Minutes of the Meeting held at the CPA Club on Monday, 13 April 2015

David Rhodes

LVRA LOGOMinutes of the Meeting held at the CPA Club on Monday, 13 April 2015
Present: Derrick Bartlett-Smith (Chairman) David Hempsall (Secretary), Bob Nicholas (Footpaths Officer), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer); Barbara Ashworth, Julian Ashworth, Cllr Alyson Barnes, Ian Booth, Mal Booth, John Dawson, Michael Dop, Diane Ewart-Jones, Cllr Dorothy Farrington, Stephen Glenholmes, Richard Green, Marie Hargreaves, Karen Hawden, Michael Howard,  Dave Hughes, Ken Iveson, Lewis Pearson, David Pilling, Jean Pilling, Neil Prestwich, Denise Smith, Ann White and Chris Whiting.
In attendance: John Laker
Apologies: David Rhodes (Social Media & Liaison Officer); Ann Corkin, David Corkin, Craig Ellison, Jean Ellison, Stuart Lewis, Frank Pilkington and Jim Riley.
1.               Welcome
1.1             The Chairman welcomed everyone attending.
1.2             He reported that of 115 copies of minutes despatched by email, 53 had been opened.
2.               Minutes of the meeting of 9 March 2015 at the Top Club
2.1             Bob proposed and Lewis seconded acceptance of the Minutes.
2.2             The Minutes were duly approved as a true record of the meeting.
3.               Matters Arising
3.1             There were none.
4.               Reports
4.1             Chairman
4.1.1         The Chairman reported on a month of what he described as “bits and pieces”.
4.1.2         Dave and Katie Hughes were congratulated on undertaking their sponsored skydive: Dave reported that ±£1,700 had been raised for Pendleside Hospice.
4.1.3         Five complaints about dog-fouling on the sports pitch had been received: there was discussion and it was AGREED (a) that allotmenteers would keep a look-out for offenders, (b) notices be posted, (c) offenders be photographed when possible; Alyson added that Rossendale Borough Council would be happy to post signs but she encouraged the reporting of known offenders, against whom action could – and would – be taken; Dorothy agreed, adding that she had found that shaming offenders by a direct approach was often effective.
4.2             Secretary
4.2.1         The Secretary confirmed he had written to the planners about the proposed building on Commercial Street (BB4 8QX) after doing further research which confirmed the site is (a) beyond the boundary of the urban form and (b) inside the revised boundary of the conservation area.
4.2.2         On the Summer Fete, he had (a) contacted Jim Norbury about participation of Rotary whose members were holding a meeting this same evening; (b) his draft piece for the Rossendale Free Press needed more inputs; (c) the provision of WCs was in hand, though prices were much the same as in 2014; (d) he had very recently secured the services of Dave Haworth to provide ice-cream; (e) with the exception of Darryl with Air Cadets and Richard with Jim Norbury, information he had asked for on businesses, churches and community groups hadn’t yet been supplied; and (f) he had contacted all previous stall-holders, enclosing a booking form.
4.2.3         On proposed hustings, he had received no reply from Jake Berry’s office and took the view that as a non-party political organisation, LVRA should sponsor an event which involved all or none; Alyson suggested simply fixing a date and issuing an invitation to all candidates, as it was then up to them whether or not they choose to attend; David said he would pursue the issue this week.
4.3             Treasurer
4.3.1         Darryl reported £2,840.75 at bank and £25 in hand as an uncashed cheque.
4.4.2         Limey Valley Allotment Association (LVAA)      Darryl reported that the allotments were now fully up and running.      He reported that whilst the vast majority of of-walkers clean up after their pooches, he was sure that allotmenteers would be happy to report offenders.      On the proposed drop curb, Darryl reiterated the saga: the contractor’s original bid had been trumped by Lancashire County Council which had exercised its monopoly over kerbs to insist that its agents undertake the work at three times the cost of the original contractor; it was AGREED that Alyson would look into the matter.      On the recently installed barrier, Alyson reported that Mike Forster had advised that the barrier could be painted any colour; it was AGREED that whilst there was case for toning down the present yellow which was very obtrusive, a high degree of visibility was desirable.
