LVAA Minutes

David Rhodes

Minutes of the Meeting held at The Glory, 08 September 2014

Present: David Hempsall (Secretary), Bob Nicholas (Footpaths), Darryl Nugent (Treasurer), David Rhodes (Social Media); Cllr Alyson Barnes, Ian Booth, Diane Ewart-Jones, Stephen Glenholmes, Michael Howard, Lewis Pearson, Frank Pilkington, Jim Riley and Ann White.

Apologies: Barbara Ashworth, Julian Ashworth, Derrick Bartlett-Smith, John Dawson, Stuart Lewis, Bob Rishton, Carole Watchorn.

1. Welcome

1.1 The Secretary reported that as the Chairman was presently hospitalised, he would be Acting Chairman.

1.2 He updated the meeting of Derrick’s situation and all those present expressed their best wishes for the Chairman’s speedy recovery.

2. Minutes of the meeting of 11 August 2014 at The Glory

2.1 Ian proposed and Lewis seconded acceptance of the Minutes.

2.2 The Minutes were accepted as a true record of the meeting, nem.con..

3. Matters Arising

3.1 There were none, matters arising being addressed under the Agenda.

4. Reports

4.1 Chairman’s Report

The Chairman’s continuing indisposition meant that there was no report.

4.2 Secretary’s Report

4.2.1 David H thanked all those present who had helped at the Fete, before, during and after; he was sending letters of appreciation to those he described as “outside the tent”.

4.2.2 He hoped to issue the Limey Leader by the end of the month; he listed eight items for inclusion and asked for contributions to be submitted as soon as possible.

4.2.3 He commented on good publicity in the Rossendale Free Press, most recently on the £10,000 Big Lottery Grant awarded to the LVAA.

4.3 Treasurer’s Report

4.3.1 Whilst cash at bank and in hand amounted to £2,900.00, there remained some cash movements associated with the Fete; debits would include a £75.00 donation to Artisan Brass whose performance, it was agreed, had added greatly to the day.

4.3.2 Darryl felt the competing Duck Race had detracted from the Fete; he thought it prudent to negotiate with the Mason’s Arm to prevent a clash in future.

4.3.3 Limey Valley Allotment Association (LVAA) The £10,000 grant would pay for the site to be fully fenced and for two access gates, one each to the north and south; the small surplus which was anticipated would help fund internal track works; work would commence at the end of the month and was expected to last about a week. Equipment donated to the LVAA included a lawnmower, a rotivator and a ride-on mower. Darryl was encouraged by the collaborative nature of allotmenteers.

4.4 Footpaths Officer

4.4.1 Bob’s report is shown as Annex 1.

4.4.2 He reported some success in securing quotations for near-universal insurance cover for all LVRA’s multifarious activities.

4.4.3 Alyson tabled a leaflet – Routes Around Rossendale – featuring eight walks: it was AGREED that these might provide a model for a similar such publication covering the LVRA’s “patch”.

4.5 Liaison Officer

4.5.1 The Acting Chairman said that as Carole was presently away, there was no report.

4.6 Social Media Officer

4.6.1 David R said he had published a note of thanks to those who had helped at the Fete.

4.6.2 Facebook “likes” totalled 343.

4.6.3 He was optimistic that problems with the website would be overcome.

4.6.4 The meeting expressed best wishes for David’s appearance in The King and I at the Royal Court, Rochdale Road on 26-28 September.

5. Summer Fete: review meeting

5.1 David H said that after staging two fetes, the production of an organisers’ handbook would be beneficial to avoid re-inventing the wheel in future.

5.2 Before the collective wisdom was forgotten, he proposed that a meeting to establish what had gone well and what had not gone well be convened; he meeting would consider what other items should be added to the schedule.

5.3 In discussion, it was AGREED that, after two failures, the evening disco be dropped in future.

5.4 It was AGREED that those interested in contributing to the review meeting would meet informally at The Glory at 20.00 hrs. on Monday, 29 September 2014.

6. Lives and Landscapes boundary changes: next steps

6.1 David H said that Barbara and Julian Ashworth had submitted written comments; to date, few comments had been received and it was a judgment call to be made at some stage in the future as to whether or not the LVRA should endorse any criticisms; those who had commented at the Fete had been exercised by the proposal to build on the site behind Kershaws.

6.2 Alyson reiterated the importance of the Strategic Plan and of having 5 years’ worth of land supply; she said that the Kershaws site was deemed appropriate as the proposed development was for fewer than 10 houses and, as such, was allowable; there remained further opportunities to influence thinking via consultation in December 2014 and June 2015.

6.3 David H said he was disappointed that evidence to date suggested that very few people had troubled to read the proposals; he would invite residents to do so via the next issue of the Limey Leader.

7. Loveclough Park

7.1 Frank had tabled Proffitts’ plans and response forms as had been available at the Fete, inviting those present to take them away.

7.2 It was AGREED that the Proffitts exercise be highlighted via the website and the Limey Leader: ACTION by David R and David H.

8. Any other business

8.1 60’s weekend: Alyson publicised the forthcoming ‘60s weekend.

8.2 Number 38: Diane enquired about the present situation; it was believed that operations would cease and residents be withdrawn during the month.

8.3 Traffic in Crawshawbooth: Michael expressed concern about egress from York Street; Alyson said that data was lacking to justify any alterations; however LCC was committed to measuring speed in the village during September and she had pressed for a re-consideration of the present yellow-lining.

9. Next meeting

It was AGREED that, subject to circumstances, the next meeting would be held at The Glory at 20.00 hrs. on Monday, 13 October 2014.

Annex 1 Footpath Officer’s Report

Thieveley Pike was the destination for the walk on 6th September and I would like to thank David and Trish for turning up to swell the ranks. Our party of 3 set off in low cloud and a light drizzle, optimistically hoping that clearing conditions from the North would arrive. The cloud did clear to give reasonable views from the summit and a good but slightly damp walk was enjoyed.

Next month’s walk over Cribden on the 4th of October (5 miles, Grade Intermediate) will be of a different character – longer and slightly tougher. The start is at Crawshawbooth Library at 10.00 am.

If anyone is interested on Sunday 14th September there will be 3 heritage walks at Towneley. They are all 1 mile, easy walks. Meet outside Towneley Hall Gift Shop. The first walk starts at 1.00 pm and is Woodland Heritage, followed at 2.00 pm by Boggarts & Legends and finally at 3.00 pm Woodland Wildlife. All the walks are free.

During the month I contacted David Goode, LCC’s public rights of way manager, regarding Footpath No. 94 Rawtenstall which runs behind Loveclough Park (following the outline of the old print works) and has in the last year become seriously over grown. David has since inspected the path and has informed me that a team will be sent to clean it up.

I would like this month through the minutes to deal with two questions which I am frequently asked and make the information available to members.

The first is about the blockage or closure of footpaths or bridleways.

Footpaths which are shown on the OS maps as a green dashed line are the definitive paths and cannot be blocked, and they cannot be closed without full recourse to the law and it is very rare that any path closure applications are approved. Landowners do however have the right to divert public rights of way but it must be well signposted.

The second question is over the usage of paths and if not used is the right to walk it somehow taken away? The short answer is no! If there’s evidence that the path was once a public right of way, even in a previous century, (or is shown on a map) then if that right hasn’t been legally taken away, it remains and so the public are entitled to use it.

On a final note should any members wish to contact me about the walks, or have any information about the footpath network in the area, regarding problems with the infrastructure i.e. stiles, gates, blocked paths etc, please contact me on the following, or T 07780 813 613.

Bob Nicholas