Minutes of the Meeting held at the Top Club on Monday 11th May 2015

David Rhodes

LVRA LOGOMinutes of Meeting held at the Top Club on Monday 11thMay 2015
Including Fete Notes
LVRA Meeting: 20.00 hrs. on Monday 11 May 2015 at The CPA Club
Present: Derrick Bartlett-Smith (Chairman) David Hempsall (Secretary), Bob Nicholas (Footpaths Officer), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer), David Rhodes (Social Media & Liaison Officer); Barbara Ashworth, Julian Ashworth, Ian Booth, John Dawson, Michael Dop, Stephen Glenholmes, Marie Hargreaves, Karen Hawden,  Ken Iveson, Lewis Pearson, Frank Pilkington, David Pilling, Jean Pilling, Neil Prestwich, Jim Riley, Ann White and Chris Whiting.
Apologies: Cllr Alyson Barnes, Diane Ewart-Jones Richard Green Michael Howard Dave Hughes, Stuart Lewis and Carole Watchorn.
1.            Opening Remarks
1.1          The Chairman welcomed those attending.
1.2          Apologies were received.
2.            Minutes of Last Meeting, 13 April 2015
2.1          Bob Nicholas proposed and Darryl Nugent seconded the proposal that the Minutes be accepted as a true record.
2.2          The meeting voted nem. con. to accept the Minutes.
3.            Matters Arising
3.1          Dog-fouling (Item 4.1.3): Dave Hughes would produce posters on his return from holiday.
3.2          Post Office (Item 6): notices had been posted and handbills distributed; 22 May 2015 was the closing date for comments to be received.
4.            Reports
4.1          Chairman
4.1.1      Derrick reported that much of the past month had been taken up with preparations for the Summer Fete.
4.1.2      Progress would be reported later, under Item, 7 (infra).
4.2          Secretary
4.2.1      David reported that he had written, as directed, about the proposal to build on Commercial Street at BB4 8QX (cf. Minutes of 13 April 2015, Item 4.2.1), noting that the proposal had been rejected by the Development Control Committee.
4.2.2      As a result of his exchanges with Jim Norbury, John Crowther had attended the preceding meeting of the Fete Steering Group (cf. Minutes of 13 April 2015, Item 4.2.2).
4.2.3      He had written, as directed, about the re-development of The Glory ((cf. Minutes of 13 April 2015, Item 5.2.2); he thanked those who had made inputs.
4.2.4      David recounted his inputs on the Post Office, designing the poster and handbills; there was general support for the Post Office to be situated in Mohammed Rizwan’s premises; Ian said he had written to Jake Berry in this vein; it appeared that hours of opening had been an issue but this was thought to be incidental: Chris compared what was proposed with normal Post Office hours and Ken pointed out that where located in W H Smiths, the Post Office opened during normal shop hours..
4.2.5      As no copy had been forthcoming by 1 May, David had held over production of the next Limey Leader, advising Dave Hughes of the delay; it was important that makeweight material should not appear.
4.3          Treasurer/Chairman LVAA
4.3.1      Darryl said that funds stood at £2,975.75.
4.3.2      LVAA   There was little further to report other than the appearance of more crops and sheds.   Addressing drainage issues was the next item on the LVAA’s agenda.   Darryl reported an approach from a previous member of the LVAA for permission to undertake willow coppicing; it was proposed that this be allowed in the presently very boggy, north-west corner of the site; some though had been given to the installation of some kind of willow structure; Lewis said that coppicing would not necessarily cause the land to drain but Darryl replied that this wasn’t the principal aim of the project.
4.4          Footpaths Officer
4.4.1      Bob presented his periodic report on walks, footpaths and bridleways.
4.4.2      His report is shown in full as Annex 1.
4.5          Social Media & Liaison Officer
4.5.1      David reported a rise and then a slight decline to 390 of interest shown via Facebook.
4.5.2      The Post Office issue had attracted over 870 views.
4.5.3      Having posted photos of his own of a recent sunset – which had attracted 310 viewings, David was keen to encourage others to submit their snaps.
4.5.4      David reminded the meeting of the links between the website, Facebook and Twitter and of the web addresses of each.