4.4             Footpaths
4.4.1         Bob’s report is presented in full as Annex 1.
4.5             Social Media and Liaison
4.5.1         David R’s apologies had been received as he was engaged in rehearsals.
4.5.2         His e-mailed report is shown in full as Annex 2.
4.6             Limey Valley Environment Group (LVEG)
4.6.1         Chairman Steve reported the opening of a bank account which had allowed the submission of a grant application to be made to Awards for All; an initial response was expected to take between 6-8n weeks.
4.6.2         Litter-picking and tidying up work had continued.
4.6.3         Steve encouraged anyone who was interested in participating in LVEG’s activities to leave their email addresses.
4.6.4         Steve accepted Darryl’s suggestion that LVEG’s activities appear on Facebook; he AGREED to action once there was a clear schedule for the future.
5.               Discussion of building sites and plans in our area
5.1             Proposed wind turbine on land above Great Clough Farm
5.1.1         The Chairman read aloud an email from Mr Steven Hartley about his proposal to erect a turbine: there was discussion.
5.1.2         There was some feeling that the existing turbine on the skyline to the south of the proposed site was already very intrusive.
5.1.3         The meeting AGREED to await publication of detailed plans before proceeding to comment; none the less, Mr Hartley’s courtesy in contacting LVRA was appreciated.
5.2             The Glory
5.2.1         The Chairman said that the new owner – Mr Stan Ainsworth – had told him that he would shortly be examining comments received at Futures Park; he confirmed that the former public house now being shut, there was a proposal for 5 flats to be constructed with a further flat to be built as Phase 2.
5.2.2         There was discussion: Lewis was concerned that any re-modelling be housed in the original 1851 building; Alyson confirmed that Mr Ainsworth had to prove that all options for community use had been explored; the Chairman confirmed that Secretary’s researches had shown that The Glory was inside the boundary of the conservation area, as recommended by consultant Chezel Bird and ratified by RBC; the Secretary was concerned by the possibility of “creep” provided by the extended car park; the Chairman was worried by highways issues, specifically the poor sight-lines from the existing car park, the proximity of Commercial Street, et al.; Bob was sorry that casual use of the car park by neighbours had been stopped by the blocking off of the entrance as this meant residents now parked on Burnley Road; in response to a query from Ian, Alyson confirmed that old maps showed that Mr Ainsworth had erected fencing on the historical boundary; the Chairman demurred, saying that in former times, when the public house had been the Holt’s Arms, the proprietors – Nigel’s parents – owned the field below; when the pub had been sold to the brewery, the land had been sold off separately; moreover, the field had reverted to greenfield, being used for agricultural purposes, specifically grazing.
5.2.3         It was AGREED that the Secretary would draft a response incorporating all the points raised in discussion; ACTION by the Secretary.
5.3             Kenross Containers
5.3.1         Darryl had reported rumours of land purchases by Kenross Containers and of a proposal to construct a new access road.
5.3.2         It was AGREED that the LVRA would continue to monitor developments.
6.               Crawshawbooth Post Office
6.1             The Chairman confirmed the closure of the Post Office on its present site; a public consultation was now under way with a view to the Post Office’s re-locating to the Premier convenience store, 100 metres to the north: there was discussion.
6.2             There was a consensus that the newsagent’s was a preferable site; the Premier would involve highway safety issues; Ian thought the newsagent had been interviewed by the Post Office and that the Premier site was the Post Office’s preferred option.
6.3             It was AGREED that residents should take advantage of the public consultation to complete and return forms available at the Post Office, expressing reservations about the proposed re-siting and supporting a re-location to the newsagent’s; ACTION by all.
7.               Summer Event
7.1             The Fete Steering Group would meet next at 20.00 hrs. on Monday, 27 April at the Top Club for a review and update on progress.
8.               Limey Leader
8.1             David H reported that the next issue was due in May/June; copy for the next issue should reach him by 1 May; the next issue would include information about the Fete.
8.2             The next issue-but-one would consist of the Summer Fete programme with a Limey Leader insert – as in 2014 – as appropriate.
9.               Any Other Business
9.1             There was none.
10.             Next Meetings and Close
10.1           Next meeting: 20.00 hrs. on Monday, 11 May 2015 at the Top Club.
10.2           Subsequent meetings on the second Monday of each month would take place at the Top Club during the bowling season.
