Minutes of Meeting held at the Top Club Monday 9th June 2015

David Rhodes

Minutes of Meeting Monday 9thJune 2015
The Top Club Loveclough 8pm
[The fete stering committee meeting minutes are at the end ]
Present: Derrick Bartlett-Smith (Chairman) David Hempsall (Secretary), Bob Nicholas (Footpaths Officer), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer), David Rhodes (Social Media & Liaison Officer); Kenneth Ainsworth, Mark Ainsworth, Julian Ashworth, Cllr Alyson Barnes, Ian Booth, Ann Corkin, David Corkin, John Dawson, Michael Dop, Diane Ewart-Jones, Stephen Glenholmes, Richard Green Karen Hawden,  Michael Howard, Lewis Pearson, Frank Pilkington, David Pilling, Neil Prestwich, Carole Watchorn and Ann White.
Apologies: Marie Hargreaves, Dave Hughes, Ken Iveson, Stuart Lewis, Jim Riley and Chris Whiting
1.            Opening Remarks
1.1          The Chairman welcomed those attending.
1.2          Apologies were received.
2.            Minutes of Last Meeting, 11 May 2015
2.1          Ian Booth proposed and Lewis Pearson seconded the proposal that the Minutes be taken as a true record.
2.2          The Minutes were duly accepted.
3.            Matters Arising
3.1          There were no matters arising other than what appeared on the Agenda.
4.            Reports
4.1          Chairman
4.1.1      Derrick reported that all paperwork relating the Summer fete had now been submitted; progress would be reported later, under Item 6 (infra).
4.1.2      He reminded the meeting of the application to install a wind turbine which was still in hand.
4.1.3      He thanked Alyson for ensuring that documentation relating to planning applications was once again flowing.
4.2          Secretary
4.2.1      David reported that he too had been processing issues connected with the Summer Fete.
4.2.2      He said that he was pleased with the way the Post Office issue had developed with LVRA acting as a forum for the expression of views: this represented a new and welcome development in the association’s activities.
4.2.3      Some material was now to hand for the next issue of the Limey Leader (cf. Item 7, infra).
4.2.4      He reiterated the Chairman’s comments about planning documentation, expressing his appreciation of Alyson’s intervention: in future, material would come to the Secretary for onward transmission to the rest of the association.
4.2.5      In answer to Ian, David said that the Limey Leader would be nested in the Fete programme.
4.2.6      Ian added that Mohammed Rizwan had appreciated the support he’d been given and that the current chaos caused by reconstruction work over Mrs Chan’s merely reinforced the foolishness the proposed re-location of the Post Office to the Premier.
4.3          Treasurer/Chairman LVAA
4.3.1      Darryl said that banked funds stood at £3,220.75 with an additional £135.00 in cash and cheques to hand.
4.3.2      LVAA   There was little further to report other than the appearance of more crops and sheds.   Alyson AGREED to look into the issue of the dropped kerb, the cost of which had escalated.   Darryl reiterated the plans – outlined at the previous meeting – for willow coppicing and the suggestion that funding be sought for some sort of willow structure.   The disappearance of rabbits from the allotment site was noted, the cause being unclear.   Completing the perimeter hedge would be undertaken in October/November.
4.4          Footpaths Officer
4.4.1      Bob presented his periodic report on walks, footpaths and bridleways.
4.4.2      His report is shown in full as Annex 1.
4.5          Social Media & Liaison Officer
4.5.1      David reported a rise to 409 of interest shown via Facebook.
4.5.2      Popular posts included the ongoing Post Office saga, promotion of Valley Academy’s forthcoming production, Paula Riley’s community fun day and Bob’s Walks (pictures of which now appear in an album).
4.5.3      David attributed the surge in “likes” (+19) wholly to the 3878 views on the post about an attempted burglary on Church Street, Goodshaw.
4.5.4    David reported that the police had seized his machine from the motorcyclist whose antics had been the object of many complaints; the bike could be recovered only on payment of a substantial fine.
4.5.5      David would begin promoting the Fete; ACTION by David H who would despatch to David R a copy of the poster and a selection of photographs from the 2014 event.
4.6          LVEG
4.6.1      Steve reported that the application bid to Awards for All had been submitted afresh, having received backing from RBC.
4.6.2      He announced that there would be a routine tidy-up on Sunday, 14 June starting at 10.00 hrs. and invited those willing to to participate.
5.            Building update
5.1          Derrick said there was nothing further to report on the proposed Badgercote development.
5.2          He reminded the meeting of the proposal to erect a 25m wind turbine at Great Clough Farm; no detailed plans had yet been received; Lewis considered the proposal would constitute a major eyesore; Alyson said that there was a concern that a number of individual applications threatened to clutter this side of the borough.