4.6          LVEG
4.6.1      Steve reported that the application bid to Awards for All had been unsuccessful, citing three reasons: LVEG didn’t own the land, no planning permissions had been sought and structures were involved.
4.6.2      He said that, with further help from Proffitts, a new bid would be submitted, despite the suggestion from Awards for All that a simple re-submission would be unwelcome.
5.            Vice Chairman
5.1          Derrick said that Karen had offered put herself up for election as his successor at the Annual General Meeting.
5.2          As the post of Vice-Chairman had been abolished, Derrick proposed that, in the interim, Karen be designated Assistant Chairman.
5.3          The proposal was put and carried nem. con.
6.            Building update
6.1          Derrick noted the rejection of the proposal to build on Commercial Street.
6.2          Other developers had been very quiet; it was thought that they were hanging fire to see what might be the result of the General Election and council election; some movement might be expected in the coming weeks.
6.3          Chris explained the application for a new shop front at Vincenzo’s: replacing a defective window required planning permission.
6.4          David R reported that the block housing the now defunct sunbed shop and the Corner Café, including residential premises above, was up for sale.
6.5          No information had been forthcoming about building opposite the school to which LVRA had submitted comment: it was AGREED that the Chairman would telephone RBC to seek an explanation whilst the Secretary would contact Alyson Barnes to ask that LVRA be restored to the list of those supplied with current information on all planning applications; ACTION by Chairman and Secretary; in the meantime, it was AGREED that Karen would monitor the RBC website for information; ACTION by Karen.
7.            Summer Event
7.1          Fete Steering Group Meeting had met earlier tin the evening and had been joined by John Crowther, representing Rotary.
7.2          Derrick issued further requests for (1) additional First qualified personnel and (2) more help on the day to ease the burden on the half-a-dozen “regulars”.
7.3          He confirmed the willingness of past personnel to help; Chris offered his services.
7.4          In response to a query from Ian, Darryl said he would check with The Mason’s Arms that the agreement with RAFT applied; ACTION by Darryl.
7.5          Derrick sought photographs for a calendar for 2016: in the past, the calendar had generated some hundreds of pounds for the association; it was AGREED that photographs – including those generated by Facebook and relayed with the owner’s permission – be sent to Derrick so that a draft could be produced and displayed at the Summer Fete; ACTION by all.
7.6          Ian suggested the inclusion of information about walks; Bob thought this a good idea.
7.7          Advertising rates were once again confirmed: ¼ page @ £25.00, a ½ page at £35.00.
8.            Limey Leader
8.1          David said he was looking to a mid-June issue incorporating the Fete programme.
8.2          He was confident that, with regular contributions – such as those from Alyson and Jake Berry, plus in-house material from, LVAA and LVEG – the next issue would be a good one.
9.            Future plans
9.1          Derrick said an informal meeting had concluded there was a need for a small sub-committee to look ahead 18 months to plan events, such as a Race Night or a quiz.
9.2          As David had arranged for two Ladies’ Nights with Lara Hewitt (October 2015 and March 2016) and the Summer Fete was already in train, he suggested an additional three events would fit the bill.
9.3          Ian suggested, say, a Sportsman’s Dinner with proceeds shared with another organisation.
10.          Any Other Business
10.1        Speeding (1)
10.1.1    The motorcyclist who had been advised by the police following previous complaints about dangerous riding had resumed his past, bad ways: there was discussion.
10.1.2    The culprit was reported as emerging from Cooperation Street and then speeding off both north and south on separate occasions.
10.1.3    A near-miss at Badgercote was reported.
10.1.4    It was AGREED that there was now a need for further police action; Chris thought that the issue required direct contact with the Traffic Division.
10.1.5    In the interim, it was AGREED that David R would contact PC Mick Jones and PCSO Ian Pickles.
10.2        Speeding (2)
10.2.1    Derrick reported on a dark-coloured Peugeot with two male occupants – aged 20-25 – driving very fast up Commercial Street, constituting a serious hazard.
10.2.2    Michael D was sure that the vehicle belonged to someone on Loveclough Park and said that he too was concerned by poor, selfish driving in the area.
10.2.3    There was discussion of the poor level of signage: the Landing used to be marked with a 15 mph sign.
10.2.4    It was AGREED that there needed to be hard information – such as a vehicle re