Minutes of the Meeting held at the Top Club on Monday, 09 March 2015

David Rhodes

newLVRA LOGOMinutes of the Meeting held at the Top Club on Monday, 09 March 2015

Present: Derrick Bartlett-Smith (Chairman) David Hempsall (Secretary), Bob Nicholas (Footpaths Officer), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer), David Rhodes (Social Media & Liaison Officer); Kenneth Ainsworth, Cllr Alyson Barnes, Ian Booth, Ann Corkin, David Corkin, John Dawson, Michael Dop, Stephen Glenholmes, Richard Green, Dave Hughes, Katie Hughes, Stuart Lewis, Joan Parry, Lewis Pearson, Frank Pilkington, Neil Prestwich, Val Roberts, Carole Watchorn and Ann White.

Apologies: Barbara Ashworth, Julian Ashworth, Craig Ellison, Jean Ellison, Diane Ewart-Jones, Jane Macdonald, Jim Riley and Michael Howard.

1. Welcome

1.1 The Chairman said how glad he was to be back in circulation.

2. Minutes of the meeting of 9 February 2015 at the CPA Club

2.1 Ian proposed and Stephen seconded acceptance of the Minutes.

2.2 The Minutes were duly approved as a true record of the meeting.

3. Matters Arising

3.1 There were none.

4. Reports

4.1 Chairman

Given his very recent return to active service, the Chairman had nothing to report.

4.2 Secretary

4.2.1 David thanked contributors, Dave Hughes and distributors for what he described as a “slick operation” in getting Issue 8 of the Limey Leader into the area.

4.2.2 Other issue would be dealt with later in the Agenda.

4.2.3 He confirmed that there would be a further Ladies’ Night at the Top Club on Friday, 2 October 2015, with a view to subsequent spring event – contingent upon the success of the autumn Ladies Night – in 2016.

4.3      Treasurer

4.3.1 Darryl reported that funds stood at £2,923.88

4.3.2 LVAA Darryl said that the track was in, awaiting a further two loads of planings to allow easy vehicular access. The 2015 season was about to begin with only one plot remaining unoccupied. Rabbits appeared to be the only problem from local fauna. He reiterated his appreciation of all those – including Alyson – who had turned out to plant the perimeter hedge. Darryl said that he had chosen the wettest day in February to excavate to north-south ditch which was now draining water from Mr Howieson’s land to the west. The Chairman commented on the garish yellow of the restrictive barrier which he thought out of place: Alyson AGREED to research an alternative colour; ACTION by Alyson.

4.4      Footpath Officer

4.4.1 Bob’s report is shown in full as Annex 1.

4.5      Social Media & Liaison Officer

4.5.1 David R reported Facebook likes had risen to 376.

4.5.2 He had posted photos of Bob’s first walk of the year and details about the second walk of the season.

4.5.3 He had provided links to the Rossendale Free Press.

4.5.4 Ted Robbin’s recovery had prompted interest.

4.5.5 Information about an intruder on Crawshaw Grange suggested an individual doing the rounds.

4.5.6 Thanks were expressed for the recent community clear-up.

4.5.7 David R reported on a near-accident on the crossing.

4.5.8 He was amazed that a seven-second film of snow had attracted 318 views.

4.5.9 Since the last meeting, there had been no liaison meetings for him to attend.

4.5.10 New pages will shortly be added to the website dealing with Bob’s Walks and the community clear-up; David R agreed to Ian’s suggestion that the web-site should include an explanation that community clear-up operations had been going on for many years; Alyson agreed, adding that it was proposed to have fortnightly clear-ups to re-gain some momentum.

4.5.11 The Chairman suggested adding a note of the Community Centre’s 25th anniversary, as outlined in Alyson’s page in the Limey Leader.