5.3          Alyson advised of her having attended a briefing on Lives & Landscapes earlier in the day; she outlined the main issues and said she would liaise carefully with the Secretary as what was being proposed had some implications for LVRA’s patch.
5.4          In answer to Darryl, Alyson said that RBC was trying to extend the statutory consultation period so as not to clash too much with the summer holiday period.
5.5          Alyson AGREED to do what she could to have relevant paperwork made available for display at the Summer Fete; ACTION by Alyson.
6.            Summer Event
6.1          Derrick reported the difficulties encountered over processing the paperwork; Alyson said that as there had been a change of personnel at RBC, she would look into the matter; ACTION by Alyson.
6.2          Derrick said at the preceding meeting of the Fete Steering Group, the majority of issues had been sorted out: as three First Aiders had been identified, there remained a potential need for one additional person certificated in Food Hygiene.
6.3          Neil AGREED to run a coconut shy; ACTION by Neil; his suggestion for a Naked Twister stall was greeted with a very mixed reaction.
7.            Limey Leader
7.1          David said he was looking to a the end of June/start of July to issue the Leader which would, as last year, incorporate the Fete programme and an invitation to participate to stall-holders.
7.2          He was confident that, with regular contributions – such as those from Alyson and Jake Berry, plus in-house material from LVAA and LVEG – the next issue would be a good one.
7.3          The closing date for copy to reach him would be Saturday, 20 June.
7.4          Steve asked those present for old fridges and freezers which might be made available for the Fete.
7.4          David asked for particular help in securing advertising: 10 advertisements would cover the cost of the Leader-cum-programme and make a small surplus.
8.            Any Other Business
8.1          Swinshaw development
8.1.1      Ken said that he felt that LVRA’s objection to the proposed development of one holiday let was attributable to RBC’s supplying inadequate information: the scheme was consistent with the policy of farm diversification and was a one-off.
8.1.2      Derrick said that the objection – in 2014 – was based on Lives & Landscapes as the proposal fell outside the urban form; he suggested that – subject to timings being suitable – Ken be invited to make a presentation to the next LVRA meeting on 13 July 2015; this was AGREED; ACTION by Ken and by the Secretary who would put the matter on the Agenda.
8.1.3      Alyson confirmed that the next tranche of information about Lives & Landscapes would be available by the middle of July; she AGREED to look into the timings, given Ken’s new application had been submitted in May.
8.2          Road works
8.2.1      Alyson explained the nature of roadworks being undertaken in Rawtenstall on the A682.
8.2.2      Carrying out the work whilst United Utilities had been on site would have caused unacceptable disruption; traders had asked for the original date of March 2015 to be put back to allow business to recover from the UU works.
8.2.3      The works, costing over half a million pounds, were expected to address traffic issues and included the installation of a “Smart” system to regulate traffic flows more efficiently.
8.2.4      Alyson thought the contractors would beat the 18 week timeframe.
8.3          Reconstruction in Crawshawbooth
8.3.1      Derrick wondered why the reconstruction work was being effected in brick rather than stone; Alyson said she would enquire; Richard thought the upper storey might be rendered.
8.4          Rawtenstall centre re-development
8.4.1      Alyson outlined the receipt of objections received from English Heritage, Historic England and amenity groups.
8.4.2      She said that RBC had agreed to hold a review with Historic England at which a decision would be reached about the former Town Hall.
8.4.3      Alyson thought that the New Hall Hey site would now be occupied in September 2015.
8.5          Local issues
8.5.1      Lewis drew attention to the run-off of water into the bus shelter on the west side of the A682, adjacent to the Commercial Street and the pedestrian refuge; the sloping land which was the cause of the issue being privately owned, Alyson AGREED to look into the matter.
8.5.2      Lewis having noted the partial obstruction by algae and moss of the 30 mph signs adjacent to the Rossendale Kawasaki shop, Steve said the LVEG would seek to rectify the matter; ACTION by LVEG.
8.6          The Glory
8.6.1      Michael asked where things stood with The Glory re-development.
8.6.2      Alyson said that the application was being processed by RBC.
9.            Next Meetings and Close
9.1          Next meeting: 20.00 hrs. on Monday, 13 July 2015 at the Top Club.
The meeting ended at 20.56 hrs.
Annex 1               Footpaths Officer
The walk on Saturday 6th June was completed in fine, sunny, but blustery conditions. In fact great conditions for a gentle walk through some lovely countryside. The turnout was low as per average. So I would like to thank Alison, Trish and David for their support.