The meeting ended at 20.54 hrs.
Annex 1               Footpaths Officer
The walk on Saturday, 11 April went well, despite a seemingly unpromising start: hail stoning while I was waiting on the car park!  However, the weather behaved itself and, apart from a cold blustery wind, no precipitations were encountered, the grand finale of the walk being the summiting of Musbury Tor.
The next walk on Saturday, 9 May is from Hurstwood near Burnley. There should be no need to park on the pay and display car park as there is usually plenty of room on the access road. This is a truly high moorland walk, encompassing parts of the Pennine Bridleway and Burnley Way and – with good weather – outstanding scenery. The walk is 8 miles so please “bring your lunch”.  Further details can be obtained by contacting the walk leader whose contact details are shown below.
During the last month, I became the proud owner (temporarily) of 6 new sign-posts through LCC’s PROW scheme: thank you Keith for storing them in your garage!). Two of the posts are earmarked to be placed in Goodshaw Village and now I have also received a full set of utility check maps. It is just a matter of arranging a date which is convenient for anyone who wishes to help and Goodshaw Village can have two new signposts.
Last month Lewis mentioned the overgrown conditions attaining to Footpath Rawtenstall No. 11 opposite the Boundary Garage. I have inspected the path and believe that with the LVRA working with LCC and through the PROW scheme, the path could be cleared and the track bed made good. I will contact David Goode to this effect to establish what exactly the situation is, as the path is listed as requiring works doing.
Over Easter, my footpath of the moment (Footpath Rawtenstall No.4) was brought to my attention by a notice posted on Facebook and by an email, the problems not being in Loveclough Fold but at Rough Hill Farm. Part of the path behind the farm can only be described as an appalling muddy mess caused in a large part by horses kept in the field that the path runs through. The complaint on Facebook was from a lady walker whose wellington boot nearly disappeared in the mud and the condition of the path being so bad that she and her husband were forced to turn back. The second was more serious and was from a gentleman who has damaged his knee and he is threatening to take legal action against the owners of the farm.
I will call on the farm and make the owners aware of the situation and, hopefully, something can be done to (a) prevent the above mentioned gentleman from taking legal action and (b) ensure some longer term plan is put in place to improve the path.
Anyone wishing to contact me regarding the walks, or any issues regarding footpaths please do so and I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.
T: 07780 813 613 E: bobnic51@btinternet.com
Bob Nicholas
Annex 2               Social Media & Liaison Officer
Apologies for missing the meeting tonight but this time my theatrical commitments require me to sentence a man to death in my capacity as a Lieutenant in the First World War!
At our last meeting in March the LVRA page had 375 “likes” (or page followers). That number has now increased to 388.
Postings over the last month have been:
Promotion & coverage (including photos) of the Village Community Centre’s 25th Birthday Party.
Two LVEG Community Clean Up sessions
Notification and requests for sightings of a lost cat
The partial eclipse
The Energy Alliance Cavity Wall survey
Congratulations for The Corner Cafe “Best Cafe” Winner in the Rossendale & Darwen Pub & Grub 2015 awards
LVAA winner of “New Site” at the Northwest Allotments AGM 2015
Bob’s Monthly Walk with 30+ photos
The Facebook page received messages from:
Barry Hyde who is a blogger and contributor the Rossendale Free Press regarding the LVAA
A local resident who wished to secure a plot at the LVAA site, Darryl dealt with this enquiry and arranged a meeting at the site with the prospective new tenant.
A local resident who wished to complain about the condition of a footpath and seeking advice on what to do next. Bob dealt with this enquiry and is liaising with LCC.
Overall there is pleasing increase in activity and engagement with residents through our Facebook page.
No change; all Facebook posts are automatically transferred to the Twitter feed.
Website (www.LVRA.co.uk)
I have now started to revamp areas of the website such as changing redundant links to direct traffic to new pages such as the LVEG and details about our meetings etc.
I am going to look at standard sizes for the photos which form the “rolling banner” on the front page to make them slightly smaller and therefore allow everything to potentially fit on a single page rather than having to scroll down to see the extra posts.
David Rhodes