4.6 LVEG

4.6.1 Stephen reported that a bank account was being set up and insurance arrangements put in place.

4.6.2 There would be a local tidy-up on Sunday, 23 March.

4.6.3 Ian added that it was customary for LVEG to meet at 10.00 on the second Sunday in the month.

4.6.4 Stephen asked for notification of any areas which would benefit by a tidy-up.

4.6.5 Alyson added that with the reorganisation of refuse collection, there was scope for coordination with community groups, like LVEG.

5.        Discussion of building sites and plans in Loveclough

5.1 BB4 8QX: proposed building on Commercial Street

5.1.1 The Chairman withdrew from the meeting at this point because of a conflict of interest; David H took over the chair.

5.1.2 David briefed the meeting: Mr David Ashworth wished to erect two semi-detached houses on the site presently occupied by – inter alia – the Chairman’s garage to the south, rear of the even-numbered side of Commercial Street, abutting the area designated for re-development around the Top Club.

5.1.3 Neither Derrick (No. 10) nor Jane Macdonald (No.2), residents of Commercial Street, had been advised informally by Mr Ashworth of his proposals.

5.1.4 Issues included proximity to existing housing, light, historic access and ownership of gardens.

5.1.5 The site is brownfield; proposed materials include traditional stone and slate.

5.1.6 Alyson wondered where the site sat as regards the urban boundary.

5.1.7 David H would check too where the revised conservation area boundary was now drawn.

5.1.8 David C queried right of access to the rear of the properties.

5.1.9 Richard was sure that as Granville Pickup had a right of way to his field, access to the rear of the properties should not be an issue.

5.1.10 It was AGREED that David H would contact the planners, outlining the issues mentioned; ACTION by David H.

5.1.11 The Chairman re-joined the meeting at this point.

5.2 The Glory

5.2.1 Alyson confirmed that Enforcement Officers had paid a visit.

5.2.2 She said that the extension to the existing car park was legitimate according to old maps.

5.2.3 Some form of notice had been served on the proposed new car park area.

6.        Summer Event

6.1 The Chairman reported that Fete Steering Group had met prior to the meeting: the Minutes of that meeting would be attached (shown here as Annex 2).

6.2 Darryl reiterated the urgent need for people to commit to assisting at the Fete.

6.3 The first stalls had been booked.

6.4 Organisations would be approached to help or to have a stall.

6.5 In response to Richard, Darryl thought the likely maximum of stalls would be between 24-30.

7. Limey Leader

7.1 Darryl reiterated David H’s thanks to distributors.

7.2 Alyson mentioned non-delivery to Forest Bank; Bob said he would look into the matter.

8. Any Other Business

8.1 Skydive

8.1.1 Dave Hughes briefed the meeting on the charity skydive from 11,000 ft. which he and Katie would be undertaking to raise funds for Pendleside Hospice.

8.1.2 The event would take place on 9 April 2015.

8.1.3 Sponsorship was sought.

8.2 Energy Alliance

8.2.1 Dave sought LVRA endorsement for an approach to appropriate occupiers on the Badgercote estate to provide free cavity wall insulation.

8.2.2 Dave explained that his firm – Acrobat, which prints the Limey Leader – has a separate arm operating as a carbon trading company.

8.2.3 He said that properly uniformed agents wearing high visibility jackets would seek out appropriate buildings and advise the occupants of the opportunity.

8.2.4 Installation would only be undertaken if cost effective and there were various forms of incentivisation which could apply.

8.2.5 Anne White asked why Badgercote had been identified; Dave said it was the age of the properties – built in the 1960s and 1970s – which made some suitable.

8.2.6 Dave sought approval for LVRA’s name to be associated with the initiative; this was AGREED; ACTION by Dave.

8.3 St John the Evangelist

8.3.1 Joan said that she understood that LVRA had had some dealing with Rossendale Borough Council over plans to re-use the now-redundant church.

8.3.2 She and fellow residents were concerned by rumours that that what was planned was not to be a call centre but a mini-power station.

