David C said that what was required was enforcement; David R replied that enforcement had diminished since responsibility had been transferred from the police to local authorities; his wife was a keen jogger and – like David H (cf. Item 4.2.3, supra) – she had observed pavement obstruction by vehicles becoming more and more of a problem; he would raise the matter with the constabulary at the next meeting of the Neighbourhood Forum.

5.2.5 In response to Jane’s suggestion of taking photographs and sending them to the constabulary, David R – with experience in the police service behind him – said that legal complexities made such worthy efforts almost impossible to action.

5.2.6 Whilst Jane felt that pedestrian refuges had some effect on traffic calming, David R said that it was only a question of time before a pedestrian was involved.

5.3 Varia

5.3.1 Margaret said a request for an additional bin at the top of the Cat Steps had produced only an automatically generated response. [Cllr Alyson Barnes joined the meeting at this point 20.44 hrs.]

5.3.2 In response to a complaint about a caravan seemingly permanently parked on the highway, David R said that – like a skip – if properly marked, a caravan was not a motorised vehicle and so, despite inconvenience to adjacent homes, there was little that could be done.

5.3.3 Sandra observed that he issues affecting the Goodshawfold Road/A682 Burney Road junction also applied to the Hamer Avenue junction

5.4 Development at Folly Clough

5.4.1 News was circulated of land being sold for development.

5.4.2 Alyson reported receiving this information by email the previous day; she said that some estate agents were now marketing such plots of land as having development potential, despite no planning permissions having been sought; RBC enforcement officers were on site to establish just what was happening.

5.5 Anti-social behaviour/vandalism in the churchyard

5.5.1 Bett reported new incursions by youngsters and was worried by the risk of injury caused by unstable gravestones.

5.5.2 Alyson felt that Harry Sidebottom was the appropriate person to take a lead; if the situation deteriorated, then PCSO Ian Pickles should be asked to keep an eye on the situation.

6. Next Meetings and Close

6.1 20.00 hrs. on Monday, 10 July 2017 at the Top Club.

6.2 The meeting closed at 20.50 hrs..

Annex 1 Photograph taken on 12 June 2017

Annex 2 Footpaths Officer

Tonight’s meeting is the third I have attended today – sod’s law says that if you miss one three come along at once! The earlier meetings concerned Folly Clough Bridge. In a nutshell the situation is as follows. Some six years ago a section of the East facing casement wall collapsed causing the wall of the culvert which the River Folly runs through to bow inwards. During the last six months a full engineering inspection has taken place and an estimated cost for repairs supplied which comes to some £60,000.

Despite the efforts of Rossendale and Lancashire Councils no owner of the bridge has been found! It is somewhat of an enigma: my research into finding historic evidence has also revealed virtually no information. The best that can be offered is that it was built around the time of the Green Fold Reservoir in the mid-1800s.

Local Folly Bridge residents have formed a group to save the bridge and have stated that they will take responsibility for it while it is being repaired. The meetings I attended were with residents and representatives from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Profits. What came out of the meetings was very positive. It was decided that the repairs to the bridge should be linked to a wider regeneration of the whole of the Folly Clough area. This includes providing nature trails, repairing and improving the footpaths both in Folly Clough and around Willows Farm, the possibility of car parking and picnic spot, along with the historic information about the area to be included via proposed history boards for Goodshaw. The residents have also accepted an offer endorsed by the LVRA committee that the LVRA will help the project along similar lines as that given to Goodshawfold Pride. Getting this project underway and surmounting some of the problems will take time, and I will report back periodically on progress.

On reading through the Minutes of the last meeting I noted concerns raised by members in Any Other Business item 7.5 about the possible loss of the footpath by the Colbrand building in Goodshawfold. This path is the definitive path Footpath No 104 Rawtenstall. Any interference with the path will be taken very seriously as it comes under the protection of the statute laws on footpaths. I inspected the path on Saturday 4th of June and found no interference with the pathway. Should there be any problems with the above mentioned path PLEASE contact me in the first instance. My phone number and email address are on the bottom of this report.

At the end of April I contracted in the LVRA to LCC Public Rights of Way – Local Delivery Scheme for 2017/18. The scheme pays a one off payment of £250.00 for a range of maintenance, survey work, etc done on footpaths throughout the area. As in previous years unless necessary I will not report on works done to meetings, however for the year 2016 LCC asked me to supply a schedule of work done and I will supply an abridged copy for this year along with a balance sheet for the footpath account at AGM.

My appeal for anyone using St Mary’s path at Goodshaw has had a slow response to date, but a further notice will go out in the next edition of the Limey Leader. I have already prepared a covering historical résumé for the path and am now working on the legal documentation to accompany the order which I intend to submit in the autumn.

Bob Nicholas

T: 07780 813 613