Footpath No. 4: Help Please!

David Rhodes

Footpath No. 4: Help Please!
In my role as Footpaths Officer for the LVRA, and on behalf of the community I am placing an application to Lancashire County Council for a modification order on Footpath No4 Rawtenstall in Loveclough Fold.
The situation (in a nut shell) is that in the 1950s Rossendale Council, in drawing up the definitive footpath map of the area, placed the definitive path in the middle of the River Limey!
My modification order is to take the path out of the river and place it on the South East bank (opposite Loveclough Fold) where a path already exists and is in use, and the line of this path is the natural course.
The path runs from Commercial Street past the buildings once used as the offices for the print works (now Loveclough Mews) along the river bank and up to Burnley Road.
I am asking if anyone who has used or still uses this path if they would be willing to fill in an “evidence of use on foot” form which is an integral part of the evidence required by LCC.
This modification order IS IMPORTANT. The failure to secure this path means that a vital link path in the area could be lost.
If you are willing to sign an evidence of use form then please email or phone me. I intend to have a “form filling evening at a local hostelry” at a date that is convenient, I can also send you a copy of the form to fill in and sign to be handed in to a local collection point. Your help is vital! If you require more information I can send you a document giving an overview of the situation.
Bob Nicholas
Footpaths Officer LVRA
E: T: 07780 813 613

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