8.3.3 The Chairman replied that existing plans had been refused by the planners and the association could deal only with facts, not rumours.

8.3.4 Alyson said that RBC had been working with the applicant for over 12 months and had wanted to refuse what was being considered for three reasons: issues touching the Grade 2 star listed building, the environment and (specifically) the trees on the site.

8.3.5 Alyson said that there would be a meeting in the next week or so between the applicant, RBC and the Church Commissioners as the council was keen to see the building brought back into an appropriate use.

8.3.6 The Chairman said any proposal for another use would require a further planning application of which the LVRA would be informed

8.3.7 Joan said that Will Straw (prospective Labour party parliamentary candidate) had indicated a shortage of school places in the area; Alyson felt that any proposal for the church would need to be extraordinary, not least because the state of disrepair would necessitate a considerable capital outlay.

8.3.8 Joan asked why the community could not do what the applicant was proposing, with projected income of £500K in the first year of operation and in excess of £1 million in subsequent years.

8.3.9 The Chairman suggested that Joan and other residents kept the association informed of any developments based on fact to allow the LVRA to take a view; this was AGREED.

8.4 Land opposite Boundary Garage

8.4.1 Lewis drew attention to overhanging branches which made the flight of 30 steps down to the river, on the west side of the A682 opposite Boundary Garage, difficult to navigate.

8.4.2 Bob said that he had notified the route as treacherous in his footpath survey: he would so advise Alyson; ACTION by Bob.

8.5 Community Centre: 25th Anniversary

8.5.1 Alyson reminded the meeting that a celebratory birthday party would run from 2.00-5.00 p.m. on Sunday 22 March: everyone was welcome to attend.

8.6 General Election

8.6.1 Whilst understanding the LVRA’s non-party political stance, Alyson offered to broker an inter-candidate debate at a suitable venue.

8.6.2 There was discussion: David R thought the idea a good one; Neil felt promoting it would help raise the association’s profile.

8.6.3 The meeting AGREED to the proposal; ACTION by Alyson who said she would liaise with the Chairman and Secretary over arrangements.

8.7 Subscriptions

8.7.1 Richard sought clarification over subscriptions.

8.7.2 Darryl confirmed that all residents in BB8 were eligible for free membership; voluntary donations – previously fixed at £5.00 – were always welcome.

9. Next Meetings and Close

9.1 The next meeting would be held at 20.00 hrs. on Monday, 13 April March 2015 at the CPA Club.

9.2 The meeting ended at 21.29 hrs.

Annex 1 Footpath Officer’s Report

The first walk of the year went well, over Hameldon with no rain or mist. Eight people turned out, old hands and some new faces.

The next walk is on Saturday 11th April from Helmshore. Approximately 7 miles, the route climbs to Musbury Heights Quarry before doing a long high level traverse around the Musbury Valley. Please note transport is available if required: just contact me on the usual number or email.

Moving on to footpath news, I have been in contact with David Goode, LCC’s Public Rights of Way Manager, regarding the problems with the surface on sections of Bridleway Rawtenstall No18 which I described in the Minutes of January’s meeting. The following is part of David’s reply and I quote:

The intention was that we would address the issue of the route at the same time as the surface improvements. The muddy section further west which you identified has the additional problem of not being the recorded footpath or bridleway .The original route and recorded legal line (Which is on the opposite side of the gulley, and the bottom of the gulley respectively) is no longer practicable because of the trees planted there. But we have no remit to touch the surface on the line that is currently being used. I am awaiting our Area Officer’s consideration of what work he might get done as an interim measure.”

The above would seem to be an accumulation of problems that LCC have created in opening a new bridleway without the remit to do so up the line of a footpath that does not officially exist, but is being used, therefore they are unable to do any maintenance work on it! No doubt the situation will eventually pass through LCC’s ponderous system and touch wood will be sorted. Or who knows the bridleway may yet become (dread the thought!) the subject of a modification order?