The next walk on Saturday 4th July is from Hurstwood which was originally a casualty of bad weather, “let’s hope the gods of Gorple smile on us this time”. Start time is the usual 10.00 hr and the walk is 8 miles long, and depending on conditions under foot will be moderate to hard walking, so bring lunch as we will not be galloping along.
The next programme of walks will be going out during this month and will run through till October. Along with the walk mentioned above the remaining venues are from Edenfield, Crawshawbooth and Water. Please keep a look out on the usual media sites for more info.
During the month I contacted David Goode at LCC about the situation with the track bed on Footpath No.11 at Dunnockshaw which requires some attention, with a view to seeing if it could be a community project done through Community Payback.  David thought it was a good idea, which I will now pursue.
I would like to thank Darryl and Frank for helping with the second signpost to go up in Goodshaw village. This post will be known as the up –down –up post as I have been asked by the landowner to re-site it.
As the treasurer mentioned in his statement the LVRA funds have increased due to a payment from the PROW scheme. The footpath budget now stands at £325.00 which is made up of the following:
£ 80.00 2014 pro rata opting in fee
£ 200.00 2015 opting in fee
£ 30.00 payment for erecting two signposts
£ 15.00 upfront payment that should have gone to the village of Linton?
The opting in fee is to cover any additional or out of pocket expenses. Despite the somewhat annoying teething problems, (lack of proper tools, etc) I will be contacting LCC to arrange for further work to be allocated in the next month.
Anyone wishing to contact me regarding the walks, or any issues regarding footpaths please do so and I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.
Bob Nicholas    [T: 07780 813 613 E: bobnic51@btinternet.com]
Fete Steering Group Meeting 6: 09 June 2015 at the Top Club
Present: Derrick Bartlett-Smith (Chairman),  Ian Booth, John Dawson, Stephen Glenholmes, Richard Green, David Hempsall, Bob Nicholas, Darryl Nugent, Frank Pilkington: Diane Ewart-Jones and David Rhodes (for part of the meeting).
Apologies: John Crowther, Jim Riley.
The meeting considered first matters arising from the previous meetings, held on 11 May:
Serial    Item    Status    Action by
1.    Rossendale Free Press article    More information needed    David H
2.    Help from Rotary    John Crowther had emailed to say that help would be forthcoming from 6 members of Rotary.    John C
3.    Organisations to be approached    Ongoing: contacted; responses awaited    David H
4.    Air Ambulance and First Responders to be invited    Ongoing: contacted; responses awaited    David H
5.    Paul at the Black Dog to be licensee    Paul had also agreed to beer being stored at the Black Dog in advance of the Fete    Derrick
6.    Application to Rossendale Borough Council    Actioned; outcomes awaited    Darryl &  Derrick
7.    Bouncy castles    Sorted    NFA required
8.    WCs and bins    Bins sorted; WCs ongoing    David H
9.    First aiders    To be actioned via Facebook and Limey Leader; Limey Leader now expected early July    David R and David H
10.    Ice-cream    Booked    NFA required
11.    Programme    Draft produced by Darryl and David    NFA required
12.    Provision of beefburgers    No responses received; therefore abandoned    NFA required
The meeting also heard of the following:
Invitation to the Mayor: NFA required.
Andy Sunderland: Derrick confirmed Andy’s willingness and availability: NFA required.
Duncan Ray: Derrick confirmed Duncan’s willingness to undertake the Health & Safety procedures; NFA required.
Generators: these would be supplied by Derrick, Darryl and Killeleas (and possibly by Steve Counsell).
Brian Parsonage: Derrick would approach Brian to undertake the required electrical checks: ACTIONED by Derrick; NFA required.
Entry fee: it was AGREED that Bob’s recommendation that there be a flat entry fee of 50p per head (with Under 5s admitted free) was a painless way of raising funds: ACTIONED; NFA required.
Banners: David would circulate a draft for comment; ACTIONED; FURTHER ACTION by Dave Hughes (posters which specify the date) and David H (banners, ordered, formatted for re-use in 2016).
Church service: it was AGREED that the service in 2014 had been far too long; a 15 minute act of dedication was all that was required: ACTION by David H who would contact Jenny direct (rather than via Denise).
Gas for catering and hot drinks: it was AGREED that gas burners provided the best option; ACTION by Steve G who had such equipment and by John who would research the provision of semi-industrial calor gas units: In hand.
Acquiring a fresh set of fridges and freezers: Steve had acquired one unit; additional ones were sought: ACTION by Steve.
Site plan for Duncan Ray: it was AGREED to use Darryl’s plan for 2014 for Health & Safety scrutiny; ACTIONED; NFA required.
