Minutes of Meeting held at the Top Club Monday 09 November 2015

David Rhodes

Meeting: 20.00 hrs. on
Monday 09 November 2015 at The Top Club
Present: Derrick Bartlett-Smith (Chairman), Karen Hawden (Chair Designate), David Hempsall (Secretary), Bob Nicholas (Footpaths Officer), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer), David Rhodes (Social Media & Liaison Officer); Barbara Ashworth, Julian Ashworth, Cllr Alyson Barnes, Ian Booth, Ann and David Corkin, John Dawson, Michael Dop,  Stephen Glenholmes, Richard Green, Marie Hargreaves, Michael Howard, Ken Iveson, Lewis Pearson, Frank Pilkington, Dave and Jean Pilling, Jim Riley, Bob Rishton, Eric Walton, Barbara Walton and Chris Whiting.
Apologies: Diane Ewart-Jones, Cllr Dorothy Farrington, Neil Prestwich and Ann White.
1.            Opening Remarks
1.1          Derrick welcomed all those attending.
1.2          He expressed appreciation of those who’d served hot food at Saturday’s Bonfire Party, staged at the Top Club.
2.            Minutes of meeting held on Monday, 12 October 2015
2.1          Acceptance of the minutes of the meeting of 12 October was proposed by Bob and seconded by Ian: the minutes were accepted as a true record.
3.            Matters Arising
3.1          Alyson was grateful to have received a report of the problems afflicting the newly installed traffic light system in Rawtenstall.
3.2          There were no other matters arising other than what appeared on the Agenda.
4.            Reports
4.1          Chairman
4.1.1      This being his last report as Chairman, Derrick expressed his appreciation for the support he’d received since the association’s inception in the summer of 2009.
4.1.2      He felt that LVRA had developed significantly, becoming well known for trying to advance the interests of all residents.
4.2          Secretary
4.2.1      David H had four items on which to report.
4.2.2      The Limey Leader had been distributed, despite a supply problem; those making deliveries were thanked for their ongoing commitment.
4.2.3      A counter to Mr Howieson’s Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate had been lodged on time; it had taken the form of an item-by-item refutation as appropriate (cf. Minutes of the previous meeting, Item 4.2.5).
4.2.4      The need for association members to become involved would be evident in collating data for – and the production of – the forthcoming Directory, scheduled for issue in February 2016 (cf. Item 7, infra).
4.2.5      Whilst the provision of food by LVRA members at the Bonfire Party had been superb and had resulted in a surplus of £160.00 which – after deducting expenses incurred in the purchase of bread items – would be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support, the association must approach involvement in events organised by third parties with some caution in future; in discussion, it was AGREED that LVRA would send a letter of appreciation to Steve Counsell; ACTION by the Secretary.
4.3          Treasurer/Chairman LVAA
4.3.1      Wearing his Treasurer’s hat, Darryl reported cash at bank standing at £4,314.05.
4.3.2      Allotmenteers were winding down after a first successful growing season: two projects would be undertaken over the winter, these being the excavation of the top boundary ditch and laying the footings for the planned community building; Alyson confirmed that the installation of the drop kerb was in hand.
4.4          Footpaths Officer
4.4.1      Bob N presented his monthly report.
4.4.2      His report is shown in full as Annex 1.
4.5          Social Media & Liaison Officer
4.5.1      David R reported interest on Facebook having risen to 496.
4.5.2      The Bonfire party had engaged a great deal of interest.
4.6          LVEG
4.6.1      Stephen reiterated that further grant applications would be submitted.
4.6.2      Further tidying up would be undertaken in and around Loveclough Park.
5.            Building in our area, update
5.1          No information had been received about the dates of appeals in hand, specifically those relating to BB4 8QY (Mr Howieson) and The Glory (Mr Ainsworth).
5.2          The meeting noted that the hoardings defacing The Glory had been removed for the visit of the Planning Inspector.
5.3          David H expressed his appreciation of the regular supply of information about Planning Applications now being received from Diane Dungworth; that information was routinely re-routed to LVRA officers for their attention.
5.4          In response to a question from the Chairman, Michael D said that the issue of the bridge across the Limey Water adjacent to the CPA Club would necessitate the formation of a new management company in the next six months or so; the obligation to maintain the bridge affected leaseholders on the Penny Lodge estate and emailed approaches to the owners had met with no response.
6.            AGM, 22 November 2015 at 16.00 hrs. at the Top Club
6.1          Derrick reminded those present of the AGM and of the need to submit any written questions within the next couple of days.
7.            Directory, 2016
7.1          David H reiterated what had appeared in the Limey Leader: the Directory would be in A6 format; advertising and contact details had been published.