Moving on to more positive news, over the last two months I have worked with Linda Andersen at LCC to get LVRA up and running in the Public Rights Of Way-Delivery Scheme. I identified the site of two sign posts that are needed and hopefully once the utility checks have been carried out the jobs will be good to go.

The signposts are in Goodshaw village, one for footpath No 336 (Driving Gate) and footpath No 375 near Hawthorn Farm Barn. Under the terms of the PROW scheme once the work is accepted the LVRA has six weeks to complete. If anyone would like to volunteer to help with the work please see me after the meeting.

Anyone wishing to contact me regarding the walks, or any issues regarding footpaths please do so and I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

T: 07780 813 613 E: bobnic51@btinternet.com

Bob Nicholas

Annex 2 Fete Steering Group Meeting 3: 9 March 2015 at the Top Club

Present: Derrick Bartlett-Smith (Chairman), Ian Booth, Stephen Glenholmes, Richard Green, David Hempsall, Darryl Nugent.

1. Darryl had conferred with Paul Stannard at the Mason’s: the Fete would proceed on Bank Holiday Sunday, 30 August 2015; Steve Counsell had been informed.

2. Invitations to participate would be issued to schools, churches, youth organisations.

3. Darryl suggested a piece in the Rossendale Free Press; David offered to scribe a piece to ensure some measure of accuracy.

4. Richard reminded the meeting of the willingness of Round Table – via Jim Norbury – to assist: the offer would be followed up.

5. There was some discussion of inviting involvement from Burnley FC.

6. Organisations to be approached included: the ATC, Scouts, Guides, Pathfinders (based at Goodshaw Baptist), Boys’ Brigade, Crawshawbooth School, Civic Pride, Civic Society, churches and chapels and Valley Academy: it was AGREED that those present would supply David with contact details so he could undertake the work.

7. Other suggestions included Wags & Whiskers, BowWows and PetStay: Linda of PetStay would be approached in any case as a stall-holder from 2014.

8. Darryl said that the owl man would re-appear; there was some discussion about the advisability of trying always to source locally.

9. Air Ambulance and First Responders would be invited: contact details to be supplied to David.

10. Ian wondered about approaching, say, Asda for beefburgers; whilst those present wished to retain Stuart Parker’s goodwill, given his outstanding contribution in 2014, it was felt worth the ask; ACTION by [undecided].

11. Replacement fridges would have to be sourced, the 2014 vintage having been burnt a The Glory; it was thought that Steve Counsell had some storage capacity in Burnley.

12. Ian thought it important to plan the day, lasting five hours from noon: it was AGREED that planning would be the main Agenda item at the next meeting.

13. Ian said that John Dawson would prove a useful contact for engaging Artisan Brass.

14. Darryl said that the LVAA would take a stall and sell produce if appropriate.

15. Derrick was confident that Paul at The Dog would be obliging about securing the appropriate drinks licence.

16. Derrick said he would make the customary application to RBC in very short order now that the date for the Fete had been fixed.

17. Derrick said he would also enquire about the offer of free provision of two bouncy castles, given that in 2014, whilst admission prices had been high, H&S had been spot on and the LVRA had received a £150.00 contribution; research on a less expensive option was necessary; ACTION by Derrick.

18. Provision of WCs and bins was required: ACTION by David and Darryl respectively.

19. Via the minutes, a request should be put out for qualified First Aiders; St John’s had priced themselves out of the market.

20. Ian sought confirmation of the location of the barbecue.

21. David said Dave Haworth had offered to supply ice-cream in 2015: he would check; ACTION by David.

22. It was AGREED that hot water be provided using gas burners, rather than generator power.

23. Richard suggested the provision of ready-charged cardboard cups for tea and coffee.

24. David confirmed that Diane had offered to staff the bar, Alyson having given prior notice that she would not be available.

25. The meeting AGREED that at its next session, FSG would address the day’s programme.

26. The meeting ended at 19.47 hrs.