The need for yet more helpers: ongoing.
Music: Artisan Brass and a recently formed Folk Group would perform; details incorporated into the programme; NFA required.
Steve agreed to implement the Countdown: ACTION by Steve.
It was AGREED that the next FSG would be held at 19.00 hrs Monday, 22 June 2015 at the Top Club.
In discussion, other issues included:
i.              The programme was AGREED as follows:
11.00    Safety briefing for all stall holders
11.30-11.45    Inter-denominational Act of Dedication
12.00    Fete opening
1215-12.30    Folk group (1)
12.30-13.00    Egg & Spoon + Sack + Wheelbarrow races
13.00-13.30    Artisan Brass (1)
13.30-14.00    Three-legged + Mums’ + Dads’ + piggy-back races
14.00-14.30    Artisan Brass (2)
14.30-15.00    Welly wanging > Andy
15.00-15.30    Artisan Brass (3)
15.30-16.00    Tug-o’-war/Iron person challenge
16.00-17.00    Folk group (2) > Andy > close
ii.             It was AGREED that refreshments would be available from 12 noon.
iii.            Derrick reported over-zealousness at RBC when submitting the customary package of documentation: issues raised involved food hygiene and informing the police; subsequent contact with the police revealed they had no knowledge of any need for compliance.
iv.           There was discussion of barbecues and the desirability of having the charcoal unit.
v.            Darryl confirmed that contact with the Mason’s Arms had confirmed that the Duck Races would take place on the same day as Paula Riley’s community event, on 12 July 2015; it was AGREED that subject to timings, these two events would be advertised gratis in the Limey Leader; ACTION by Darryl who would confer with Paula and the Mason’s and by David H via the Limey Leader.
vi.           It was AGREED that the service had been too long in 2014; David H thought a simple dedicatory service lasting 15 minutes was adequate; he would so direct Jenny Montgomery; ACTION by David H.
vii.          The meeting was delighted to learn that Paul had agreed to allow beer to be stored at The Black Dog.
viii.         In discussion, it was AGREED that an inventory be carried out at 1500 hrs. to establish whether or not supplies from Bookers needed to be replenished; ACTION by Darryl.
ix.           As no responses had been received from Asda and Tesco re beefburger supplies, it was AGREED that Stuart be asked once again to be sole supplier.
x.            There was discussion of the provision of bacon sandwiches: in 2014, sales had been very low; it was AGREED that one pack of 48 rashers be purchased; once sold, that would be it.
xi.           In 2014, there had been a bread surplus; selling off what remained, however, had still returned an overall profit.
xii.          Ian raised the issue of the proximity to each other of the cooking facility, eating area, drinks area and tea & coffee service; it was AGREED that something approaching the following, under-cover provision might be most appropriate:
Bar and drinks area    Cooking area    Eating area
Tea & Coffee service
xiii.         Ian thought it essential that outside organisations offering help – such as Rotary – be given specific roles to ensure their input was mutually beneficial: this was AGREED.
xiv.         David H said no response had yet been received from the ATC.
xv.          Frank said that Tor View was now unable to source plastic ducks; Diane offered to supply same; ACTION by Diane.
xvi.         Frank outlined the workings of a charity stall he had seen involving ladders and bean-bags; it was AGREED that this should be researched further, being simple to set up and manage, though manning was essential.
xvii.        Steve said Rossendale Responsible Pets had sought to have a charity stall; this was AGREED; ACTION by David H who would email Steve the Stall Booking Form for onward transmission to the charity./
xviii.       Darryl confirmed the re-appearance of the Owl Man.
xix.         Ian wondered if one of Bob’s walks, featuring a map might be included in the programme, into which would be nested the next Limey Leader; Bob AGREED to consider this.
xx.          There was discussion of providing a vegetarian option: hommity pie in 2014 had been excellent and very well received but was expensive and time-consuming to produce; the meeting AGREED the Diane’s suggestion that a vegetarian Chilli be provided.
xxi.         The meeting AGREED that gas would be used to provide hot water and electricity used to keep it hot.
xxii.        Richard was concerned about the reliability of the electricity supply; Darryl said the intention was to be less reliant on electrical power in 2015 and that Frank be delegated to be generator meister, rather than having numbers of well-intentioned but inexpert folk making suggestions which proved unhelpful.
xxiii.       Bob confirmed he had sourced a camp bed for First Aid usage.
xxiv.       Derrick closed the meeting confirming the need for certificated First Aiders and Food Hygienists to be on site; their presence should be sought via Twitter and Facebook; ACTION by David R.
The meeting closed at 19.54 hrs.