7.2          Derrick reiterated the aim of including businesses, churches, community groups, doctors, dentists et al.
7.3          Chris advised that advertising with BT now cost firms £47.00 per quarter; so the Directory offered good value-for-money.
7.4          If considering colour for the publication, Lewis suggested the house colour should be green.
8.            Any Other Business
8.1          Car parking on pavements
8.1.1      David having produced the article for the Limey Leader said that some drivers he had photographed had been aggressive; returning from Rawtenstall earlier in the day, he had counted 7 vehicles illegally parked half on the pavement and straddling the yellow lines.
8.1.2      Lewis retailed difficulties he had had as a pedestrian on Burnley Road, including obstruction on the pavement by a joiner’s equipment.
8.1.3      Alyson confirmed that enforcement now fell within the purview of Rossendale Borough Council and she would try to arrange for patrols periodically to include the village.
8.1.4      In discussion and in response to Chris, Alyson said very little could be done about the car being used to advertise a scrap dealership; Ian and Richard drew attention to another instance, that of the “man and van” regularly parked on the A682 opposite Goodshaw Avenue North and the associated second-hand shop in Haslingden.
8.2          Speeding in residential areas
8.2.1      Alyson said the roll-out of 20 mph restrictions was continuing.
8.2.2      A number of sites with difficulty were mentioned in discussion, including Goodshaw Lane, Hamer Avenue and Commercial Street.
8.2.3      Whilst understanding residents’ concerns, Alyson said that enforcement had to be concentrated on areas of high incidence and Rossendale wasn’t such an area; the offer of training to operate speed cameras remained on the table.
8.2.4      Ian was concerned that incidents were not being reported to the police; Alyson agreed and outlined how cuts amounting to £70m to the county’s policing budget might be followed by a further reduction of up to £24.5m under the revised funding arrangements being proposed; in Lancashire, serious crime was rising whilst confidence in the police was declining: hence she though – like Ian – that there was less reporting of crime.
8.2.5      In discussion, Ian thought the PCSO’s frequent appearances in the area were commendable, adding that Manchester to was suffering with the 85% of officers who were candidates for promotion being unlikely to be given it because of force reductions.
8.2.6      Alyson said that if things continued as they were, then the Lancashire Constabulary could lose 50% of its manning by 2020.
8.3          Dog fouling
8.3.1      David R reported a message from Margaret Rae which read: “Any ideas how we can get people to pick up dog poo down here in Goodshawfold? The worst bit is the road over the open bridge leading up the hill. Not nice!”
8.3.2      Alyson felt that residents were often aware of the identity of owners and that the culprits should be named: officers at Henrietta Street would be happy to deal with miscreants who had been reported.
8.4          Signage
8.4.1      Lewis made a case for the Limey Water to be named on the bridge crossing the river at the southerly end of Crawshawbooth.
8.4.2      Alyson said the second road-sign identifying Loveclough needed suitable placement as the ideal siting was not deemed appropriate by Lancashire CC.
9.            Next Meetings and Close
9.1          The AGM would be held at 16.00 on Sunday, 22 November (cf. Item 6, supra).
9.2          The next monthly meeting was confirmed for 20.00 hrs. on Monday, 14 December 2015 venue to be confirmed.
9.3          The meeting closed at 20.55 hrs.
Annex 1                                Footpaths Officer’s report
As mentioned at a previous meeting I intend to organise a Christmas walk. This will take place (provisionally) on Sunday December 27th: meet Limey Lane at Clowbridge at 1.00 pm.  In appreciation that walkers may be over stuffed or have hangovers, the walk will be of a gentle nature!
The main footpath news this month is the closing of the public car park and footpath on the North bank at Clowbridge Reservoir. This is a long term closure which will affect the area till August 2016. Alternative parking can be found on Limey Lane.
The signpost situation in Goodshaw village has up to date reached a somewhat farcical situation. I have spent an increasingly frustrating amount of time trying to secure permission from Housing 21 to place a signpost on the verge that surrounds Harvey Longworth Court next to Goodshaw Lane. After a total of 13 phone calls and 5 emails I have still not been able to resolve this problem! I am however hoping to have an onsite meeting with representatives of the company in the near future.
I have deliberately put off dealing with the outstanding work in the area as I think it best to complete all the jobs in one go at a weekend to be decided. I will put the word out as soon as I have clearance to (hopefully) do the jobs for anyone who would like to help.
Anyone wishing to contact me regarding the walks, or any issues regarding footpaths please do so and I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.
T: 07780 813 613 E: bobnic51@btinternet.com
Bob Nicholas
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