Development at BB4 8QY – Round Three!

David Rhodes


30/01/2015 – UPDATE ON PLANNED DEVELOPMENT at BB4 8QY (land opposite Goodshaw Avenue North).
Despite the adverse weather conditions, the LVRA Secretary and other representatives of the Limey Valley Residents Association put on their snow shoes and trekked up to Council Chambers at Bacup last night to attend the Development Control Committee hearing. There, they officially voiced the overwhelming objection to this proposed development on behalf of many local residents.
This was the third occasion the “developer” had submitted plans to the Council to develop 15 large homes on what is classed as open countryside and land which is prohibited from development by Rossendale Borough Council’s own core strategy (5yr building plan).
I am pleased to report that for the third time, the developer was REFUSED permission and the application was REJECTED.
However, please do note that there is an appeals process open to the “developer”.
At the LVRA we aim protect our area, it’s heritage and our beautiful open countryside. We work very hard to help you, the local residents, to be heard as a community voice. If you want to become more involved in (y)our community then please come along to our next monthly meeting which takes place at 8pm on Monday 9th February 2015 and will be held at CPA Social Club (bottom of commercial street).

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